November 20, 2009 - 1,238 New Maps Added

The following are highlights from 1,238 New Maps and Images added to the David Rumsey Collection. Included are John Cary's comprehensive road map of England and Wales from 1794 (plus a composite image joining all 81 sheets), John Wilson's important Map of South Carolina, 1822, Pick's time-line historical chart from 1858, geological and oil maps of Pennsylvania, 2 editions of Rand McNally's Business Atlas, 3 editions of Johnston's Royal Atlas, the atlas edition of Viele's map of New York City from 1874, and more. All titles may be found by clicking on the View links below. Or click here to view all 1,238 new maps.

Cary's New Map of England and Wales, With Part of Scotland, 1794
Cary, John, London
78 Maps. Highly detailed maps, including a large composite image joining all the maps together. The map sheets are bound in book form in this copy, but the maps were also issued joined as a wall map. The maps are especially detailed with information on the roads of the period. From the title: "On Which Are Carefully Laid Down All the Direct and Principal Cross Roads, the Course of the Rivers And Navigable Canals ... Delineated from Actual Surveys: and materially assisted From Authentic Documents Liberally supplied by the Right Honourable the Post Masters General." View Atlas

The large composite map joining all sheets may also be viewed in Google Earth

Map of the United States and British Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, 1816
Shelton, W.; Kensett, T., Connecticut
This highly detailed and accurate map must be one of the best of its period.  It is superior to both the Arrowsmith and the Tardieu maps and incorporates information from Pike's maps and the Bradley postal maps.  There are two very interesting inset maps and a commentary on ancient fortifications along the Ohio River.  View Map

Map Of South Carolina, 1822
Wilson, John; Tanner, Henry S.,  Philadelphia
The first large scale map of South Carolina made after independence. With an inset map of Charleston Harbor. Wilson was the State Civil and Military Engineer and the creation of an accurate state map reflecting all the new internal improvements was one his responsibilities. Henry Tanner, the engraver and publisher, refers to the resulting map as "one of our best and most scientific maps..."   View Map

Western Hemisphere; Eastern Hemisphere, 1825
Gardner, James, London
With 48 inch spheres, this may be one of the largest World Maps produced in the early 1800's. Gardner's map is fairly up to date in the American Northwest, less so in the plains area. The drawing and engraving of this map are very elegant and spare.  In eight sheets, dissected into 6 sections each, and mounted on linen with dark green silk edging. View Map

An Atlas of Ancient Geography, 1826
Tanner, Henry, Philadelphia
16 maps.  Maps in full color. Maps are divided into three categories: Geographia Sacra, Ecclesiastica, and Antiqua.  View Atlas
Atlas Universel Pour servir a l'Etude De La Geographie Et De L'Histoire Anciennes et Modernes, 1827
Vivien de St Martin, L., Paris
48 maps.  First edition. The maps are well done, slightly smaller than the contemporary Brue and Lapie maps (except in the case of the double sheet maps),   Nonetheless, the entire atlas achieves a beautiful overall effect.  View Atlas
Atlas Universel d'Histoire et de Geographie Anciennes et Modernes, 1835
Duval, Henri, Paris
40 maps and diagrams.  A unusual school atlas with hand lettered lithographed plates, each signed by Duval. Includes thematic maps on the natural world, astronomy, geology, and other subjects.  View Atlas
Sharpe's Corresponding Atlas, 1849
Sharpe, J.; Lowry, J.W.,  London
54 maps.  An atlas that attempts to use projection to aid understanding of world geography.  In the preface, Sharp explains the use of only four scales (plus one for Switzerland) among the 54 maps, done with the intent to facilitate equitable comparison and comprehension of world regions.  View Atlas
Black's Atlas Of North America, 1854
Black, Adam & Charles; Bartholomew, John, Edinburgh
20 maps.  All maps are by John Bartholomew. This is the first use of printed color by Black and Bartholomew. A fine atlas, scarce, and especially interesting when compared to another similar but more elaborate U.K. contemporary publication on North America, Rogers and Johnston's Atlas of the United States, 1857.  View Atlas
General Atlas Of The World, 1854
Black, Adam & Charles; Hall, Sidney; Hughes, William, Edinburgh
70 maps.  This edition represents a significant change of maps for Black; Phillips lists the entire contents, which he rarely does for an atlas of this period, indicating his view of its importance.  The map of Mexico includes the California Gold Regions colored in gold. View Atlas
Geological Map Of The State Of Pennsylvania, 1858
Rogers, Henry Darwin, Edinburgh
This large map was intended to accompany the text volumes of the Final Report on the First Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, 1858. The map is fully colored to show geological formations, and has nine sections below the map. W. & A.K. Johnston engraved the map, further evidence of their collaboration with Rogers in addition to the 1857 Atlas of the United States.   View Map
Tableau De L'Histoire Universelle depuis la Creation jusqu'a ce jour, 1858
Pick, Eug,, Paris
Date is estimated. This is a timeline historical map, The map has vignettes of people, buildings, historical scenes and important places in the history of the world. It begins with Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden (dated as 4963 BC) and shows the passage of history as the flows of various rivers, ending in the time the map was made, 1858.  The United States is given only brief mention as a branch of the river representing Great Britain.  Full color. Dissected into 9 sections and edged in white cloth.  View Map
Map of the Centre Oil Region From Oil City To Parkers Landing , 1871
Wrigley, Henry E.., Titusville
A unique, very large scale map of the center oil region (the largest scale we have seen) made by the photographic process. Henry Wrigley was a civil engineer active in the oil region who self published a series of five oil region maps by the photographic process; on the map he states "By this means (photography) every one can be kept constantly advised of the progress of all developments and possess the information desired at the time he most needs it."  View Map
Topographical Atlas Of The City Of New York Including The Annexed Territory, 1874
Viele, Egbert L., New York
Larger version of Viele's 1865 New York Map in Atlas form, in original printed tan paper wraps reading "Topographical Atlas Of The City Of New York.  By Egbert L. Viele.  1874," with the sheets unfolded.  According to Stokes, this edition was prepared from new surveys by Eugene Quackenbush. On five sheets; full color indicating meadow, marsh, and made lands.  View Atlas
The Royal Atlas Of Modern Geography, 1879
Johnston, Alexander Keith, Edinburgh and London
51 maps.  An updated edition of an atlas that was first published in 1861 and continued publication into the early 20th century.  View Atlas
Atlas Universel de Geographie Moderne. Physique, Politique, Historique, Industriel, Commercial et Militaire, 1882
Jouvet et Cie., Paris
40 maps.  A thematic and physical atlas with well executed maps.  View Atlas
Mitchell's New General Atlas, Containing Maps Of The Various Countries Of The World, Plans Of Cities, Etc., 1886
Mitchell, Samuel Augustus Jr., Philadelphia
73 maps.  At this late date in the run of Mitchell Atlases, William Bradley of Philadelphia was the publisher with Mitchell's own role no longer clear.  View Atlas
Mitchell's New General Atlas, Containing Maps Of The Various Countries Of The World, Plans Of Cities, Etc., 1886
Mitchell, Samuel Augustus Jr., Philadelphia
68 maps.  Association copy per W. H. Gamble (fl. 1867-1887), Geographer, author of handwritten transmittal to Mrs. Emmie Johnson, tipped into lining paper, along with Gamble's card.  Gamble made many of the maps in the Mitchell atlases. Although the date is the same as the 1886 copy above, there are many changes to the maps throughout the atlas.  View Atlas
Rand McNally & Co.'s Enlarged Business Atlas And Shippers' Guide , 1889
Rand McNally and Company., Chicago
93 maps.  1st edition in this format was 1885. This is the 18th edition.  With printed color.  Extensive coverage of railroads.  Includes all text pages which have an extensive index of places, railroads, county seats, and more. View Atlas
The Royal Atlas Of Modern Geography, 1893
Johnston, Alexander Keith, Edinburgh and London
54 maps.  Another edition of Johnston's world atlas, all maps now in printed color.  View Atlas
Rand - McNally Official Railway Map Of The Pacific Coast States Including Territory East To Denver, 1901
Rand McNally and Company, Chicago
A large scale map of the American west from central Colorado to the coast. Shows all railroads in operation, topographical features and public surveys. It is copyrighted in 1901 with the present title (indicating that it may be the first edition in this form) and in 1893 and 1898 as "Rand, McNally & Co.'s Standard Map of the United States" (suggesting that it may have been derived from a larger map of the entire U.S.).   View Map
Rand McNally & Co.'s Enlarged Business Atlas And Shippers' Guide, 1903
Rand McNally and Company, Chicago
102 maps.  This is the 33rd edition. Maps change from the 1890's editions - they are now similar to the Large Indexed Atlas. Complete with all text pages and indexes of places, railroads, and more. View Atlas
Johnston's Royal Atlas Of Modern Geography, 1912
W. & A.K. Johnston, Edinburgh and London
54 maps.  Preface by G.H. Johnston. Alexander Keith Johnston's name is dropped from the title page. Maps are printed in outline color with the exception of the full color North and South Polar Charts.  This is a very late edition of the Royal Atlas, the final year of publication shown in Phillips being 1919.  View Atlas
Campfire Rings in the Backcountry of Yosemite National Park, 1972
Holmes, Joseph Edward, Berkeley
Hand drawn annotations on twelve U. S. Geological Survey 15-minute topographical basemaps. A series of symbols represent the different sizes of about 4500 fire rings and corresponding trampled areas, all from an inventory taken in the summer of 1972.. Plotting of fire rings follows a complex protocol. Detailed explanatory legend. Original in the Yosemite National Park Archives.  View Map

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