August 1, 2008 - 1,038 New Maps Added

The following are highlights from 1,038 New Maps added to the David Rumsey Collection. All titles may be found by clicking on the View links below. Or click here to view all 1,038 new maps.

Carte de la France 1790
Cassini, Cesar-Francois, 1714-1784; Capitaine, Louis, ca. 1749-ca. 1797; Cassini family, Paris
5 maps. These maps are a 24 sheet reduction of Cassini's 182 sheet 1750 map, joined together in 4 large sheets of 6 maps each. Includes the key to symbols used in the large Cassini survey. View Maps
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United States Gazetteer, 1795
Scott, Joseph, Philadelphia
19 maps. This is one of the earliest gazetteers of the United States that was published in the U.S. View Gazetteer

A New General Atlas, Ancient and Modern, 1814
Playfair, Principal, London
44 maps. An elegantly engraved atlas (many of the maps were engraved by Neele, who also engraved for Pinkerton). View Atlas

General Atlas of the World, 1822
DeSilver, Robert, Philadelphia
10 maps. Atlas of hand colored maps. Title page includes table of contents listing 47 maps (of which we have 10: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio and Switzerland). Unbound sheets. View Atlas
Atlas geographique, statistique, historique et chronologique des deux Ameriques, 1825
Buchon, J. A. C., Paris
53 maps. This atlas is derived from the Carey & Lea 1822 and 1823 American Atlas editions. Many of the maps are updated and several new maps have benn added. View Atlas

Atlas of Scotland, 1832
Thomson, John , Edinburgh and London
58 maps. 2nd issue. "The publication of this splendid atlas, begun in 1818 and finished only in 1831, apparently was disastrous to its originator, for the first issue was published by 'The Trustees,' but the 1832 title has Thomson's own imprint..." --Royal Scottish Geographical Society's Early maps of Scotland, 2d. ed., 1936. View Atlas

Physisch-statistisch u. politischer Atlas von Europa, 1837
Desjardins, Constant, Wien
6 maps. Not in Robinson; very early thematic atlas. Maps are a mixture of hand colored (land) and printed (water) full color. View Atlas

La Geographie Universelle, 1837
Malte-Brun, Conrad, Paris
70 maps. An atlas of maps intended to accompany Malte-Brun's Universal Geography. Engraved edition. Later editions (1839) were lithographed. View Atlas

L'Univers. Atlas Classique Et Universel De Geographie Ancienne Et Moderne, 1837
Fremin, A.R.; Monin, C.V.; Montemont, A., Paris
38 maps. These maps are large and impressive. They were published with Montemont's 46 volume Histoire Universellle Des Voyages... View Atlas

Atlas universel de geographie physique, politique, ancienne & moderne, 1842
Brue, Adrien Hubert, 1786-1832; Picquet, C., Paris
65 maps. Maps are dated 1822-1842. The maps of the United States and of Mexico show Texas as a Republic. Many of the maps are updated from the 1828 edition of Brue's atlas. View Atlas

Atlas universel historique et geographique, 1844
Houze, Antoine Philippe, Paris
101 maps. Maps in outline color. Maps show the same areas over time: Holy Land (14), France (30), England (10), Italy and Greece (16), Spain (8), Germany (12), Russia (4), Asia (3), and one for N. America, S. America, Africa, and the Pacific Ocean. View Atlas

New General Atlas Of The World, 1844
Dower, John Nicaragua; Teesdale, Henry, London
46 maps. An elegant atlas of double page maps, beautifully engraved by John Dower. This copy is printed on very heavy paper. View Atlas

Historisch-geographi scher Hand-Atlas zur Geschichte der Staaten Europa's, 1854
Spruner von Merz, Karl, Gotha
58 maps. Latest date of revised maps: 1863. Catalog pasted on end lining paper lists works dated up through 1873. Maps with outline hand coloring. Includes "Erlauternde Vorbemerkungen" (58 p.) First published in 1846. Abt. 2 of Dr. Karl von Spruner's Historisch-geographi scher Hand-Atlas. View Atlas

Atlas National De La France, 1856
Levasseur, Victor, Paris
100 maps. This atlas is noteworthy for its beautiful illustrations in the borders of the maps. It was one of the last of the decorative map atlases of the 19th century, along with Tallis and Fullarton. This copy is bound with the maps folded on tabs. View Atlas

Geographischer Atlas uber alle Theile der Erde, 1864
Ziegler, J. M.; Ritter, Carl, Winterthur
24 maps. Maps are highly detailed, yet undated. They are with hand or printed color, in a mixture of outline and full color. View Atlas

Spruner-Menke atlas antiquus, 1865
Spruner von Merz, Karl; Menke, Th., Gotha
31 maps. An atlas of the classical world, originally published in 1850 as the first part of Spruner's historisch-geographi scher hand-atlas, issued in 3 parts, 1846-51. 2nd edition published in 1855. View Atlas

Neuer Atlas der ganzen Erde, 1865
Stein, Christ. Gottfr. Dan, Leipzig
28 maps. 32nd Edition. Maps by Ziegler, Lange, Heck and others. Very good large two sheet map of the United States shows the Confederate states as a separate country. View Atlas

Atlas dresse pour l'Histoire de la geographie et des decouvertes geographiques, 1874
Vivien de Saint-Martin, M., Paris
13 maps. An interesting historical atlas, with many facsimiles of early period maps. View Atlas

Middle Tennessee, Chattanooga Campaigns, 1891
United States. Army. Corps of Engineers, Washington, D.C.
8 maps. All eight maps are derived and enlarged from an 1865 "Military Map of Middle Tennessee and parts of East Tennessee..." by C.S. Mergell which was published in 1874. Each map says "Positions of the Troops located in 1891." These maps are of great interest to historians of these battles because the level of detail regarding troop positions, etc. is very good. View Atlas

Wisconsin bicycle road maps, 1897
League of American Wheelmen, Wisconsin Division, Milwaukee
12 maps. 12 maps in a case showing the best bicycle routes in the state of Wisconsin. The L.A.W. published maps for many states, usually in book form, sometimes as separate maps in a case. View Atlas

Atlas de Filipinas, 1899
Algue, P. Jose.; U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington, D.C.
30 maps. One of the earliest scientific surveys of the Philippine Islands, published by the U.S. Coast Survey. These maps were prepared through the accurate surveys made by Jesuit Fathers under the supervision of Rev. Jose Algue, the director of the Jesuit Observatory at Manila. View Atlas

Atlas metodico para la ensenanza de la geografia de la Republica Mexicana, 1899
Garcia Cubas, Antonio, Mexico
31 maps. A late atlas of Mexico by Garcia Cubas. 1st edition was 1874; maps of each state or territory with accompanying text. A somewhat crude production in printed color, probably intended for use in schools. View Atlas

Atlas Antiquus, 1903
Kiepert, Heinrich, Berlin
12 maps. An atlas of the classical world. Latest map revisions dated 1903. Place names, legends and index in Latin; explanatory material in German. View Atlas

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