April 7, 2007 - 1,041 New Maps Added

The following are highlights from 1,041 New Maps added to the David Rumsey Collection. All titles may be found by launching the LUNA Browser or Java Client and searching under Search/by Publication Author using the author last names below. Or click here to view all 1,041 new maps.

United States Exploring Expedition, 1845
United States Exploring Expedition (1838-1842); Wilkes, Charles, Philadelphia
84 maps, views, and portraits. These illustrations appear in the five volumes of text that make up the narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition in the years 1838 to 1842. The large maps of the expedition were published in a separate volume. View Illustrations

Atlas of Hamilton County, Ohio, 1869
Harrison, Robert H.; Titus, Clarence O, Philadelphia
44 maps and views. There are ten detailed maps of Cincinnati. Colton's Ohio map is used without attribution and under Titus' imprint. The plans of towns and counties are typical for the period; no views, except for the last page which has two views and a description of Longview Asylum. View Atlas

Report U.S. Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian volume 1, 1875
Wheeler, G.M., Washington, D.C.
287 maps, views, diagrams, and text pages. These images comprise most of the illustrations in the first of the seven text volumes of the Wheeler survey published from 1875 to 1889. This first volume, Geographical Report, contains much valuable information on the general history of western U.S. mapping and specific details on the sources of the Survey's map sheets. View Illustrations

Scribner's Statistical Atlas of the United States, 1883
(United States. Census Office); Hewes, Fletcher W.; Gannett, Henry, New York
161 maps, diagrams, and text pages. First edition, based on the 1880 U.S. Census. View Atlas

Statistical Atlas of the United States, 1898
United States Census Office; Gannett, Henry, Washington, D.C.
69 maps, diagrams, and text pages. This atlas is based upon the results of the United States Eleventh Census of 1890. View Atlas

Twelfth Census of the United States, taken in the year 1900, Statistical Atlas, 1903
United States Census Office; Gannett, Henry, Washington, D.C.
219 maps, diagrams, and text pages. Maps by Julius Bien & Co. The maps are in color and overwhelmingly thematic in nature covering the topics of population, vital statistics, agriculture, and manufacturing. View Atlas

Atlante Internazionale, 1929
Touring Club Italiano, Milano.
177 maps and text pages. This magnificent atlas is the third edition of a work originally published in 1927. It rivals the 1922 Times Atlas of the World for both international coverage and cartographic excellence. Each map is accompanied by text that lists the sources of the map, as well as the terms used, the classification of towns, and a table of conventional signs. View Atlas