November 28, 2007 - 1,566 New Maps Added

The following are highlights from 1,566 New Maps added to the David Rumsey Collection. All titles may be found by launching the LUNA  Browser or Java Client and searching under Search/by Publication Author using the author last names below. Or click here to view all 1,566 new maps.

Atlas des ganzen Erdkreises, 1803
Reichard, C. G., Weimar
6 maps. The maps depict the entire earth on a central or gnomonic projection, which shows the globe as six faces of a cube. View Maps

Union Atlas, 1813
Darton, William, London
38 maps. This is a charming atlas with well executed maps that are fairly typical for the period. From the title it seems that this was intended to accompany gazetteers and geographies and thus probably had some use in the schools.View Atlas

Neuer Hand-Atlas uber alle Theile der Erde, 1822
Reichard, C. G.; Haller von Hallerstein, Friedrich, Nurnberg
28 maps. An early 19th century German atlas, with maps that follow the latest geographical discoveries. View Atlas

Celestial Atlas, 1822
Jamieson, Alexander, London
36 maps, diagrams, and text pages. A celestial atlas comprising a systematic display of the heavens in a series of thirty maps. Illustrated by scientific descriptions of their contents, and accompanied by catalogs of the stars and astronomical exercises. View Atlas

Atlas til Friherre Klinckowstroms Bref om de Forente Staterne, 1824
Klinckowstrom, Axel Leonhard, Stockholm
18 maps, diagrams, illustrations and text pages. To accompany the author's "Bref om de forente Staterne, forfattade under en resa till Amerika aren 1818, 1819, 1820" (Stockholm: Ecksteinska tryckeriet, 1824). Several of the maps are translations into Swedish of maps by John Melish. View Atlas

Atlas Universel de Geographie, 1828
Brue, Adrien Hubert, Paris
71 maps and text pages. One of the best French general atlases of the early 1800's. Updated through many editions into the 1870's. View Atlas

London atlas of Universal Geography, 1838
Arrowsmith, John, London
52 maps and text pages. 3rd edition. This atlas is remarkable for its understated elegance and clarity. It is one of the first truly "modern" atlases of the nineteenth century. View Atlas
View the 1844 edition of this atlas

A New General Atlas, 1845
Tanner, Henry S.; (Finley, Anthony), New York
64 maps and text pages. The last atlas published by Henry Tanner. It is largely a reissue of Anthony Finley's General Atlas of the 1820's and 1830's, updated. View Atlas

The Moravia Atlas, 1853
Fullback Academy, Fullback, England
42 maps and text pages. A religious atlas showing the location of Moravian churches and missions around the world. View Atlas

Maps and charts of the United States Coast Survey, 1854
United States Coast Survey; Bache, A. D., Washington, D.C.
63 maps, charts and text pages. A rare set of most of the Coast Survey maps published to July 1854. All the maps are engraved instead of lithographed. The maps issued on the Coast Survey annual reports, which are more commonly seen, were lithographed. View Charts

Vollstandiger Hand-Atlas der neueren Erdbeschreibung, 1855
Sohr, Karl; Berghaus, Heinrich; Flemming, Carl, Glogau and Leipzig
133 maps and text pages. One of the most scarce of the mid 19th century German atlases, with an interesting reduction of Arrowsmith's important 1841 Map of Texas. View Atlas

Reports of Explorations and Surveys...for a Railroad From the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, 1861
Warren, Gouverneur Kemble; Pacific Railroad Survey, Washington, D.C.
56 maps, views and text pages. Includes all the maps, profiles, and views from Volume XI of the U.S. Government sponsored survey to find the best railroad route across the west to the Pacific Ocean. View Maps

Atlas of the State of Delaware, 1868
Beers, D. G., Philadelphia
44 maps and text pages. This is the first of two state atlases by D.G. Beers, the other being Rhode Island in 1870. Both are uncommon, and this one is rare. View Atlas

New topographical atlas and gazetteer of Indiana, 1870
Higgins & Ryan; Asher, Adams & Higgins, Indianapolis
13 maps and text pages. Includes index, brief history of Indiana, and maps of the United States, Europe, and the world. View Atlas

Atlas of the Maritime Provinces, 1878
Roe Brothers, St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
37 maps and text pages. This is the only 19th century atlas of the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. View Atlas

Atlas of the State of Maine, 1885
Colby, George N.; George N. Colby & Co., Houlton, Maine
53 maps and text pages. Includes maps, statistics and descriptions of Maine's history, educational system, geology, rail roads, natural resources, summer resorts and manufacturing interests. View Atlas

Stuart's Atlas of the State of Maine, 1894
J.H. Stuart & Co.; Stuart, J. H., South Paris, Maine
63 maps and text pages. 9th edition. This updated Colby's Atlas of Maine from 1885. View Atlas

Historical Atlas of Augusta County, Virginia, 1885
Hotchkiss, Jed.; Waddell, Joseph Addison, Chicago
39 maps, photographs and text pages. A scarce county atlas based on maps by the famed Civil War cartographer, Jedidiah Hotchkiss. View Atlas

Atlas geografico y estadistico de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, 1886
Garcia Cubas, Antonio, Mexico
32 maps and text pages. Maps of each state of Mexico, the Distrito Federal, and a general map of the entire country. View Atlas

Atlas der Geologie, 1892
Berghaus, Hermann, Gotha, Germany
15 maps and text pages. A separate issue of the Geological section of the 1892 Physikalischer Atlas. View Atlas. These maps can be compared to the much earlier Physikalischer Atlas by Heinrich Berghaus of 1849.

Canyons of the Colorado, 1895
Powell, John Wesley, Meadville, Pennsylvania
126 maps, views and text pages. All the illustrations and maps from Powell's important book on his journeys down the Colorado River in the period of 1867 to 1872. View Book

Stanford's London Atlas of Universal Geography, 1901
Stanford, Edward, London
111 maps and text pages. First issued in 1887, this atlas is the successor to John Arrowsmith's London Atlas of 1858 (Stanford acquired Arrowsmith's plates upon his death). This is a magnificent atlas, in full color lithography, certainly the premier English atlas of its day. View Atlas

Report of the Governor of the Territory of Hawaii to the Secretary of the Interior, 1906
Hawaii. Governor, Washington, D.C.
11 maps and text pages. With 9 maps, most folding and large (Maui is 110x133) showing land uses, topography, ownership, etc. The maps are dated around 1900 and are very interesting and attractive. The text and the maps give a look at the early commercial development of the islands. View Maps

Photo-auto maps, 1907
Chapin, Gardner S.; Schumacher, Arthur H.; Rand McNally and Company, Chicago
60 maps, photographs and text pages. A very unusual presentation of nine index maps showing the route from New York to Albany and Saratoga Springs and return, with photographs showing with printed arrows each turn to make in the road. Eventually, route signs were posted for automobiles, but before that occurred, this book filled a need. View Atlas

Davis' New Commercial Encyclopedia, the Pacific Northwest, 1909
(Cram, George Franklin); Davis, Ellis Arthur, Berkeley, California
115 maps, photographs and text pages. Includes maps and photographs of three states, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. View Atlas

New Mercantile Marine Atlas, 1922
Philip, George, New York, London and Liverpool
41 maps and text pages. A series of 35 plates containing over 200 marine charts and plans with shipping routes. View Atlas

Auto Road Atlas of the United States and Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritime Provinces of Canada, 1927
Rand McNally and Company, Chicago
54 maps and text pages. The second edition of this early American road atlas, expanded to include Canada. View Atlas

A Group of Separately Published Maps and Pocket Maps, 1710 to 1922
Various Authors, Various Places of Publication
100 maps and text pages. A group of maps ranging from Hotan's 1710 Nanzenbushu bankoku shoka no zu (Buddhist conceptual map of the world) to Edward Stanford's 1922 pocket map of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama. View Maps

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