April 1, 2004 - 1,218 New Maps Added

The following are highlights from 1,218 New Maps added to the David Rumsey Collection. All titles may be found by launching the Insight Browser or Java Client and searching under Search/by Publication Author using the author last names below. Or click here to view all 1,218 new maps.

Atlas of the Metropolitan District (of New York City), 1891
Bien, Joseph Rudolph; Vermeule, C.C., New York
13 Maps. Covers New York City and the country around it, including parts of New Jersey and Westchester County, New York. One of the finest examples of color lithographic map printing from the press of Julius Bien, noted American map publisher in the second half of the 19th century. View Atlas

Grand Atlas Universel, 1816
Brue, Adrien Hubert, Paris
50 Maps. Detailed, large scale maps of all the continents and France. View Atlas

Carte de France, 1750-1815
Cassini, Cesar-Francois, Cassini family, Paris
210 Maps, including 18 digital composite maps joining the original Cassini maps into groups of up to 16 maps for viewing entire regions of France. The first accurate trigonometric survey of an entire country, the Cassini maps span three generations of mapmakers and became the model for later national surveys in England and the U.S. View Atlas

Cartes et Tables de la Geographie Physique ou Naturelle, 1770
De Lisle, Guillaume; Buache, Philippe, Paris
20 Maps, tables, and diagrams. One of the first physical atlases published. View Atlas

Atlas of Charts, 1828
E. & G.W. Blunt, New York
4 large charts on 10 sheets. An early atlas of charts of the United States coast from Maine to Florida. View Atlas

(General Atlas), 1811
Faden, William, London
60 Maps. Maps of the entire world, variously dated from 1785 to 1811. View Atlas

Description de l'Egypte, Atlas Geographique, 1826
France, Commission des Sciences et Arts d'Egypt; Panckoucke, C.L.F., Paris
53 Maps. Covers the entire Nile River from its source to the delta, as well the coast of Palestine. Very detailed maps by Pierre Jacotin in French and Arabic. View Atlas

Allgemeiner Hand Atlas der Erde, 1856
Geographisches Institut (Weimar, Germany)
70 Maps and diagrams. Extraordinarily detailed maps of the world, including three solar system diagrams. The Geographic Institute at Weimar was one of the finest and most prolific publishers of world atlases in Germany during the 19th century. View Atlas

Atlas of San Francisco, 1876
Humphreys, William P., San Francisco
60 Maps. A detailed plat book of San Francisco showing all recorded and surveyed (though not necessarily built on) blocks of the city. View Atlas

Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena, 1856
Johnston, Alexander Keith, Edinburgh
36 Maps and views. The second edition of an important 19th century physical atlas that is partly derived from the Berghaus Physical Atlas of 1849, also online. View Atlas

Historical Atlas Map of Fresno County California, 1891
Thompson, Thos. H., Tulare, California
105 Maps, views, and plans. Thompson made several county atlases of the counties around San Francisco Bay, but this (with Tulare County below) was the only county atlas made elsewhere in California. View Atlas

Historical Atlas Map of Tulare County California, 1892
Thompson, Thos. H., Tulare, California
164 Maps, views, and plans. A special sepia toned edition of this atlas (limited to 150 copies). Thompson lived in Tulare County, which may explain the great detail shown here, his largest county atlas production View Atlas

Atlas Universel: Europe, Asie, Afrique, Amerique Meridionale, Oceanique, 1827
Vandermaelen, Philippe, Bruxelles
400 maps and views. The first lithographic atlas of the world, with all the maps on the same scale. If all the maps were joined together, they would form a globe 7.75 meters in diameter (such a globe was made in Brussels after the atlas was published). The North American volume, Amerique Septentrionale, was put online previously, and these additional five volumes complete the online atlas. View Atlas