December 15, 2001 - 1,012 New Maps Added

Highlights from 1,012 New Maps added to the David Rumsey Collection. All titles may be found by searching under Search/by Publication Author using the author last names below. Or click here to view all 1,012 new maps.

Commercial, Topographical, and Statistical Atlas of the United States, 1874
Asher and Adams
41 Maps, most complete edition. This was one of the first United States atlases to exclusively feature railroad lines, showing minimal topography and only showing towns on or next to railroads.

Map Of The Pacific States, 1867
Bancroft, H.H.; Knight, W.H.
Second edition. Highly detailed wall map of the Western United States just after the Civil War.

Atlas of the Oil Regions of Pennsylvania, 1865
Beers, F. W.
54 maps, views, and advertisements. The only atlas made of the oil regions in Pennsylvania when oil was first discovered. The advertisements offer a look at the various companies involved in the early oil business.

Atlas of New York and Vicinity, 1868
Beers, F. W.
53 maps and views. Detailed maps of New York, Westchester, and Putnam counties.

New Universal Atlas, 1808
Cary, John
60 maps. One of the best world atlases of its time, and a source for American map makers.

Topographical and Geological Atlas, High Plateaus of Utah, 1879
Dutton, Clarence E.
8 maps, views, and diagrams. Detailed atlas of Utah early in its development.

Neptune des Cotes Occidentales d'Amerique sur le Grand Ocean, 1828
France. Depot-general de la Marine
35 charts. This volume 7 of Neptune Francois forms an extensive atlas of charts of the western coasts of North and South America.

Atlas Spheroidal et Universel de Geographie, 1862
Garnier, F. A.
63 maps. This atlas is exceptional for its "spheroidal" maps of the globe, showing the various continents and poles, shaded to give the effect of a sphere floating in space.

New General Atlas, 1830
Hall, Sydney
53 maps. Finely engraved and colored world atlas, with very up to date maps (for its time) of North and South America.

Report upon the Colorado River of the West, 1861
Ives, J.C.
5 maps and illustrations. One of the earliest reports of exploration of the Colorado River in the area of the Grand Canyon. This is the scarce Senate issue with four maps by "Baron" Egloffstein. Egloffstein used a unique engraving process to achieve a superb rendering of topographical features.

Royal Atlas of Modern Geography, 1861
Johnston, Alexander Keith
48 maps, first edition. This atlas was one of the best world atlases published in England in the second half of the 19th century.

Grosser Hand-Atlas uber alle Theile der Erde, 1860
Meyer, Joseph
168 maps. With 50 maps of the Americas and many detailed maps of world cities. MeyerÕs finest atlas, and an excellent example of 19th century German commercial cartography.

North American Atlas, 1845
Morse, Sidney E.
36 maps. The first Cerographic Atlas of the United States, using a new printing process that greatly reduced the cost of the atlas to the public, making this one of the first popular and cheap atlases produced in the United States.

Atlas Accompanying the Report on the Geology of New Hampshire, 1878
New Hampshire. Geological Survey; Hitchcock, Charles H.
17 maps and views. The only large folio Geological Atlas made of an eastern state, on the scale of the western survey atlases of Powell, Hayden, Wheeler and King.

Historical Atlas Map of Alameda County, California, 1878
Thompson & West
109 maps and views. Impressive maps and views of Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley and other more obscure parts of Alameda County.

Historical Atlas Map of Solano County, California, 1878
Thompson & West
30 maps and views. This is the scarcest of Thompson & West's California county atlases.

Historical Atlas Map of Santa Clara County, California, 1876
Thompson & West
75 maps and views. The first atlas made of a California county.

Atlas Universel de Geographie, Quatrieme partie. - Amer. Sept., 1827
Vandermaelen, Philippe
78 maps. These maps comprise volume 5, North America, of Vandermaelen's Atlas Universel, here issued as separate, unbound sheets. This monumental work was the first atlas of the world with all maps on the same scale, and an early example of a lithographed atlas. Two composite images were made of the western and eastern U.S. map sheets joined together.