July 1, 2000 - 706 New Maps Added

Highlights from 706 New Maps added to the David Rumsey Collection. All titles may be found by searching under Search/by Publication Author using the author names below. Or click here to view all 706 new maps.

London Atlas, 1844
John Arrowsmith
65 maps, including his Map of Texas and 4 important maps of Australia and New Zealand.

Complete System of Geography, 1747
Emanuel Bowen
70 maps, including 18 early maps of North and South America and the West Indies.

Illustrated Atlas of the United States, 1838
Thomas Bradford
39 maps, with his important Map of Texas, and Map of Iowa and Wisconsin.

American Pocket Atlas, 1796
Mathew Carey
19 maps, the first American pocket atlas.

Map of New Hampshire, 1816
Phillip Carrigain
Huge and detailed.

Map of Louisiana, 1816
William Darby
Important, early map published by Melish.

Atlas de Geographie, 1731
Guillaume DeLisle
94 maps. The second Paris edition of this important world atlas. Includes many early maps of France, plus important early maps of the Americas, including his Carte de la Louisiane, 1718.

New American Atlas, 1826
Anthony Finley
15 maps.

Province of Nova Scotia (Cape Breton Island), 1884
Geological Survey of Canada
24 highly detailed cultural and geological maps of Cape Breton Island.

New Universal Atlas, 1840
Jeremiah Greenleaf
64 maps. Includes his Map of Texas and Map of Oregon Territory.

Map of the State of Pennsylvania, 1792 and 1811
Reading Howell
The 1792 map is Howell's large and important wall map of the state; the 1811 edition is a smaller pocket map version.

West-India Atlas, 1788
Thomas Jefferys
40 maps. Includes a digital composite map of the entire 15 sheet map of the West Indies.

New Illustrated Family Atlas, 1860
A.J. Johnson
55 maps. The first edition.

Map of Cabotia, 1814
John Purdy
Huge wall map detailing Canada and the US Northeast.

Hand Atlas, 1875
Adolf Stieler
89 maps. Perhaps the most highly detailed world atlas published in the 19th century.

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