October 15, 2005 - 1,564 New Maps Added

The following are highlights from 1,564 New Maps added to the David Rumsey Collection. All titles may be found by launching the Insight Browser or Java Client and searching under Search/by Publication Author using the author last names below. Or click here to view all 1,564 new maps.

31 Children's School Atlases ranging in date from 1777 (William Faden, Geographical Exercises, London) to 1875 (Samuel Augustus Mitchell, Ancient Atlas, Philadelphia). Highlights include M.B. Moore, Geographical Reader for Dixie Children (a rare Civil War era school atlas published in Raleigh, North Carolina); American school atlases published by Morse, Worcester, Carey, Cornell, Cummings, Woodbridge, Willard, Grigg, Adams, Goodrich, Huntington, Olney, Fitch, Mitchell, and Smith; a manuscript school atlas by Francis Bowen, 1810; J.B. Clouet, Geographie Moderne, Paris, 1787; Delamarche and Lattre, Petit Atlas Moderne, Paris, 1800; and Edward Patteson, General and Classical Atlas, Surrey, 1804. View 31 School Atlases

A Chart of North and South America, 1753
Green, John; Jefferys, Thomas, London
First Edition of this important chart showing North and South America and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The first chart to label Behring's Straits, and the most accurate map of its time in establishing more correct placements of the coasts of the Americas and Northeastern Asia. View Chart

A New General Atlas, 1817
Thomson, John, Edinburgh.
86 Maps and text pages. The first edition of an important atlas of the World. This atlas was inspired by Pinkerton's Modern Atlas of 1815 (see our copy), which it resembles. View Atlas. View Thomson and Pinkerton Atlases together

Atlas Encyclopedique Contenant les Cartes and les Planches Relatives a la Geographie Physique, 1827
Desmarest, Nicholas; Bury de Saint-Vincent, M., Paris
52 maps, views, and text sheets. An early physical atlas. View Atlas

Atlas Universel de Geographie Ancienne et Moderne, 1833
Lapie, M. (Pierre); Lapie, Alexandre Emile, Paris
54 Maps and text pages. First edition, dated 1829 on the title page but with some maps dated 1833. The Carte des Etats-Unis is a magnificent map, showing the continent from coast to coast. View Atlas

Traveaux d'Amelioratins Interieures Projetes ou Executes par le Gouvernement General des Etas-Unis d'Amerique, 1834
Poussin, Guillaume Tell, Paris
14 Maps and text pages. Exceptionally well drawn maps and plans that detail the ambitious public works projects (primarily canals) undertaken in the United States in the period 1824 to 1831 View Atlas

Statistical Atlas of the United States, 1874
Walker, Francis A; United States Census Office, Washington
57 Maps, diagrams, and text pages. The first statistical atlas published by the United States Government, based on the census of 1870. View Atlas

Report on a Plan for San Francisco, 1905
Burnham, Daniel H., San Francisco
55 Maps, diagrams, views, and text pages. First edition. Shows an elaborate plan to redesign San Francisco with the creation of huge boulevards cutting across the existing street grid. The earthquake and fire that occurred the following year, 1906, rendered the scheme obsolete. View Book

(Various U.S. State, County, and City Atlases), 1872-1903
Various Authors
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G.M. Hopkins & Co.
Atlas of the Cities of Pittsburgh and Allegheny, 1872

White, M. Wood; Gamble, William H.; Miller, M.A..
Atlas of the State of West Virginia, 1873

Martinet, Simon J.; Walling, H.F.; Gray, O.W.; Lloyd, H.H.
Atlas of the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia, 1873

Fuller, Henry; J.B. Beers & Co.
Farm Line Map of the City of Brooklyn, 1874

Hopkins, Griffith Morgan
City Atlas of Providence, Rhode Island (3 volumes), 1875

Everts & Kirk
Atlas of Nebraska, 1885

Beers, F.W.; (Watson, Gaylord)
Atlas of the Hudson River Valley, 1891

Bromley, George Washington; Bromley, Walter Scott
Atlas of the City of Boston, Boston Proper and Roxbury, 1895

Richards, L.J.; J.P. Brown & Co.
Atlas of Dorchester, West Roxbury, and Brighton, City of Boston, 1899

Bromley, George Washington; Bromley, Walter Scott
Atlas of the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1903

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