March 1, 2001 - 1,406 New Maps Added

Highlights from 1,406 New Maps added to the David Rumsey Collection. All titles may be found by searching under Search/by Publication Author using the author names below. Or click here to view all 1,406 new maps.

Atlas General, 1771
Monsieur d'Anville
48 maps, including several important maps of the Americas.

South America, 1814
Aaron Arrowsmith
The huge (over 8 feet tall) six sheet wall map originally issued in 1811.

Times Atlas of the World, 1922
John George Bartholomew
117 maps, the second edition of this influential 20th century atlas and the first edition to use Bartholomew's maps.

Maps of Upper and Lower Canada, 1815 - 1831
Joseph Bouchette
Seven large maps by the Bouchette family, including highly detailed maps of the Montreal and Quebec districts.

New Universal Atlas, 1835
David Burr
63 maps, first edition.

Map of Massachusetts, 1801
Osgood Carleton
The first official map of the State.

New Commercial Atlas Of The United States and Territories, 1875
George Cram
35 maps, the rare first edition of Cram's short-lived large format US atlas.

Mapa Geografico de America Meridional, 1799
Cruz Cano y Olmedilla
The London edition, published by William Faden, of this important early map of South America; originally issued in 1775 in Madrid.

Royal Illustrated Atlas, 1872
A. Fullarton & Co
75 maps, one of the last decorative atlases published in the 19th century.

Los Angeles Basin, 1880
William Hammond Hall
Large unrecorded manuscript topographical map, one of the earliest to show the Los Angeles area in detail.

Illustrated Atlas of the Upper Ohio River and Valley, 1877
Eli Hayes
141 maps and views from this rare "county style" atlas showing the cities, towns, businesses, and residences of the Ohio River Valley from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati.

Atlas Methodicus, 1719
J.B. Homann
One of the earliest teaching atlases.

General Atlas, 1790
Thomas Kitchin
35 large maps constructed from 62 separate sheets.

Atlas Minor, 1736
Herman Moll
62 maps. Includes 18 maps of the Americas.

A Modern Atlas, 1815
John Pinkerton
64 maps. The first edition.

Business Atlas of the United States, 1879
Rand McNally
50 maps, the first atlas of the U.S. by Rand McNally.

Atlas Universel, 1757
Gilles and Didier Robert de Vaugondy
109 maps, first edition. Includes 25 detailed maps of French Provinces, 7 maps of the Americas, and 5 added postal maps of European countries.

Historical Atlas of Wisconsin, 1878
Snyder, Van Vechten & Co
142 maps and views. Detailed maps of each county and most cities, plus lithographic views of farms, commercial buildings and prominent citizens.

Maps Accompanying the Annual Report of the General Land Office, 1866
U.S. General Land Office
23 maps, including maps of all the western states and territories.

Atlas of the State of Illinois, 1876
Warner & Beers
155 maps and views. County maps, detailed Chicago maps, views.

Map of North America, 1823
James Wyld
Rare, first edition of this important map, noted for its accurate depiction of the Pacific Northwest and its wildly inaccurate showing of the American Southwest.

Plus over 100 wall maps of the World and the Americas. Includes maps of the United States by Samuel Lewis and Charles Varle, 1817; John Melish's Map of Pennsylvania, 1826; Herman Boye's Virginia, 1827; William Eddy's California, 1854; William Scully's Brazil, 1866; two maps of Oahu, Hawaiian Islands, 1881 and 1899; John Cary's World, 1819; and many others.

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