Farber Gravestone Collection

The Farber Gravestone Collection is an unusual resource containing over 13,500 images documenting the sculpture on more than 9,000 gravestones, most of which were made prior to 1800, in the Northeastern part of the United States. The late Daniel Farber of Worcester, Massachusetts, and his wife, Jessie Lie Farber, were responsible for the largest portion of the collection. This online version of the Farber Gravestone Collection is sponsored by the American Antiquarian Society. The Web site and online image database have been created by David Rumsey and Cartography Associates.

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1 Comment on Farber Gravestone Collection
Jeremy Woolsey on December 7, 2010 at 8:23PM wrote:

To the Curator.

I have been looking at your excellent collection, but have found an error.
The images you show under 'Burgh St Peter' do in fact relate to our adjoining parish of 'Wheatacre'.
The confusion may have arisen as back in Medieval times there was just the one parish 'Wheatacre Burgh' which had two churches 'All Saints' and 'St Peters'.
Post medieval, the original parish was divided into two parishes known as 'Wheatacre' and 'Burgh St Peter' as they are today. At some time the dedication for the church in 'Burgh St Peter' was changed from St Peter's to St Mary's.
I am the Fabric Officer for St Mary's in Burgh St Peter and do not recognise any of the gravestones depicted as being in our churchyard but I do recognise the picture of the church as being that of All Saints, Wheatacre so assume the gravestones also relate to this church.
I hope this information will be of interest, please contact me if you have any further queries.
Jeremy Woolsey