help center


Contains common questions regarding various collection viewers and helpful technical assistance.

Georeferencer Help
Gives answers to questions regarding the Georeferencer Application.

Purchase reproductions from Reprint Mint by clicking on the "Buy Print" button from the Detail View of the LUNA Browser.

Media and Catalog Information in the LUNA Browser
A description of the importance of the Media and Catalog Information and helpful hints on how to discover related material in the collection.

LUNA Browser Online Help
The LUNA Online help provides an overview of the major features of the LUNA Browser and opens in your default web browser.

Insight® Java Client Online Help
The Insight Online help provides an overview of the major features of Insight® Java Client, and opens in your default web browser. This is the same help page that is available within the Insight® software.  Firewalls may prevent correct operation of Insight Java Client. Test by turning off the Firewall - if this corrects the problem, adjust your Firewall settings. Also, View our Firewall support document.

LUNA Flash Tutorials 
The LUNA Flash Tutorials provide several in depth tours of how to use LUNA's major features and functions.

3D GIS Online Help
The 3D GIS Help page explains in detail the various functions of the 3D GIS Viewer.

Feeds - RSS, XML and Atom Explanations
Contains descriptions of the technology and explanations of how to use them.

References and Abbreviations for References Used in Data Fields
A listing of all the References and their abbreviations used in the Reference Field and the Pub Reference Field of the data records.