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Welcome to Visual Collections
This image collection portal is Cartography Associates latest venture in the creative realm, designed to expand access to collections of art, history and culture through the use of technology.

Almost all of the more than 50 collections represented here—from the fine art of MOAC (Museums & the Online Archive of California Collection) to the historic maps of the award-winning David Rumsey Map Collection—are available for free, public access. The more than 300,000 works represented combine to create an unparalleled resource in the arts and humanities.

We believe Visual Collections will serve as an inspiration for others to develop collections of their own and share them. As they do, the image collection portal will continue to grow, so please check back with us frequently for recent additions and news updates on the digital image collections being created by the Insight community.

NEW Insight Collection Registry
In order to help Insight clients add these collections to their User Manager we have built an Insight Collection Registry. This registry lists all available Insight collections and their collection settings. Simply click on the title of a collection and add the information to your Insight User Manager.


Cartography Associates, David Rumsey