Cartography Associates hereby grants to the Subscriber a non-exclusive, limited license to access and use the visual and documentary resources of the AMICA Library exclusively for education, research and scholarship. The AMICA Library is protected under U.S. copyright law and other applicable intellectual property and proprietary information laws. The contents of the AMICA Library may be protected under trademark law, the laws of privacy and publicity, and other laws. Whenever a work from the AMICA Library is displayed in a scholarly presentations, Subscriber must display, all required copyright management information, including copyright notices, the name of the creator of the work, the name of the owner of the copyright, and terms and conditions for the use of specific works. An acknowledgement of the AMICA and the AMICA image contributor must also be displayed.

Access to and use of the AMICA Library under this Agreement is exclusively for education, research, and scholarship. Publication, redistribution, or any commercial use of any AMICA Works or materials, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. Under this license, the Subscriber may:1) display AMICA Library resources on a computer, print on paper, and in other ways that facilitate individual scholarly research and use; 2) copy AMICA Library resources to personal computer file space solely for study or research and solely for the term of this license; 3) adapt AMICA Library resources for personal scholarly use; and 4) reproduce and publicly display AMICA Library resources as part of a presentation at a professional or scholarly meeting that takes place during the term of this Agreement.

Under this license, Subscriber may NOT: 1) publish, distribute, sell, post to a computer network or to the Internet (including transmission by e-mail); 2) publicly perform or publicly display (except as part of a presentation at a scholarly meeting) any AMICA Library resources without prior written permission from any affected copyright holders, including but not limited to AMICA contributors (for example, the use of AMICA Library resources on a web site, in a scholarly article or in a print or electronic textbook requires a separate license); or 3) provide access to the AMICA Library or works to any other individuals who are not Subscribers or Designated Users of the AMICA Library under an active subscription agreement.

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