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United States of America. Galveston, Houston, & Henderson Railroad, 1857

United States of America. / Galveston, Houston, & Henderson Railroad / 1857
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Full Title: United States of America.

Author: Galveston, Houston, & Henderson Railroad

Date: 1857

This historical cartographic image is part of the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, www.davidrumsey.com, a large collection of online antique, rare, old, and historical maps, atlases, globes, charts, and other cartographic items. Read more about the Collection. Or you can view the entire David Rumsey Map Collection in Insight.

Full David Rumsey Map Collection Catalog Record:

Author: Galveston, Houston, & Henderson Railroad

Date: 1857

Short Title: United States of America.

Publisher: London: King, Lith.

Type: Separate Map

Object Height cm: 23

Object Width cm: 37

Scale 1: 11,404,800

Note: Partial color with Texas in pink.

Reference: None found.

Country: United States

Subject: Railroad

Full Title: United States of America.

List No: 5179.002

Series No: 2

Published In: Texas Of The United States Of America, Shewing The Galveston, Houston, & Henderson Rail Road. King, Lith. 63 Queen St. New Cannon St. London. (on verso) United States Of America.

Publication Author: Galveston, Houston, & Henderson Railroad

Publication Date: 1857

Publication Reference: None found.

Publication Note: Hand colored map of Texas showing railroads open, under construction, and the main line of the Galveston, Houston & Henderson railroad in red. On the verso is a map of the U.S. with Texas colored in pink, showing connections of Texas railroads to the U.S. lines. This is probably the first railroad map of Texas. The first railroad map of Texas listed in Modelski is Modelski 551, Map of Texas showing the Sabine and Galveston Bay Railroad, 1859. The earliest in Day is the 1861 Map of the Buffalobayou (Day 135). Although undated, this map is clearly derived from the 1857 Colton atlas map of Texas; and the Galveston, Houston, & Henderson Railroad was raising money in London (where this map was published, probably to accompany a bond prospectus) and Paris in 1857 to finance expansion. Further, the county formation shown on the map is consistent with an 1857 date, and the map of the United States on the verso is taken from The Modern Atlas by H.G. Collins, London, 1855. The railroad development shown on the Texas map would indicate 1857: the Galveston, Houston & Henderson is completed from Galveston to Houston, with a proposed extension to Fredonia, in Rusk County; the Buffalobayou, Brazos, Colorado and Richmond line is completed from Harrisburg to the Brazos River; the Houston and Texas Central is complete from Houston north to Washington; and the Houston Tap railroad is shown (with no name) from Houston over to the Buffalobayou line. No copies of this map were located in Texas institutions (or any other holdings in the U.S.). The Rosenberg Library has a map titled "Texas Etas Unis D'Amerique Trace du Chemin de Fer de Galveston a Houston et Henderson, "lithographed in Paris, which probably accompanied the French bond prospectus - and is clearly derived from this London edition. The Galveston, Houston & Henderson was one of the first railroads incorporated in Texas. The extension from Houston north to Fredonia that was to be financed by the bond issue that occas

Publication List No: 5179.000

Publication Type: Separate Map

Publication Maps: 2

Publication Height cm: 23

Publication Width cm: 37

Image No: 5179002

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