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La Giammaica. Zatta, Antonio ; Mitchell, John ; Raynal, G.T. 1778

La Giammaica. / Zatta, Antonio ; Mitchell, John ; Raynal, G.T. / 1778
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Full Title: La Giammaica. Fogl. IX.

Author: Zatta, Antonio ; Mitchell, John ; Raynal, G.T.

Date: 1778

This historical cartographic image is part of the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, www.davidrumsey.com, a large collection of online antique, rare, old, and historical maps, atlases, globes, charts, and other cartographic items. Read more about the Collection. Or you can view the entire David Rumsey Map Collection in Insight.

Full David Rumsey Map Collection Catalog Record:

Author: Zatta, Antonio ; Mitchell, John ; Raynal, G.T.

Date: 1778

Short Title: La Giammaica.

Publisher: Venezia: Antonio Zatta

Type: Book Map

Object Height cm: 33

Object Width cm: 43

Scale 1: 950,000

Note: In outline color.

Reference: Sabin 68109; Stephenson "A la Carte" p. 113; cf P 650, 651.

Country: Jamaica

Full Title: La Giammaica. Fogl. IX.

List No: 5007.011

Series No: 12

Published In: Storia Dell' America Settentrionale Del Signor Abate Raynal Continuata fino al present, con Carte Geografiche rappresentanti il Teatro della Guerra Civile tra la Gran Bretagna, e le Colonie Unite. A SS. EE. Li Signori Rifoormatori Dello Studio Di Padova. In Venezia, Dalle Stampe Di Antonio Zatta Con Licenza De Superiori, E Privilegio. M. DCC. LXXVIII.

Publication Author: Zatta, Antonio ; Mitchell, John ; Raynal, G.T.

Publication Date: 1778

Publication Reference: Sabin 68109; Stephenson "A la Carte" p. 113; cf P 650, 651.

Publication Note: In addition to a two volume Italian translation of Raynal's History of North America, this book contains the first edition of Zatta's twelve sheet version of Mitchell's Map of North America, plus three other maps: Il Canada, Le Isole di Terra Nuova e Capo Breton, and La Baja D' Hudson. All of these maps appeared also in Zatta's Atlante Novissimo published from 1779-1785. A second edition of the Zatta/Mitchell maps was published in 1791 (see P651). Zatta's version of Mitchell is not an exact or complete copy: the Zatta maps do not cover the far western portions of Mitchell's map, many geographical changes are introduced, and Bermuda is depicted as well as Jamaica., neither of which are shown by Mitchell. A separate map covers Newfoundland and Cape Breton, on the same scale. Maps are hand painted with outline color. Covers are quarter leather light brown marbled paper covered boards with "Raynal. Storia Dell' America Settentrionale. 1778" stamped in gilt on the new leather spine.

Publication List No: 5007.000

Publication Type: Geography Book

Publication Maps: 15

Publication Height cm: 41

Publication Width cm: 27

Image No: 5007011

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