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A.D. 337. At The Death Of Constantine. Quin, Edward, 1830

A.D. 337. At The Death Of Constantine. / Quin, Edward / 1830
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Full Title: A.D. 337. At The Death Of Constantine. Engraved by Sidy. Hall Bury Strt. Bloomsby. London Published June 1828 by Seeley & Burnside 169 Fleet Street.

Author: Quin, Edward

Date: 1830

This historical cartographic image is part of the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, www.davidrumsey.com, a large collection of online antique, rare, old, and historical maps, atlases, globes, charts, and other cartographic items. Read more about the Collection. Or you can view the entire David Rumsey Map Collection in Insight.

Full David Rumsey Map Collection Catalog Record:

Author: Quin, Edward

Date: 1830

Short Title: A.D. 337. At The Death Of Constantine.

Publisher: London: Seeley and Burnside

Type: Atlas Map

Object Height cm: 33

Object Width cm: 28

Scale 1: 85,000,000

Note: The European known Earth shown through clouds from the birth of Christ to the death of Constantine, A.D. 337. In full color from Scandinavia and Morocco to Korea.

Reference: cfP4139.

World Area: Asia ; Europe

Full Title: A.D. 337. At The Death Of Constantine. Engraved by Sidy. Hall Bury Strt. Bloomsby. London Published June 1828 by Seeley & Burnside 169 Fleet Street.

List No: 2839.009

Series No: 15

Engraver or Printer: Hall, Sidney

Published In: An Historical Atlas; In A Series Of Maps Of The World As Known At Different Periods; Constructed Upon An Uniform Scale, And Coloured According To The Political Changes Of Each Period: Accompanied By A Narrative Of The Leading Events Exhibited In The Maps: Forming Together A General View Of Universal History, From The Creation To A.D. 1828. By Edward Quin, M.A. ... The Maps Engraved By Sidney Hall. Printed For R.B. Seeley And W. Burnside; And Sold By L.B. Seeley & Sons, Fleet Street, London. MDCCCXXX.

Publication Author: Quin, Edward

Publication Date: 1830

Publication Reference: cfP4139.

Publication Note: 1st edition. The unique maps show progressively receding cloud borders to indicate the expansion of geographical knowledge over time. This atlas may have influenced Emma Willard's "Atlas to Accompany a System of Universal History" - 1835. Willard's Atlas uses the "cloud" maps in a very similar way. See our copy of Willard. Full color. Atlas is bound in half red leather marbled paper covered boards with a label printed with "An Historical Atlas, Containing Maps of the World At Twenty-One Different Periods. With a General View of Universal History, By Edward Quin, M.A. Price L3 (pounds): 10s. Half-Bound." The spine has a red leather label embossed in gilt with "Quin's Historical Atlas."

Publication List No: 2839.000

Publication Type: Historical Atlas

Publication Maps: 21

Publication Height cm: 42

Publication Width cm: 34

Image No: 2839009

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