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United States Of North America. Maclure, William, 1838

United States Of North America. / Maclure, William / 1838
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Full Title: United States of North America.

Author: Maclure, William

Date: 1838

This historical cartographic image is part of the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, www.davidrumsey.com, a large collection of online antique, rare, old, and historical maps, atlases, globes, charts, and other cartographic items. Read more about the Collection. Or you can view the entire David Rumsey Map Collection in Insight.

Full David Rumsey Map Collection Catalog Record:

Author: Maclure, William

Date: 1838

Short Title: United States Of North America.

Publisher: Philadelphia: A. Small

Type: Book Map

Object Height cm: 41

Object Width cm: 48

Scale 1: 7,603,200

Note: In full color. The explanation of the color is not given on the map.

Reference: Howes M161; White 1817B; Sabin 43552 and 43551 (Essay).

Country: United States

Subject: Geology

Full Title: United States of North America.

List No: 4070.001

Series No: 2

Published In: Observations on the Geology of the United States of America; With Some Remarks on the Effect Produced on the Nature and Fertility of Soils, By the Decomposition of the Different Classes of Rocks; And An Application to the Fertility of Every State in the Union, In Reference to the Accompanying Geological Map. With Two Plates. By William Maclure. ... Philadelphia: Printed for the Author, by Abraham Small ... 1817. (with) Essay On The Formation of Rocks, Or An Inquiry Into the Probable Origin of Their Present Form and Structure. By William Maclure. ... Philadelphia, Printed by John Wilbank ... 1838.

Publication Author: Maclure, William

Publication Date: 1838

Publication Reference: Howes M161; White 1817B; Sabin 43552 and 43551 (Essay).

Publication Note: The title page is dated 1817 and the text is unchanged from the 1817 edition, but the Melish base map is changed from the 1817 edition Melish map to one that shows all of Florida and Missouri and Arkansas (with Arkansas in an 1828 formation). The map is the second state (White 1817B), although it is really an entirely different map. It is similar to the Map of The United States that appears in Melish's Traveler's Guide of 1822 and in Carey and Lea's American Atlas, but it has been reengraved, and the title is changed to United States of North America. It is colored geologically, but there is no color key. The same map appears in the Jackson Wreath of 1829, but in an earlier state. Bound in at the back is the "Essay..." mentioned above. This copy belonged to Francis P. Farquhar, noted California historian. Bound in brown cloth covers with "Geology" printed in gold on the spine.

Publication List No: 4070.000

Publication Type: Geology Book

Publication Maps: 1

Publication Height cm: 22

Publication Width cm: 13

Image No: 4070001

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