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Emsworth, Allegheny Co., Pa. (with) West Bellevue, Glenfield.
Hayes, Eli L.
Emsworth, Allegheny Co....
Regional Atlas
Author Hayes, Eli L.
Full Title Emsworth, Allegheny Co., Pa. (with) West Bellevue ... (with) Glenfield ... (both) Allegheny Co., Pa. (... compiled & drawn for the publishers by E.L. Hayes, assisted by E.F. Hayes, C.M. Beresford, assisted by S.A. Charpiot, F.L. Sanford, J.H. Sherman. Published by Titus, Simmons & Titus ... Phila. 1877. Eng. by Worley & Bracher ... Printed by H.J. Toudy & Co. ... Oldach & Mergenthaler Binders ...)
List No 4975.011
Note Hand col. lithograph with 2 inset maps. Show tracts, landowners, buildings, etc.
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