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General map of the protected countries. Ottoman Empire
General map of the prot...
Separate Map
Author PAŞA, Ali ŞEREF
Full Title Omoumi Mamalik Mahrousi Shahani. (General map of the protected countries. Ottoman Empire). Istanbul. Matbaa-i Amire. 1312 (1896).
List No 13186.000
Note Color Lithograph map 150x124, dissected into 24 sections 20x32 and mounted on linen. Includes 2 insets of Saudi Arabia, scale 1: 6,000,000; Tripoli, Libya, scale 1:4,000,000. Map is in Ottoman script, covers Ottoman Empire, the Balkan and the Arabian Peninsula. It was designed by the Government Map Office in Istanbul, under direction of Ali Sheref Pasha, who was also known as Hafız Ali Eşref, the first modern Turkish cartographer. Map showing cities, towns, roads, railroads and rivers. Relief shown by hachures.
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