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Bacs es Bodrogh torvenyesen egyesult Varmegyek. = Comitatus Bacsiensi et Bodrogiensis
Gorog, Demeter, 1760-18...
Bacs es Bodrogh torveny...
National Atlas
Author Gorog, Demeter, 1760-1833
Full Title Bacs es Bodrogh torvenyesen egyesult Varmegyek = (Comitatus Bacsiensi et Bodrogiensis) ... Articulariter uniti per Anton. Quits. Mettzette H. Benedicti. Meltosagu Urmenyi, Jozef ... (to accompany) Magyar atlas ... kozre botsatotta Gorog = Atlas Hungaricus ... Viennae, 1802.
List No 13049.017
Note Engraved hand colored in outline map of the Bacs-Bodrog County, Hungary. Showing administrative boundaries, cities, towns, rivers, forests and mountains. Includes legend and coat of arms. Relief shown by hachures.
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