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Military Operations of the Atlanta Campaign.
U.S. War Department, Ch...
Military Operations of ...
U.S. War Department, Chief of Engineers
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Map II illustrating the Military Operations of the Atlanta Campaign. This map includes the region from Resaca on the north to Ackworth on the south, and exhibits the Works of the United States and Confederate Forces. 1864. Maj. Genl. W.T. Sherman, commanding U.S. Forces. Genl. J.E. Johnston, commanding Conf. Forces. Compiled by Authority of the Hon. The Secretary Of War ...1877. Authorities made by J.T. Dodge and Edw. Ruger, Civil Eng'rs. and Captured Confederate maps. Am. Photo-Lithographic Co. N.Y. (Osborne's Process.)
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Map two of the series. Colored in blue lines to indicate to indicate Union Forces and red lines to indicate Confederate Forces.
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