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Plan of the city of New York
McComb, John
Plan of the city of New...
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Author McComb, John
Full Title Plan of the city of New York. Reproduced 1939 by U.S. Geological Survey. I.M. Comb, Junr., delt. C. Tiebout, sculpt. Washington's inaugural sesquicentennial, 1789[-]1939. (with) Photo-lith of the inauguration of Gen. George Washington as the first president of he United States of America at Federal Hall, Wall St., New York, April 30th 1789. Published by William Blackman, N.Y. (insets) George Washington's route. (with) John Adam's route.
List No 13081.001
Note Plan of New York City, Manhattan 23 x 37, on sheet 66 x 52. With view of the inauguration of Gen. George Washington, and two ancillary maps. "This sheet was reproduced in April 1939, from originals in the Library of Congress ... Selected and reproduced under the direction of Col. Lawrence Martin ..." Map shows streets, buildings and wards. Relief shown by hachures.
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