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We have long had in the collection the Atlas volume (see 3964.000) from the Description de l'Égypte . We are now putting online all of the 970 plates from the entire Description de l'Égypte - 11 elephant folio volumes that accompany the 26 text volumes of the second edition, recently acquired by the collection. Taken together, the plates provide a rare detailed view of the natural, historical, and modern world of Ottoman Egypt. Online now are two volumes, Antiquites I and Histoire Naturelle I. The other nine volumes will be added in the coming months. The images below are representative selections from the 169 images in the two online volumes - they are active image embeds and may be zoomed in or out, panned, viewed full screen and shared.

All images are scanned at 800 ppi and may be downloaded at that resolution using the download JP2 image link in the detailed description of each image on the right side, click to open. The very high resolution scans allow a closer look at the endless interesting details in the plates. The images below are frequently zoomed in to some of those details. The very high resolution scans enable the viewer to experience the multiple layers of information that the surveyors, engineers, and artists recorded. All the images in this post can be seen in the Luna Browser

The list below provides links to the contents of all 11 volumes.
Antiquites I online
Antiquites II coming
Antiquites III coming
Antiquites IV coming
Antiquites V coming
Etat Moderne I coming
Etat Moderne II coming
Histoire Naturelle I online
Histoire Naturelle II coming
Histoire Naturelle IIbis coming
Atlas Geographique coming (3964.000 copy online)



 (Title page frontise) (Fac-Simile Of The Colored Monuments Of Egypt From The Table By C.L.F. Panckoucke, Knight Of The Legion Of Honor, Publisher Of The Description Of Egypt, 2.E Edition. 1825). Fac-Simile Des Monumens Coloriés De L'Égypte D'après Le Tableau De C.L.F. Panckoucke, Chevalier De La Légion d'Honneur, Editeur De La Description De l'Egypte, 2.E Edition. 1825. 


 (Plate 1, Philae Island. General plan of the island and its surroundings). Planche 1, île de Philæ. Plan Général De L'île Et De Ses Environs. 


 (Plate 4, Philæ Island. View of the monuments of the island and the granite mountains that surround it). Planche 4, île de Philæ. Vue Des Monuments De L'île Et Des Montagnes De Granit Qui L'environnent. 


 (Plate 7 Zoology, Mammals. 1 Ram A Large Tail. 2 Cuff Mufflon). Planche 7 Zoologie, Mammifères. 1 Belier A Large Queue. 2 Moufflon A Manchettes.

 (Plate 18, Philae Island. Colorful interior perspective view, taken under the portico of the Grand Temple). Planche 18, île de Philæ. Vue Perspective Intérieure Coloriée, Prise Sous Le Portique Du Grand Temple. 



(Plate 7 Zoology, Birds. 1. White or sacred ibis (Ibis religiosa); 2. Black ibis (Ibis falcinellus)). Planche 7 Zoologie, Oiseaux. 1. Ibis blanc ou sacré (Ibis religiosa); 2. Ibis noir (Ibis falcinellus).



(Plate 10, Philæ Island. Sculptures of the Portico of the Great Temple. 5.6.7 Elevation, Section and Plans of a Monolith From the Same Temple). Planche 10, île de Philæ. Sculptures Du Portique Du Grand Temple . 5.6.7 Élévation , Coupe Et Plans D'un Monolithe Du Même Temple. 



(Plate 1 Zoology, Mammals. Egyptian bat. 1.1 'Taphien Filet. 2.2 'Nyctère De La Thévaïde. 3.3 'Vespertillon Pipistrelle). Planche 1 Zoologie, Mammifères. Chauve-Souris D'égypte. 1.1' Taphien Filet. 2.2' Nyctère De La Thévaïde. 3.3' Vespertillon Pipistrelle.

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