New Website Redesign

For the first time since its launch in 1999, the website has been completely redesigned and updated.  With better navigation and structure, users will find it easier to explore the site's many viewers and collection database with over 21,000 maps online.  A new Blog has been added to the site, and includes entries for Recent Additions, News, Featured Maps, Related Sites, and Videos.  Over 200 historic maps from the collection can be viewed in a new browser-based version of Google Earth (discontinued by Google in 2016), and users can enter the Second Life version of the map collection directly from a dedicated Second Life portal page on the site.  And the collection ticker at the bottom of the home page shows the entire online map library in random order over about 10 hours.  As always, all maps can be downloaded for free directly from the site at full resolution.  And a new service from Pictopia allows purchase of reproductions of any map in the collection directly from the new LUNA viewing software. 

The redesigned Home page of the website:

The new Home page of

The View Collection page shows the many viewers used to explore the map collection online:

The View Collection page showing the many ways to view the historical maps online

The new Blog section of the website has posts on Recent Additions, News, Featured Maps, Related Sites, and Videos:

The Blog has posts on Recent Additions, News, Featured Maps, Related Sites, and Videos

The new website was designed by Michelle Williamson of Command Create.  Development by Bot & Rose and Adam Brin.  Hosting by Luna Imaging.

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