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Arrowsmith, John
World Atlas
Author Arrowsmith, John
Full Title Brazil, By J. Arrowsmith. (Map) 49. London, Pubd. 15 Feby. 1842, by J. Arrowsmith, 10 Soho Square.
List No 4613.049
Note In outline color.
Arrowsmith, Aaron
South America
Wall Map
Author Arrowsmith, Aaron
Full Title Outlines Of The Physical And Political Divisions Of South America: Delineated By A. Arrowsmith Partly From Scarce And Original Documents, Published Before The Year 1806 But Principally From Manuscript Maps & Surveys Made Between The Years 1771 And 1806, Corrected From Accurate Astronomical Observations To 1810. London, Published 4th January 1811 by A. Arrowsmith No. 10 Soho Square, Hydrographer to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. Additions to 1814. Engraved by Edwd. Jones ... (inset map of the southern tip of South America).
List No 2099.000
Note Removed from Arrowsmith's Atlas to accompany Thompson's Alcedo. Comparing to the 1811 77(a) first issue, there are changes in the coast line between Buenos Aires and Rio, and on the northeast coast, Maranham. This map is enormous, on six large sheets, measuring over eight feet tall when joined together. Outline color by country. Without top and bottom rollers.
Coelho, Joao
Mappa geral dos Estados Unid…
Case Map
Author Coelho, Joao
Full Title Mappa geral dos Estados Unidos do Brazil segundo os mais recentes trabalhos do Engenheiro Joao Coelho e edictado pela Livraria Allema de Ernst Nolte, Buenos Aires, 1891. Lit. e imp. Jose Ruland, Cuyo 361, Bs. As. (with) Plano parcial do Rio Grande do Sul e Santa Catharina. (with) Rio de Janeiro e parte de Minas Geraes e Sao Paulo.
List No 5467.001
Note Map dissected into 35 sections and mounted on linen. In printed color by state. Dissected into 35 pieces and mounted on linen, it folds to 22x14 and is affixed in a brown leather case with "Mapa Geral Dos Estados Unidos Do Brazil" in gold on the cover.
Cruz Cano y Olmedilla, Juan …
Mapa Geografico de America M…
Case Map
Author [Cruz Cano y Olmedilla, Juan de la, d. 1790, Faden, William, 1750?-1836]
Full Title Mapa Geografico de America Meridional, Dispuesto y Gravado por D. Juan de la Cruz Cano y Olmedilla, Geogfo. Pensdo. de S.M. Individuo de la Rl. Acadenia de Sn Fernando, y da la Sociedad Bascongada de los Amigos del Pais; teniendo presentes Varios Mapas y noticias originales con arreglo a Observaciones astronomicas, Ano de 1775 ... Londres, Publicaddo por Guillermo Faden, Geografo del Rey, y del Principo de Gales, Enero 1. de 1799.
List No 0220.000
Note Reissue by Faden of 1775 original, 3rd edition. See Imago Mundi XX for a full discussion of this map. Faden's issue is an exact copy of the 3rd edition, omitting the borders and changing the title area. Smith, in his article in I.M., calls Cano's map the South American equivalent of Mitchell's map of the British Colonies of 1755. Outline hand color. Relief shown pictorially. Extensive notes. Map is in two sheets dissected into 18 sections each. Folds into a new cloth folding case 33x25 with "America Meridional Cruz Cano 1799" stamped in gilt on the spine.
Kitchin, Thomas
Composite: South America
World Atlas
Author Kitchin, Thomas
Full Title (Composite of) A map of South America, containing Tierra-Firma, Guyana, New Granada, Amazonia, Brasil, Peru, Paraguay, Chaco, Tucuman, Chili and Patagonia. From Mr. d'Anville with several improvements and additions, and the newest discoveries. London, printed for Robert Sayer, no. 53 Fleet Street, as the Act directs, July the 1st 1787.
List No 0411.047
Note Engraved map in outline color. Printed on 4 sheets. Relief shown pictorially; depths by soundings. Inset map at [ca. 1:2,000,000]: A chart of the Falkland's Islands, named by the French Malouine Islands, and discovered by Hawkins in the year 1595. Includes descriptive notes and text "Division of South America with a summary account of its trade," and large ornamental cartouche. Prime meridian: Ferro. David Rumsey Collection copy mounted as 2 sheets. (W 103--W 20/N 13--S 56)
Ludwig, Pablo
Ciudad de Buenos-Aires y Dis…
Pocket Map
Author Ludwig, Pablo
Full Title Ciudad de Buenos-Aires y Distrito Federal publicado por Pablo Ludwig, Cartografo Segun los datos oficiales y observaciones propias. 1892. Es propiedad del editor. Compilado, dibujado y grabado por Pablo Ludwig, Buenos Aires. Imp. Est. Grafico de Gunche, Wiebeck y Turtl. San Martin 315 Bs. A ... (with) Parque de Palermo. (with) Isla de Martin Garcia.
List No 5012.001
Note Detailed map showing the city of Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas. Outside the immediate city, individual house structures are shown. We could find nothing on Pablo Ludwig. From the elegance of this map, it is clear that he was a fine cartographer. See also his Nuevo Mapa de La Republica Argentina, our #447. Full printed color map, folded into dark blue cloth covers 17.5x11 stamped with "Nuevo Plano Buenos Aires Por Pablo Ludwig" in gilt.
Codazzi, Agustin, 1793-1859
Mapa de Venezuela, N. Granad…
National Atlas
Author Codazzi, Agustin, 1793-1859
Full Title Mapa de Venezuela, Nueva Granada y Quito, para servir a la historia de las campanas de la guerra de independencia en los anos 1819 y 1820. Lith. de Thierry Frs. a Paris. (Caracas 1840)
List No 5226.007
Note Lithographed map. Full hand col. Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridian: Caracas.
Martin de Moussy, V. (Victor…
Carte de la Confederation Ar…
National Atlas
Author Martin de Moussy, V. (Victor), 1810-1869
Full Title Carte de la Confederation Argentine divisee en ses differentes provinces et territoires et des pays voisins: Etat Oriental de l'Uruguay, Paraguay, partie du Bresil et de la Bolivie, Chili. Par le Dr. V. Martin de Moussy 1867. Grave par L. Kautz, r. Bonaparte 82 Paris. Paris - Imp. Lemercier, r. de Seine 57. (Paris Librairie de Firmin Didot Freres, Fils et Cie., 1873)
List No 0464.004
Note Lithographed map. Relief shown by hachures. Shows Native American tribes. "Description geographique et statistique de la Confederation Argentine. Atlas. Planche V."
Paz Soldan, Mariano Felipe, …
Mapa general del Peru.
National Atlas
Author Paz Soldan, Mariano Felipe, 1821-1886
Full Title Mapa general del Peru. Paz Soldan. Geografia del Peru. Grabado por Delamare, Calle St. Andre des Arts, 45, Paris. Paris - Imprenta Janson, calle Antne. Dubois, 6. (Paris, Libreria de Augusto Durand, 1865)
List No 4363.001
Note Lithographed map in black and brown ink. Relief shown by shading.
Dupard, Antonio Maria; Paz S…
Ciudad de Lima.
National Atlas
Author [Dupard, Antonio Maria, Paz Soldan, Mariano Felipe, 1821-1886]
Full Title Plano de la Ciudad de Lima, Capital de la Republica. Levantado en 1859 por el ingeniero y arquitecto del Estado Antonio Maria Dupard. Paz Soldan. Geografia del Peru. Grabado por Delamare, Calle St. Andre des Arts, 45, Paris. Paris. Impr. Janson, calle Ant: Dubois, 6. (Paris, Libreria de Augusto Durand, 1865)
List No 4363.022
Note Lithographed map. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Oriented with north toward upper left. Includes keys to public buildings and streets.
Pissis, Aime, 1812-1889
Composite: Mapa de la Republ…
National Atlas
Author Pissis, Aime, 1812-1889
Full Title (Composite of) Mapa de la Republica de Chile. (1-8). Desde el rio Loa hasta el cabo de Hornos, por A. Pissis. Lit. P. Cadot i Ca., Huerfanos, 25, (1884)
List No 0734.015
Note Eight lithographed maps. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Includes atlas title and legend. Shows settlements, boundaries, mineral deposits, etc. Prime meridian: Santiago. Includes "Erratas" on the readings of meridians west of Santiago.
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