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Abel, Henry J. ; Young, Jame…
Cover: Wisconsin, Iowa trave…
Guide Book
Author [Abel, Henry J., Young, James H.]
Full Title (Covers to) Traveller's & Emigrant's Guide to Wisconsin & Iowa. By Henry I. Abel. Accompanied With A New and Improved Map of those Territories. With The Addition of Parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.
List No 4046B
American Publishing Company
Rambles Through Our Country.
Author American Publishing Company
Full Title Rambles Through Our Country. An Instructive Geographical Game For The Young. Copyright Secured 1881. American Publishing Company. Hartford, Conn. 1886.
List No 3886.000
Note This is meant to accompany a board game with a map of the United States (see our #5086). However, it functions as a geography of the U.S. by itself. In full color.
Alaska Steamship Company
Territory of Alaska.
Separate Map
Author Alaska Steamship Company
Full Title Territory of Alaska. The Alaska Line. The All-American Route, Alaska Steamship Company, Serving All of Alaska. Copyright 1936, Frank McCaffrey, Seattle. Printed in U.S.A. (with two inset maps)
List No 5300.000
Note Map is in full printed color. Inset maps: 1) Untitled map of the area around Anchorage and the Gulf of Alaska. 2) Untitled map of North America showing the routes from the "lower 48" to Alaska. A table of distances is included showing the mileage from Seattle to places in Alaska. The border is bright and original with totem poles. Mt. McKinley National Park is highlighted in green.
Andriveau-Goujon, E.
Cover: Carte generale des et…
Pocket Map
Author Andriveau-Goujon, E.
Full Title (Covers to) Carte Generale Des Etats - Unis Et Du Mexique Comprenant L'Amerique Centrale Et Les Antilles. E. Andriveau-Goujon, Editeur. Paris, Rue Du Bac, 21. 1865 ... (with four inset maps).
List No 2100A
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