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Mitchell, John
Map of the British and Frenc…
Case Map
Author Mitchell, John
Full Title A Map of the British and French Dominions in North America with the Roads, Distances, Limits and Extent of the Settlements.
List No 2842.000
Note This is the second edition of this important map, dated 1755 but published in 1757, according to the British Museum. The only change from the first issue is the addition of several panels of interesting text in ocean. The original eight printed sheets of the map are here assembled in two large panels (each with four sheets) each dissected into 36 sections and mounted on linen. Uncolored, as issued. In the sixth line of the first column of the text this issue is referred to as the Second Edition One of the most important maps in American history, it went through five editions (see Stevens). We believe this second edition is scarcer than the other editions as it appears less often on the market. Compare to the first French edition of 1856 (our copy) regarding the conflicting claims of the British and French to American territory.
Bradley, Abraham Junior
Map of the United States.
Case Map
Author Bradley, Abraham Junior
Full Title Map of the United States, Exhibiting the Post-Roads, the situations, connexions and distances of the Post-Offices, Stage Roads, Counties & Principal Rivers By Abraham Bradley Junr. Entered ... 2nd day of June1804, by Abraham Bradley Junr. of the District of Columbia. (inset) Map Of North America. (1812)
List No 2929.001
Note 4th edition, corrected to 1812, but dated 1804. This map was originally issued in 1804. This copy is dated 1804 but is corrected for political and topographical changes to 1812. It shows Louisiana and Missouri Territory, both of which were established in 1812. There has been extensive redrawing of the Mississippi River from the junction of the Ohio north to the Wyaconda River (probably due to the public surveys in southern Illinois, evidenced by the appearance of Township and Range lines there). Numerous other changes from the 1804 edition have been made throughout the map adding new counties, towns, roads, and changed physical features, primarily in the mid and western portions. So far I have been able to identify 1804, 1806, 1809, and 1812 editions, but it is likely that other editions will be discovered. The dates are estimates based on the political changes on the maps - all editions are dated 1804 on the title. Since it was a postal map and needed to be current as to towns, road and counties, it is probable that the map was updated every few years, until a new plate was made in 1819 by Harrison (Karpinski 59, Karrow 1-1466). The 1796 edition of this map (a different engraving) was changed four times in as many years (Wheat & Brun 127-130). The 1819 edition became the official post office map in 1825, used until 1829 (Ristow). All of the 1804 to 1812 editions were originally engraved by Francis Shallus of Philadelphia. With outline color. This copy in original condition, dissected into 32 sections and mounted on linen, in original quarter leather marbled covers 27x20 with ties (remnants now) and title "Bradley's U. States" stamped in gild on the spine.
Hutchins, Thomas
The Western Parts of Virgini…
Case Map
Author Hutchins, Thomas
Full Title A New Map of the Western Parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and North Carolina; Comprehending the River Ohio, and all the Rivers, which fall into it; Part of the River Mississippi, the Whole of the Illinois River, Lake Erie; Part of the Lakes Huron, Michigan &c. And all the Country bordering on these Lakes and Rivers. By Thos. Hutchins, Captain in the 60 Regiment of Foot. London, Published according to Act of Parliament Novembr. ye 1st, 1778 by T. Hutchins ... Engrav'd by T. Cheevers.
List No 5044.000
Note This map was published separately and at the same time as Hutchins' "Topographical Description..." and should accompany the book. Streeter calls it "by far the best map of the west printed to that time." It was the first large scale map of the area west of the Allegheny Mountains based on personal observations, although Hutchins gives credit to Lewis Evans' "Map of the Middle Colonies" as the best prior source of information about the area. The map contains extensive printed notes which describe important aspects of the country depicted. This map ranks with the most important American maps issued in the 18th century and is now rare. Hutchins later became the first Geographer of the United States. With outline color. Map is dissected into 32 sections and mounted on linen. Folds into new green cloth folding boards and quarter leather green cloth slip case 24x16 with "Hutchin's New Map Of Western Parts Of Virginia, Etc. 1778" on the spine in gold.
Mitchell, Samuel Augustus; Y…
Map of the United States.
Case Map
Author [Mitchell, Samuel Augustus, Young, James H.]
Full Title Map Of The United States By J.H. Young. Published by S. Augustus Mitchell. Entered ... Pennsylvania, October 10th, 1831 by S. Augustus Mitchell. Engraved by J.H. Young, D. Haines & F. Dankworth. (inset) A Map Of North America Including All The Recent Geographical Discoveries. (with 10 additional inset maps).
List No 2723.001
Note 1st edition, 1st wall map issued by Mitchell. This edition does not have the counties delineated and numbered. Ristow mistakenly says all editions have the townships (he means counties) numbered, but this one, the first, does not, thereby eliminating the index of counties and thus showing more of the western territory. This map predates the Traveler's Guide by 1 year, and thus is Mitchell's first "original" production, as opposed to the Finley material he reissued as the American Atlas and Pocket Maps. The case for the map has a leather label saying "Traveler's Map of the United States." Copyright date is October 10, 1831. There is no other date on the map. Ristow thinks the map was issued in early 1832, but it is not in Phillips until 1834 edition (which probably has the counties indicated by number and the 1831 copyright), so Ristow may not have seen this edition, but rather the 1834. The map is hand painted in bright full color by state (insets by county), dissected in 24 sections with green paper end sheets, mounted on linen and edged in pink silk. The covers 24x20 are half red leather marbled paper covered boards with ties and a leather label embossed with "Traveller's Map Of The United States" in gilt.
Cushee, Richard
New Globe of the Earth.
Author Cushee, Richard
Full Title A New Globe of the Earth by R. Cushee 1731.
List No 3992.000
Note Scarce 3 inch diameter pocket globe in black fishskin case lined with colored celestial gores. California is shown as an island, and eastern Australia is not mapped. A very early example of a pocket globe.
Joslin, Gilman
(New Solar Telluric Globe).
Author Joslin, Gilman
Full Title (New Solar Telluric Globe). (with) Joslin's Six Inch Terrestrial Globe, Containing the Latest Discoveries...1854. Drawn and Engraved by W.B. Annin.
List No 4477.000
Note This is Joslin's six inch globe on a special mount which demonstrates the relative motions of the earth and sun. In 1853 this device won a bronze medal at the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association fair which stated that it was "very simple in construction, and highly useful for illustrating Geography and Astronomy in schools." This copy lacks the metal ring around the globe which is illustrated in Joslin's catalog - it is possible that it was issued without it in some copies. Most of the horizon ring calendar is worn off. Height from base of stand to top of globe is 9 inches.
Wilson, James
Terrestrial Globe ... Celest…
Author Wilson, James
Full Title A three inch Terrestrial Globe by Wilson's & Co. Alby. (with) A Celestial Globe, With all the Stars of the 1st. 2d. & 3d. Magnitudes. By Wilson & Son's Alby.
List No 3122.000
Note The date of the globes is an estimate. Paired with a three inch celestial globe. On a turned wooden stand with four black ball feet, full height from base to top, 5 inches. Warner says that Wilson changed the business name from Wilson & Co. to Wilson & Sons in 1822. The celestial globe this is paired with is by Wilson & Sons, so I assume 1822 as the only year globes were made with both business names. The globe is very well engraved, showing much detail in the continents for its small size. Longitude is given from both Washington and London. Kimball notes that David Wilson, James' son, did the engraving for a new edition of the three inch globes in the early 1820's, which I assume are these globes. David later had brief success as a miniature painter, utilizing the same delicate engraving skills which he applied to these extremely well engraved globes. The three inch globe was also sold in pocket form with the celestial sphere on the inside of the case and on a stand with horizon ring and brass meridian. On this turned wooden stand version, the globe is mounted horizontally, an unusual presentation. Wilson made the first globes in the United States, with 1810 his first year of production and 1850 (by Cyrus Lancaster) his last.
Andrews, A.H. & Co.
Andrews Eight Inch Terrestri…
Author Andrews, A.H. & Co.
Full Title Andrews Eight Inch Terrestrial Globe with the latest discoveries and Oceanic currents. A.H. Andrews & Co. Chicago, Ill.
List No 5517.000
Note This eight inch globe is shown in full color with the continental United States shown separately and Alaska named as such. With a three -footed base and a horizon ring that includes the Zodiac signs and a calendar. Total height of base and globe is 15 inches. Date is estimated from Warner.
Loring, Josiah
Loring's Terrestrial Globe.
Author Loring, Josiah
Full Title Loring's Terrestrial Globe containing all the Late Discoveries and Geographical Improvements, also the Tracks of the most celebrated Circumnavigators. Compiled from Smith's new English Globe, with additions and improvements by Annin & Smith. Boston: Josiah Loring, 136 Washington St. 1833.
List No 2899.000
Note 1st terrestrial globe by Loring. Loring's first globe was the 12" celestial of 1832. Loring's address is 136 Washington Street, Boston. Accompanied by the 12" celestial globe of 1833. Both the terrestrial and celestial were copied (with credit given) from C. Smith's English globes. Annin & Smith of Boston did the engraving. Loring was succeeded in business by Gilman Joslin who continued to produce globes under Loring's name until the 1850's (Warner). These two globes were commended by the Judges at the 1833 fair of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association (Warner). Four legged table model with horizon ring. Total height from bottom of base to top of the meridian is 17.5 inches.
Betts, John
Betts's New Portable Terrest…
Author Betts, John
Full Title By The Queens Royal Letters Patent. Betts's New Portable Terrestrial Globe. Compiled from The Latest and Best Authorities. London, John Betts, 115 Strand.
List No 4362.000
Note The first edition of Betts' collapsible 15-inch "umbrella" type globe. The date is estimated from the U.S. geography. Later editions continued to the end of the century. In the original wooden box with advertisements for Betts' geographical products. It is interesting that the color is printed onto the gores - thus being a fairly early example of color lithography.
Betts, John
Betts's Portable Terrestrial…
Author Betts, John
Full Title By The Queens Royal Letters Patent. Betts's Portable Terrestrial Globe. Compiled from The Latest and Best Authorities. British Empire coloured red. London: George Philip & Son Ltd. 32 Fleet Street. Liverpool: Philip Son & Nephew Ltd. 45-51, South Castle Street.
List No 4478.000
Note Undated 15-inch hanging globe, with the date of 1915 estimated by the Panama Canal (1914) and Austria Hungary (prior to WW I). George Philip took over production from Betts around 1880, and examples appear as late as 1932 (Welsh Sale #364).
Schedler, Joseph
Terrestrial Globe, 6 inches …
Author Schedler, Joseph
Full Title J. Schedler's Terrestrial Globe, 6 inches Diameter. Patented November 24 1868. Prize Medal Paris Expos. 1867. Clerks Office of the District Court of the Southern District of New York.
List No 2477.000
Note The globe is stored in a cylindrical box, which also serves as a stand for the globe. Alaska is part of the U.S., indicating that the globe was up to date. One of the first globes to use gores produced by lithography (Warner).
Popple, Henry
Composite: British Empire in…
National Atlas
Author Popple, Henry
Full Title (Composite Map of) A Map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto. by Henry Popple. C. Lempriere inv. & del. B Baron Sculp. To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty This Map is most humbly Inscribed by Your Majesty's most Dutiful, most Obedient, and most Humble Servant Henry Popple. London Engrav'd by Willm. Henry Toms & R.W. Seale, 1733.
List No 2874.002
Note A composite of all twenty sheets of the Popple Atlas. Sheets without color.
Arrowsmith, Aaron
United States Of North Ameri…
Case Map
Author Arrowsmith, Aaron
Full Title A Map Of The United States Of North America Drawn from a number of Critical Researches By A. Arrowsmith, Hydrographer to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. No. 10 Soho Square. London. Published as the Act Directs by A. Arrowsmith, No. 10 Soho Square. Jan 1st, 1796. Additions to 1802.
List No 2098.001
Note Watermark, J. Whatman 1811, NE sheet, lower left. Comparing to 79(d), 1804, I cannot find the changes indicated by Stevens, and comparing to 79(f), which only has added "-1815" in ms, I cannot find any changes either. It could be that this copy of 79(e) is later than the one Stevens saw as indicated by the 1811 watermark. There may be a 79(e) without the 1811 watermakr that is earlier. Outline color by state. Map is in four sheets, each dissected into 18 sections. Sheets fold, each with a label pasted to the linen backing reading "Sold by W. Faden, Geographer to His Majesty and to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. No. 5 Charing Cross." The four map sheets lie folded between two brown card end sheets, inside their original marbled paper slip case 22x13.5 with the same paste down label.
Melish, John
United States with the conti…
Case Map
Author Melish, John
Full Title Map of the United States with the contiguous British & Spanish Possessions Compiled from the latest & best Authorities By John Melish. Engraved by J. Vallance & H.S. Tanner. Entered ... 16th day of June 1820. Published by James Finlayson Agent Philada. Successor to John Melish, Improved to 1823. (inset) West Indies.
List No 3948.000
Note The last edition of Melish's map of the United States, first published in 1816, and the 25th state identified by Martin/Ristow. This edition has the three additional sheets at the bottom of the map (added in the second state of the 1822 edition) that expand the coverage of Mexico and the West Indies. Compared to the first 1816 edition, there are many changes in the Great Plains area of the U.S. (that first appeared in the 1822 edition) based on Long's Map of 1822 (although Melish does not mention Long in his preface to the Geographical Description edition of 1822). Ristow (A la Carte) says there are no changes between between the 1823 edition and the second state of the 1822 edition, other than the change in publisher and date. Outline color by state or territory. The map is dissected into 50 sections, backed with linen, and edged in white silk. It folds into a new dark blue cloth folding case 25x17 with black ties; the spine is embossed with "Map Of The United States. John Melish. 1823" in gold.
Coloney, Fairchild & Co.
Ribbon Map Of The Father Of …
Separate Map
Author Coloney, Fairchild & Co.
Full Title Coloney & Fairchild's Patent Ribbon Maps ... Ribbon Map Of The Father Of Waters. Geographical and Scenic Maps upon this plan of all the rivers, rail road routes, stage and coast lines in the country are in preparation.
List No 4995.000
Note This is the most ambitious Coloney & Fairchild strip or ribbon map: it shows the Mississippi River from its delta to its source at Lake Itaska, a distance of 2600 miles. It is backed on linen and rolls into paper covered spool with a hand crank. This is the revised edition, with much additional material added on river towns by William Bowen, President of the Pilot's Association of St. Louis (this information comes from the promotion for this map printed on the Ribbon Map of New York City). No record of the first issue found, although a copy exists at the Minnesota Historical Society. The river is colored blue against a black and white background. Distances from New Orleans are printed on the river at intervals to the source. Karrow's listing is for a variant: the map printed in five strips on one sheet and folded into the 1866 edition of Edward's Gazetteer of the Mississippi River. Scarce.
Colton, J. H.
Map of the United States of …
Case Map
Author Colton, J. H.
Full Title Map Of The United States Of America, The British Provinces, Mexico and the West Indies, Showing The Country from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Published by J.H. Colton, No. 86 Cedar St. New York. 1848. Entered ... 1846, by Joseph H. Colton ... New York. Drawn & Engraved By Sherman & Smith New-York. (inset) The south Eastern Part Of The West Indies. (inset) Map Of Newfoundland.
List No 3960.001
Note Third edition, first being 1846 (according to Ristow, although Karrow only lists an 1847). Texas is still in large configuration with a panhandle running up to Oregon. California and the Great Basin are shown only as Upper or New California. Fremont's 1843 and 1845 maps are incorporated, but not the 1848 map. The title is in the lower left, with an inset map of the West Indies and an inset of Newfoundland. In the 1850 edition the title is moved to the upper right. In the 1853 edition it is moved to the upper left. Map is dissected into 16 sections and edged in pink silk. Full color by state. Folds into green and pink plaid end sheets and half leather marbled covers 38x35 with ties and a label reading "United States" in elegant manuscript.
American Publishing Company
Rambles Through Our Country.
Author American Publishing Company
Full Title Rambles Through Our Country. An Instructive Geographical Game For The Young. Copyright Secured 1881. American Publishing Company. Hartford, Conn. 1886.
List No 3886.000
Note This is meant to accompany a board game with a map of the United States (see our #5086). However, it functions as a geography of the U.S. by itself. In full color.
Dutton, Clarence E. (Clarenc…
Composite: Panorama from Pt.…
Geologic Atlas
Author [Dutton, Clarence E. (Clarence Edward), 1841-1912, Holmes, William Henry, 1846-1933]
Full Title (Composite) Panorama From Point Sublime. [Parts I-III.] W.H. Holmes. Atlas Sheets XV-XVII. Julius Bien & Co. lith. U.S. Geological Survey, Geology of the Grand Canon District.
List No 4713.019
Note In full color. Composite of all sections using Atlas Sheets 15-17.
Fletcher, Hugh.; Geological …
Composite: Nova Scotia 1-16.
State Atlas
Author [Fletcher, Hugh., Geological Survey of Canada]
Full Title (Composite of sheet no. 1-16) Province of Nova Scotia (Island of Cape Breton). Geological and Natural History Survey of Canada. Alfred R.C. Selwyn, LL.D., F.R.S. &c. Director. 1884. The Burland Lith. Company Montreal. Compiled and drawn by Hugh Fletcher, from plans made by the Admiralty, the Department of Crown Lands, Nova Scotia, and the Geological Survey. To illustrate Reports by Hugh Fletcher, 1879 to 1884.
List No 3997.001
Note Full color. Shows geologic units, mineral deposits, mineral springs, falls, fishing stations, buildings, land holders names, schools, parish and county boundaries, notes, etc. Relief shown by spot heights. The maps index the various geological reports. Rumsey collection maps backed on linen; protected in new blue cloth folding boards with blue cloth slip case 22 x 16.5 cm., stamped with title "Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Geological Survey of Canada, 1884" on spine in gold.
Dripps, Matthew
City of New York Extending N…
Wall Map
Author Dripps, Matthew
Full Title Map of the City of New York Extending Northward to Fiftieth St. Surveyed and drawn by John F. Harrison C.E. Published by M. Dripps...1852.
List No 2620.000
Note 2nd ed., 1st map to show all NY lots & buildings. Precursor of the fire maps first published by Perris in 1852, later by Sanborn and Bromley. Border has views of important city buildings.
Dripps, Matthew
City And County Of New - Yor…
Wall Map
Author Dripps, Matthew
Full Title Map Of That Portion Of The City And County Of New - York North Of 50th St. Surveyed & Drawn by R.A. Jones, C.E. Published by M. Dripps, 103 Fulton St. N.Y. 1851. (inset) Westchester County.
List No 2495.000
Note 1st edition. 3 vignettes. See the other large Dripps map of NYC (1852). This is the rarer of the two. Shows topography, unlike the other map. With hand painted color. Lacks rollers.
Eddy, William M.
Official map of the State of…
Pocket Map
Author Eddy, William M.
Full Title Approved and declared to be the official map of the State of California by an act of the Legislature passed March 25th 1853. Compiled by W.M. Eddy State Surveyor General. Published for R.A. Eddy, Marysville, California by J.H. Colton, No. 86 Cedar St. New York 1854. Authorities --- (with inset:) San Francisco and Adjoining Bays. Engraved on stone by Schedler & Liebler, 129 William St. New York. Printed by D. McLellan, 26 Spruce St. N.Y. Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1853 by Wm. M. Eddy in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of California.
List No 5582.001
Note Lithograph, 49 3/4"x 38 1/2" plus floral border. Scale18 miles to an inch. Inset : 19 3/8"x 15 1/2", scale about 2 1/4 miles to an inch. Full color. Once folded, now flattened and backed with rice paper. Folder, 6 1/4"x 4 1/4" (15 x 12 cm.), rebacked, leather covered, blind stamped, title in gilt on front cover; verso front cover leaf of text advertising Colton's maps. In ink on leaf : Genl [name not decipherable] from Wm M Ed[dy ]. This matches signature on Eddy's Surveryor General's Report for 1852. According to Wheat, Eddy died in March, 1854. Wheat states that map was not yet ready in March 1854 but does not give reason. However, Eddy as Surveyor General states in his report dated Dec. 15, 1853 that he has received a few copies of the map and more were soon expected. My copy is signed by Eddy on verso of cover. Original in Warren Heckrotte Collection, which is the source of description and notes.
Gifford, C. B. (Charles B.) …
San Francisco, 1862 from Rus…
Author [Gifford, C. B. (Charles B.), Nagel, L. (Louis)]
Full Title San Francisco, 1862. From Russian Hill. C.B. Gifford, del. et lith. Printed by L. Nagel, S.F. Published by A. Rosenfield, S.F. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1862 by A. Rosenfield ... Northern District of California. (label) Panoramic view of San Francisco.
List No 5147.001
Note A five sheet, nine foot, panoramic 360 degree view of early San Francisco from the top of Russian Hill. First edition. Reps calls this "Gifford's finest and most ambitious view" and Peters refers to it as "This important and rare panorama." It was issued in three forms: on thin paper mounted on cloth and folded into an album with covers, on heavy paper as five separate sheets, and on heavy paper backed with linen and attached to wooden rollers (wall map style). This copy is the first form, but without the album. There are 125 numbered references in the lower margin identifying buildings, etc. Printed by L. Nagel. There was a second edition in 1863. This copy originally had the five sheets joined and folded into covers, with the original blue title label on the verso of the first sheet.
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