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Bachmann, John
Florida And Part Of Georgia …
Author Bachmann, John
Full Title Panorama of the Seat of War. Birds Eye View Of Florida And Part Of Georgia And Alabama. John Bachmann, Publisher, 115 & 117 Nassau St., New York. Entered ... 1861 by John Bachmann ... New York. Drawn from Nature and Lith. by John Bachmann.
List No 2665.001
Note Shows entire Florida Peninsula. See Stephenson page 15 for a general discussion of Bachmann's civil war views. In addition to the six panoramas of the seat of war, Bachmann did a view of Richmond (Stephenson 621, illustrated p271), and of the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers (Stephenson 1.5) - which may be similar to the Kentucky - Tennessee Seat of War view, at least in terms of vantage point. Full color. Bound in black leather covers 38x30 with "Florida & Part Of Georgia & Alabama. G.G.W." stamped in gold.
Goodwin, F.A.
Map Of California And The Ad…
Pocket Map
Author Goodwin, F.A.
Full Title Map Of California And The Adjacent Country. Compiled by F. Goodwin From the best Authors and actual Observation. Entered ... 1855 by F. Goodwin ... New York. Lith. of Geo. E. Leefe, 223 Fulton St. N.Y. (with 8 page description) A Brief Description of California, From The Time of Its First Occupation by the United States and Subsequent Growth ... Accompanied by a Map of California and adjacent Country.
List No 3438.001
Note Wheat calls this "rare but otherwise unimportant," due to some misspellings and inaccuracies in the map. Streeter sale illustrates the map and the price realized was the same as the Eddy map of 1853. I find the Wheat inaccuracies minor, with most of them being misspellings. The overall map is impressive. It would be interesting to find the map or maps that were used as sources. Ouline color by state. Folded into dark brown cloth covers 16.5x11 with "Map Of California And Adjacent Country By F. Goodwin" stamped in gilt.
Darton, William
Cover: New map of America.
Author Darton, William
Full Title (Covers to) A New Map of America, Dissected for the Instruction of Youth in Geography. (with) North America, from the Latest Authorities. Engraved by Willm. Darton. No. 58, Holborn Hill. Published Jany. 26, 1814 by Willm. Darton, London.
List No 3407A
Colles, Christopher
From Philadelphia to Annapol…
Guide Book
Author Colles, Christopher
Full Title From Philadelphia to Annapolis Maryld. (55)
List No 2467.052
Note Without color.
Colton, J. H.
Letter to Mr. G.C. Barclay f…
Author Colton, J. H.
Full Title Letter to Mr. G.C. Barclay from J.H. Colton dated February 26th, 1864 from New York.
List No 0185A
Note Note concerning the use of his maps as advertisements. The letter is on company letterhead.
Ebert, Frederick J. ; Gilpin…
Map Of Colorado Territory, S…
Pocket Map
Author [Ebert, Frederick J., Gilpin, William, 1822-1894, Monk, Jacob]
Full Title Map Of Colorado Territory, Shewing The System Of Parks. Drawn by Frederick J. Ebert under direction of the Governor Wm. Gilpin. Published by Jacob Monk, Philadelphia, Pa. 1865. Thos. Sinclair's lith. Philada.
List No 3509.001
Note 2nd edition. Wheat: "the first 'indigenous' (Colorado) map of importance...a truly imposing map, a credit to all who had a hand in it..." Rare. The 1st edition was published in 1862 with a different title (Map of the Colorado Territory, Embracing the Central Gold Region...) and coloring (it does not emphasize the system of parks) but the same topography and political delineation. This 1865 edition colors the parks in deep blue (they look like water) and the continental divide in bright red and yellow. Ellis lists this map under Monk, has the copyright which was issued in 1862 (when he published the first edition). Streeter mentions that the 1862 edition was the first separate map of Colorado and that it also appeared on a smaller scale (18 miles/inch) as an inset in the huge Pratt and Buell "Map of the Gold Regions in...Colorado Territory" of 1862. Wheat mentions and Phillips lists an 1866 issue of the 1862 map, with J.H. Colton as the publisher. To further complicate matters, our copy of the 1865 edition has covers 16x12 with a printed blue label saying "Monk's Map of Colorado Territory" (barely legible) and a paste down advertisement for "J.H. Colton's Geographical Establishment" on the inside front cover. So Colton was distributing the 1865 edition and then took over publishing the map in 1866. Gilpin wrote "The Central Gold Region" in 1860 with six maps, republished in 1873 with additions and titled "Mission of the American People," which had a map showing the system of parks in manner similar to this map.
Dutton, Clarence E. (Clarenc…
Grand Canon, foot of the Tor…
Geologic Atlas
Author [Dutton, Clarence E. (Clarence Edward), 1841-1912, Holmes, William Henry, 1846-1933]
Full Title The Grand Canon at the foot of the Toroweap - Looking East. W(illiam) H. H(olmes). Atlas Sheet VI. Julius Bien & Co. lith. U.S. Geological Survey, Geology of the Grand Canon District.
List No 4713.005
Note In full color.
Berghaus, Heinrich
Vermischtes zur Geologie.
World Atlas
Author Berghaus, Heinrich
Full Title Vermischtes zur Geologie. 3te Abtheilung: Geologie, No. 15. Potsdam, gez. u. gest. in der geogr. Kunstschule. Gotha, bei J. Perthes, 1844.
List No 2515.042
Note Miscellaneous geological maps, charts, and information. Some color. Maps include the Quito Plateau, the Himalayas, and the crater on Java. The heights of the Himalayan mountains are shown.
Colton, J. H.
Nebraska And Kansas.
Pocket Map
Author Colton, J. H.
Full Title Nebraska And Kansas. Published By J.H. Colton & Co. No. 172 William St. New York. Entered ... 1854 by J.H. Colton ... New York. (inset) Map Of The Territory acquired from Mexico by the Gadsden Treaty, 1854. (untitled inset of U.S., Mexico, Central America). Printed by D. Mc Lellan, 26 Spruce St. N.Y.
List No 3873.001
Note First edition, first state. First map to show the new Kansas and Nebraska; also shows the important Gadsden Purchase of the same year. This state precedes all other copies we have seen - it is an early pull from the late 1854, early 1855 Colton Map of the United States of America... wall map plate (see our #2834, indicating it appeared in middle or late 1854 - see our 1855 wall map copy #2278 for the corrected topography), with the title different from the second 1854 state, in that the letters of Nebraska and Kansas have stars in them and are open as opposed to the black letters of the second state. Also, this first state has numerous areas that are "cleaned up" in the second state: the trail that crosses the two forks of the Colorado in southern Utah near the map edge has the word "Route" on it - this is removed in the second state; the vine border is reversed from the first to the second state; Louisiana is written straight across in the first - it curves down in the second; Bucksport and San Augustine are shown in Texas along the map southern edge in the second state and not in the first; Sacket's Well and Laguna in California in the inset map are given dots for their location in the second state but not in the first. There are other changes. Streeter shows a second edition in 1855, Heaston a third edition in 1856, but both copyrighted 1855. These have various route changes and place names added when compared to the 1854. A fourth edition appeared in 1857 (see Karrow 12-0361.2 and Graff 836) with the inset of the U.S. changed to Eastern Nebraska and Kansas. Map is full color by state, folded into red cloth covers 15x9 with "Nebraska And Kansas" stamped in gilt, advertisement for Colton on inside front cover.
Hammond, C.S.
Birds Eye View Map Of New Yo…
Pocket Map
Author Hammond, C.S.
Full Title Birds Eye View Map Of New York And Vicinity Copyright 1909 by C. S. Hammond & Co., N. Y. Drawn & Printed By C. S. Hammond & Co., N. Y.
List No 5434.001
Note Full color birds eye view from Yonkers to South Norwalk in the north and from Freeport to Ellis Island in the south. Brown paper covers printed in black entitled "Bird's Eye View Map Of East And North Rivers And Long Island Sound Price 10 Cents - New York C.S. Hammond & Co. Publishers."
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