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Tanner, Henry S.; Armroyd, G…
Title Page: Connected view o…
Geography Book
Author Tanner, Henry S.
Full Title (Title Page to) A Connected View of The Whole Internal Navigation of the United States; ... Corrected and Improved From the Edition of 1826, And Much Enlarged, ... With A Sheet Map, ... The Map Has Been Engraved For the Purpose ... On A Reduced Scale, From Tanner's Excellent Four Sheet Map of the United States, Recently Published. ... By a Citizen of the United States. Philadelphia: Published by the Author ... Printed by Lydia R. Bailey. 1830. (on verso) ...on the seventeenth day of April ... 1830, George Armroyd ... hath deposited ... a Book ... Pennsylvania.
List No 3067A
United States. Congress; Cal…
Map Of The San Joaquin, Sacr…
Separate Map
Author United States. Congress
Full Title Map Of The San Joaquin, Sacramento And Tulare Valleys, State Of California, prepared under the direction of the Board Of Commissioners On Irrigation appointed under the Act of Congress approved March 3rd 1873, showing the country that may be irrigated and a Provisional System Of Irrigation Compiled from the Maps of the Geological Survey Of California and from Special Surveys and Examinations. 1873. Published by authority of the Hon. Secretary of War in the Office of the Chief of Engineers U.S. Army.
List No 4916.000
Note This is another copy of the map that appears in the 1874 "Irrigation of the San Joaquin, Tulare, and Sacramento Valleys, in the State of California." (43rd Cong., 1st Sess., House Doc. No. 290). See our #1061. Printed in full color.
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