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Goos, Pieter
Paskaerte van Nova Granada, en t'Eylandt California.
[Chart Map, Separate Map]
Author Goos, Pieter
Full Title Paskaerte van Nova Granada, en t'Eylandt California. t'Amersterdam by Pieter Goos op't Waater inde Vergulde Zeepiegel, Ao 1666.
List No 6715.000
Note First issue of this important map showing California as an island. R.V. Tooley referred to the map as "Perhaps the most attractive and certainly the most definite representation of California as an island. California is the centre and 'raison de'etre' of the map." One of a few maps to focus exclusively on California as an island, first published in Goos' De Zee Atlas ofte Water-Weereld. "With the similar Joannes van Loon chart of the same year, this is one of the most desirable of all California as an island maps. They are the first folio maps devoted to this curious cartographic phenomenon..." (Burden). Reissued in 1668, 1669, 1670, 1675, 1676.
Chevalier, August
The "Chevalier" ... Map of San Francisco.
Wall Map
Author Chevalier, August
Full Title The "Chevalier" Commercial, Pictorial and Tourist Map of San Francisco From Latest U.S. Gov. and Official Surveys. Designed-Engraved And Copyrighted By Aug. Chevalier, Lithographer Publisher, San Francisco ... copyrighted 1911 ...
List No 0140.000
Note 1st edition was 1903. A very beautiful map of San Francisco showing contour lines; all important buildings and public improvements are drawn in vignettes on the map. At the bottom of the map is the publisher's statement: "This Map is an Improved and Enlarged Edition of The Commercial Pictorial and Tourist Map of San Francisco Copyrighted Dec. 1903 by August Chevalier. Similar Maps For Other Cities in the U.S. Are Being Made." "The Exposition City 1915"
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772
Le Port au Prince dans I'isle de St Domingue.
Chart Atlas
Author Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772
Full Title Le Port au Prince dans I'isle de St Domingue.
List No 6903.077
Note Decorative title cartouche. Relief shown pictorially and by hachures. Depth shown by soundings. Shows settlements.
Instituto Geographico di Agostini
Italia Fisica.
World Atlas
Author Instituto Geographico di Agostini
Full Title Italia Fisica. (insets) Geologia and Densita di Popolazione.
List No 2170.027
Note Relief shown as combined hachures, shaded relief, and hypsometric tints; bathymetry also tinted.
Scott, Bradford
North America.
Manuscript Map
Author Scott, Bradford
Full Title North America. Bradford Scott.
List No 3542.001
Note In outline color.
Smith, C.
Comparative View of the Lengths of the Principal Rivers in the Wo…
[Separate Map, View]
Author Smith, C.
Full Title Comparative View of the Lengths of the Principal Rivers in the World. London, Published by C. Smith Mapseller No. 172 Strand, Oct. 1st.1817. The Hills &c. by Palmer_The Writing by Gardner.
List No 6932.000
Note The rivers have been necessarily straightened to indicate the lengths of the rivers. The compass orientation of the flowing stream is indicated by small north-pointing arrows periodically drawn adjacent to the stream. Includes table of the Length of Rivers in British Miles. A textual description of the rivers accompanies the illustration; it describes the course of the Missouri River, "recently explored by the Americans" (Lewis and Clark), as being "extremely devious". Beautiful color.
Colton, G.W.
Frontispiece: Colton's General Atlas.
World Atlas
Author Colton, G.W.
Full Title (Frontispiece to) Colton's General Atlas, Containing One Hundred And Eighty Steel Plate Maps And Plans, On One Hundred And Eight Imperial Folio Sheets, Drawn By G. Woolworth Colton. Letter-Press Descriptions, Geographical, Statistical, And Historical, By Richard Swainson Fisher. New York: J.H. Colton, No. 172 William Street. London: Bacon & Co., 48 Paternoster Row. 1865. Entered ... 1863, by J.H. Colton ... New York.
List No 0151.003
Note Vignette showing four women studying the globe surrounded by symbols of learning, time, arts, civilization, and navigation.
Abel, Henry J. ; Young, James H.
Map of the Settled Part of Wisconsin Territory.
Guide Book
Author [Abel, Henry J., Young, James H.]
Full Title Map of the Settled Part of Wisconsin Territory compiled from the Latest Authorities by Aug. Mitchell. Philadelphia. Improved and Published by Henry J. Abel, of Wis. Ter. Compiled and Engraved by J.H. Young, Philada. 1838. (with) The Entire Territory of Wisconsin. As Established by Act of Congress. April 10, 1836.
List No 4046.001
Note Maps in full color by county.
Shell Oil Company
Shell Highway Map of Western United States.
National Atlas
Author Shell Oil Company
Full Title Shell Map of Western and Central United States (cover title). Shell Highway Map of Western United States. 11-Y-1951-1.
List No 5840.005
Note Includes information on travel in Canada and Mexico.
Cruz Cano y Olmedilla, Juan de la; Ricarte, Hippolytus
Composite: (Sheets 1-8) Mapa Geografico De America Meridional.
Regional Atlas
Author [Cruz Cano y Olmedilla, Juan de la, Ricarte, Hippolytus]
Full Title (Composite of) (Sheets 1-8) (Mapa Geografico De America Meridional).
List No 6931.010
Note Second edition - the first was proof. Lavishly and beautifully embellished map emphasizing Spanish colonial power in South America. Went through many editions with various political implications over a period of decades. Sheets 1 through 7 in this copy are all second edition (sheet 8 is first edition as in all copies printed). Like the JCB copies, sheets 2 and 5 have the ocean names added in manuscript. All paper in this copy is Dutch, sheet 5 is D & C Blau, all other sheets are Pieter Van der Ley (Smith found only one sheet in all copies he examined that had a Dutch water mark) .The only other copy of this second edition is in the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid. Outline color. Prime meridian of Tenerife is used, but others are also scaled in: of Madrid; Paris; London and Isla de Hierro (Portuguese). Two large inset maps: Puerto de Callao (Lima) and Sitio de Angostura (site of Angostura). Juan de la Cruz spent ten years collecting measurements made by explorers and colonists and incorporated in the map valuable geographical and historical news, with some references to the sources used. This is probably the most important map of South America made in the 18th century. When the eight sheets are joined together they make a huge and impressive wall map. <a href= target=_blank>Read Thomas Smith's article on Cruz Cano</a>. <a href= target=_blank>Read Lina del Castillo's article on the map's elaborate embellishments</a>.
Wheeler, G.M.
XXII. Crotalus pyrrhus.
Exploration Book
Full Title Fig. 1 and 1a. Crotalus pyrrhus. Cope. T. Sinclair & Son lith., Phila. (1875)
List No 2220.186
Note Color lithographed drawing of snake.
Andrews, A.H. & Co.
Andrews Eight Inch Terrestrial Globe.
Author Andrews, A.H. & Co.
Full Title Andrews Eight Inch Terrestrial Globe with the latest discoveries and Oceanic currents. A.H. Andrews & Co. Chicago, Ill.
List No 5517.000
Note This eight inch globe is shown in full color with the continental United States shown separately and Alaska named as such. With a three -footed base and a horizon ring that includes the Zodiac signs and a calendar. Total height of base and globe is 15 inches. Date is estimated from Warner.
Bishop, F. M.; De Motte, B. C.; Geological and Geographical Surve…
Green River from the Union Pacific Rail Road to White River (geol…
Geologic Atlas
Author [Bishop, F. M., De Motte, B. C., Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories (U.S.), Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902, Thompson, A. H. (Almon Harris), 1839-1906]
Full Title Green River from the Union Pacific Rail Road to the mouth of White River, 1873 (geology). Department of the Interior. U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories. Second Division. J.W. Powell, geologist in charge, A.H. Thompson, geographer, B.C. De Motte & F.M. Bishop, topographers. W.H. Graves del. Outlines engraved by S.J. Kubel. U.S. G. and G. Survey, 2d. Div. ... Geology of the Unita Mountains. (Julius Bien Lith.)
List No 2078.002
Note Colored lithographed map. Relief shown by contours, spot heights and hachures. Shows distribution of 20 sedimentary groups and one eruptive rock Trachyte.
Schonberg & Co.
Principal Mountains and Rivers of the World.
World Atlas
Author Schonberg & Co.
Full Title The Principal Mountains and Rivers of the World compiled from the Latest Authorities. New York. Schonberg & Co. 1864.
List No 4324.004
Note Shows lengths of major rivers and heights of mountains; differentiated by hemisphere.
Eddy, John H.
Map Of The Country Thirty Miles Round the City of New York.
Case Map
Author Eddy, John H.
Full Title Map Of The Country Thirty Miles Round the City of New York. Designed & Drawn by I.H. Eddy of N. York, 1812. To Dewitt Clinton Esqr. Mayor of the City of New York This Map is inscribed by his respectful friend The Author. Published by Prior & Dunning, Map & Chart sellers No. 111 Water Street. Copy Right secured according to Law. Engrd. by P. Maverick, Newark, N. Jersey.
List No 3472.000
Note 1st edition. Other editions of 1828, 36, 39, 42. Reengraved by Colton in 1846 (see our 1853 edition). Rare. Stokes: "This is one of the most complete, accurate, and beautiful early engraved maps showing New York and its environs." It was engraved by Peter Maverick. Stokes states that J. M. Atwood reengraved this map in 1846 for Colton (although the reengraving changed the map substantially). The 1828 reissue was in guide book form by Hooker and Blunt, Disturnell issued the 1836 and 39 editions (see our 1839 issue), and Goodrich issued the 1842 edition. Stokes dates the map at 1811 because of a reference to its publication in the October, 1811 issue of The American Medical and Philosophical Register. Eddy's name is written "I.H. Eddy" on the map, the "I" probably mistaken by the engraver for the "J." Map has outline color; dissected into 15 sections and mounted on linen. Folds with a gray marbled end sheet into a new gray cloth folding case 21x13 with "Thirty Miles Round New York J. Eddy 1811" stamped in gilt on the spine.
Wheeler, G.M.
Composite: Topographical Atlas Sheets
National Atlas
Author Wheeler, G.M.
Full Title (Composite map of) All Wheeler Topographical Atlas Sheets
List No 2738.114
Note Composite map of all the Wheeler topographical sheets with the exception of two which are land classification sheets because the topographical sheets for those areas are not in the Rumsey Collection. The map images are projected in GIS on a conic projection with the central meridian at 111 degrees west - matching the original projection of the Wheeler Survey. The index sheet composite shows all the sheet names and dates.
Martin, R.M. ; Tallis, J. & F.
A Comparative View Of The Principal Waterfalls, Islands, Lakes, R…
World Atlas
Author [Martin, R.M., Tallis, J. & F.]
Full Title A Comparative View Of The Principal Waterfalls, Islands, Lakes, Rivers and Mountains, In The Western Hemisphere. Designed & Engraved by John Rapkin. John Tallis & Company, London & New York.
List No 0466.002
Note Without color in 4 sections with a decorative border.
Popple, Henry
Composite: British Empire in America.
National Atlas
Author Popple, Henry
Full Title (Composite Map of) A Map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto. by Henry Popple. C. Lempriere inv. & del. B Baron Sculp. To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty This Map is most humbly Inscribed by Your Majesty's most Dutiful, most Obedient, and most Humble Servant Henry Popple. London Engrav'd by Willm. Henry Toms & R.W. Seale, 1733.
List No 2874.002
Note A composite of all twenty sheets of the Popple Atlas. Sheets without color.
Brockhaus, F.A.; Leeder, Ehrenfried; Leutemann, Heinrich
World Atlas
Author [Brockhaus, F.A., Leeder, Ehrenfried, Leutemann, Heinrich]
Full Title Russland.
List No 6819.062
Note Lavishly illustrated around margins of map with high quality vignettes of animals, structures and people. Relief shown in hachures.
Townsend, Dennis
Townsend's Patent Folding Globe.
Author Townsend, Dennis
Full Title Townsend's Patent Folding Globe. Patented by Dennis Townsend Feb. 16, 1869. (expanded globe).
List No 3891.002
Note Globe shown after expansion - 6 inches in diameter. Globe in full color with numbered counties and features. Globe has rings on both ends which allow it to be easily expanded and to be hung. Instructions are also given for mounting the globe on a stand.
Lucas, Fielding Jr.
Title Page: General atlas.
World Atlas
Author Lucas, Fielding Jr.
Full Title (Title Page to) A General Atlas Containing Distinct Maps Of all the Known Countries in the World, Constructed from the Latest Authority. Written and Engraved by Jos. Perkins, Philadelphia. Baltimore: Published by Fielding Lucas, Jun. No. 138, Market Street. Baltimore. Entered ... by F. Lucas Jr. of the State of Maryland June 3, 1823.
List No 4584B
Note The first edition, first state (see our first edition, second state for comparison, #444) of Lucas' best general atlas and the finest general atlas produced in the U.S. at the time (In asserting this we omit the Tanner and Finley American Atlases of 1823 and 1826 respectively because they were not general atlases - cartographically they may have been superior to the Lucas, but not as broad in coverage). The quality of the engraving (most of the U.S. maps were engraved by B.T. Welch, others by Young & Delker, J.V.N. Throop, Cone & Freeman, and Kneass) is superb, the detail is very fine, and the coloring is delicate and elegant. While the same Lucas drawn base maps were used iin this atlas and the 1822 American Atlas by Carey and Lea (and thereby created strained relations between him and Carey and Lea), the maps in this Lucas Atlas are far superior in quality - Welch reengraved many of the maps for Lucas that Young & Delker had engraved for Carey and Lea. It is interesting to note that the Carey and Lea maps are usually earlier states of the Lucas maps. The Atlantic Islands and the West Indies Island Maps are mostly copied from Thomson's General Atlas of 1817 (see our copy, #1007) as is the Mountains and Rivers plate (reduced). Many maps are derived from the earlier Lucas Atlas of 1815-17 which copied the Oddy Atlas maps for the non U.S. state maps. Some copies have solid color. Maps of Mexico, Canada, and N. America (updated by Lucas in the Arctic), are copied from Arrowsmith's "General Atlas" of 1823 (first ed. was 1817). The classical maps derive from Melish's "Atlas of Ancient Geography" of 1815. Half leather with marbled paper covered boards, thick outline color, title on spine - "Lucas Cabinet Atlas."
Holdredge, Sterling M.
Illus. Title Page: State, territorial and ocean guide book of the…
Guide Book
Author Holdredge, Sterling M.
Full Title (Illustrated Title Page to) State, Territorial and Ocean Guide Book of the Pacific: Containing The Time and Distance Tables ... on or Connecting with the Pacific Coast and the Interior ... To Which Are Added Nine Large and Reliable Maps Showing Principal Towns, Routes of Communication, etc. San Francisco: Published Semi-Annually by Sterling M. Holdredge. ... 1866.
List No 2544A
Note Cowen p289. 2nd edition, 1st was 1865. Only two editions are known, 1865 and 1866 (Wheat). Wheat praised these maps and illustrated all nine. With a beautiful chromo litho title page illustrated with a globe showing the western hemisphere. Transportation scenes surround globe, including ships, a riverboat, train, and stagecoach. The nine maps are all double page and full of interesting information. They were lithographed by Grafton T. Brown, the first black lithographer in San Francisco. Rare. Book bound with cloth covers and "Guide Book of the Pacific" on the spine.
Mitchell, Samuel Augustus
A New Map of Texas Oregon and California With The Regions Adjoini…
Pocket Map
Author Mitchell, Samuel Augustus
Full Title A New Map of Texas Oregon and California With The Regions Adjoining. Compiled from the most recent authorities. Philadelphia Published by S. Augustus Mitchell N.E. Corner Of Market & Seventh Streets. 1846. Entered ... 1845 by H.N. Burroughs ... Pennsylvania.
List No 0534.001
Note With 46 page "Accompaniment to Mitchell's New Map Of Texas, Oregon, and California With The Regions Adjoining;" the full color map is folded into stamped black leather covers 13.5x8 with "Texas, Oregon And California" in gilt. This was one of Mitchell's most popular and important pocket maps. Later editions were published in 1849, 1851, and 1852, as pocket maps and as insets to the large Reference and Distance Map of the United States. It was also issued separately as a wall map. This issue has Texas colored green; some copies have Texas colored brown (has the green changed over time?). The text has a catalogue for Mitchell's publications. Mitchell first issued this map as an inset to his Reference and Distance Map of the United States in the 1846 edition (see our copy).
Smith, Asa
Celestial Atlas
Full Title (Eclipses. By Asa Smith. New York: Cady & Burgess, 60 John Street. 1850)
List No 0903.016
Note Nine (fig. 1-9) black and white illustrations. Title from table of contents.
United States Coast Survey
Map of New-York Bay And Harbor And The Environs.
Chart Map
Author United States Coast Survey
Full Title Map of New-York Bay And Harbor And The Environs. Founded upon a Trigonometrical Survey under the direction of F.R. Hassler Superintendent of the Survey Of The Coast Of The United States. Triangulation by James Ferguson and Edmund Blunt Assistants. The Hydrology ... Thomas R. Gedney ... Topography by C. Renard and T.A. Jenkins ... Published in 1844. Presented to The University of Vermont ... A.D. Bache Superintendent, Coast Survey.
List No 2491.000
Note 6 sheets; first engraved chart issued by the U.S. Coast Survey. Without color. Hassler's "Magnum Opus" was not completed until a year after his death. This huge chart is the first major production of the survey, begun by Hassler in response to critic's charges that he was not producing usable charts for navigators, and finished by Bache. A smaller single sheet version was issued in 1845.
Fremin, A.R. ; Gaultier, J.; Logerot
Cover: Atlas geographique.
Author [Fremin, A.R., Gaultier, J., Logerot]
Full Title (Covers to) Atlas Geographique.
List No 4782A
Note Colorful cover showing animals, transportation, and people from each continent.
Jackson, William A.
Mining District of California.
Pocket Map
Author Jackson, William A.
Full Title Map Of The Mining District of California by Wm. A. Jackson. Published by Lambert & Lane, 69 Wall St. New York. Entered ... 1851 by Lambert & Lane ... New York. (with 16 page appendix) Appendix To Jackson's Map Of The Mining Districts Of California. ... Second Edition, Revised And Enlarged. New-York: Lambert & Lane, 69 Wall-Street. 1851.
List No 2545.001
Note This is one of the most attractive of the California Gold Rush period maps. Here it is published in pocket map form, with the 16 page "Appendix to Jackson's Map..." which describes the important mining centers. More ornate and detailed than Jackson's map of 1850, this is the only map to label Santa Cruz county "Branciforte." Shows for the first time, some of the mining activity in the south, which Jackson was involved with as an engineer. Map is full color by county, folded into dark green cloth covers 15x10 with "Jackson's Map Of The Mining Districts Of California" stamped in gilt.
Johnson, A.J.
Diagram Exhibiting the difference of time between the places show…
World Atlas
Author Johnson, A.J.
Full Title A Diagram Exhibiting the difference of time between the places shown & Washington. Ex. the figures on the Dials denote the Air-line distances from Washington. By Johnson & Browning. No. 84.
List No 2905.056
Note Dials in color and in five rings around the center dial showing Washington at 12:00.
Mitchell, Samuel Augustus; Young, James H.
Map of the United States.
Case Map
Author [Mitchell, Samuel Augustus, Young, James H.]
Full Title Map Of The United States By J.H. Young. Published by S. Augustus Mitchell. Entered ... Pennsylvania, October 10th, 1831 by S. Augustus Mitchell. Engraved by J.H. Young, D. Haines & F. Dankworth. (inset) A Map Of North America Including All The Recent Geographical Discoveries. (with 10 additional inset maps).
List No 2723.001
Note 1st edition, 1st wall map issued by Mitchell. This edition does not have the counties delineated and numbered. Ristow mistakenly says all editions have the townships (he means counties) numbered, but this one, the first, does not, thereby eliminating the index of counties and thus showing more of the western territory. This map predates the Traveler's Guide by 1 year, and thus is Mitchell's first "original" production, as opposed to the Finley material he reissued as the American Atlas and Pocket Maps. The case for the map has a leather label saying "Traveler's Map of the United States." Copyright date is October 10, 1831. There is no other date on the map. Ristow thinks the map was issued in early 1832, but it is not in Phillips until 1834 edition (which probably has the counties indicated by number and the 1831 copyright), so Ristow may not have seen this edition, but rather the 1834. The map is hand painted in bright full color by state (insets by county), dissected in 24 sections with green paper end sheets, mounted on linen and edged in pink silk. The covers 24x20 are half red leather marbled paper covered boards with ties and a leather label embossed with "Traveller's Map Of The United States" in gilt.
Van Hise, C.; Bayley, W.S.; Smyth, H. L.
Detailed Geology Sheet XXVIII.
Geologic Atlas
Author [Bayley, W.S., Smyth, H. L., Van Hise, C.]
Full Title Detailed Geology Sheet XXVIII. (T 47 N, R 27 W, NE Quarter). Julius Bien & Co. Lith. N.Y.
List No 1111.025
Note Relief shown by 20-foot contours. Colored geologic map shows railroads, roads, trails, settlements, swamps, streams, lakes, rock types, and outcrops. Geologic cross sections included.
Colton, J. H.; Creuzbaur, Robert ; De Cordova, Jacob
J. De Cordova's Map Of The State Of Texas.
Pocket Map
Author [Colton, J. H., Creuzbaur, Robert, De Cordova, Jacob]
Full Title J. De Cordova's Map Of The State Of Texas Compiled from the records of the General Land Office of the State by Robert Creuzbaur, Revised and Corrected by Charles W. Pressler. Published by J.H. Colton & Co. No. 172 William St. New York 1856. Engraved by J.M. Atwood, New York. Entered ... 1856 by J. De Cordova ... Texas. (with untitled inset of southwestern U.S.).
List No 3366.001
Note First edition of Pressler's revision of De Cordova's map, and first edition published by Colton. Shows Texas east of the 102nd meridian. First issued by De Cordova in 1849, with editions of 1850, 51, 53, 56, 57, 58, and 61 (Ristow and Rosenberg), and a late unlisted edition in 1867 (see our #4801). De Cordova employed Pressler to revise the map in 1855 and then sold the rights to Colton in the same year. The 1849 edition has only two copies located. Eberstadt called the 1849 issue "possibly the finest (Texas map) of the period." Colton changed the inset map from the oval showing all of Texas to the southwestern portion of Colton's U.S. atlas map. J.M. Atwood was the engraver of all editions. With a list of the Land districts, this map was useful for both land promoters and settlers. Colton published a reduced version of the map in his 1856 Atlas of the World. The full color map is folded into stamped dark maroon leather covers 16x10.5 with "J. De Cordova's Texas J.H. Colton & Co. New York." in gilt.
Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859
Pic d' Orizaba.
National Atlas
Author Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859
Full Title Pic d' Orizaba vu depuis la Foret de Xalapa. de l'Imprimerie de Langlois. 17. Fr. Gmelin perf. Romae 1805. A. de Humboldt ad nat. del. 1804. Fr. Arnold sc. Berol. 1807.
List No 0328.017
Note View of Orizaba.
Spangenberg, Charles
Map Of The Siege Of Vicksburg, Miss.
Separate Map
Author Spangenberg, Charles
Full Title Map Of The Siege Of Vicksburg, Miss. By the U.S. Forces Under The Command Of Maj. Genl. U.S. Grant, U.S. Vls. ... Surveyed and constructed under the direction of Capt. C.B. Comstock ... by Major Otto H. Matz ... Chs. Spangenberg ... Drawn by Chs. Spangenberg ... Engr. on stone by J. Schedler No. 120 Pearl St. N.Y. Head Qrs. Of The Dept. Of The Tenn. Vicksburg Miss. Aug. 20th 1863. C.B. Comstock ...
List No 3858.000
Note Signed in facsimile by C.B. Comstock and dated Aug. 20, 1863, Vicksburg, Miss. Beautiful, highly detailed black and white map showing the topography around Vicksburg, with five profiles, six cross sections of batteries and one cross section of a "rebel rifle pit." Illustrated in Stephenson, this is one of the most striking of the Union War maps. Plate 36:2 in "Atlas to Accompany..."
Northern Pacific Railway Company
Yellowstone National Park.
Timetable Map
Author Northern Pacific Railway Company
Full Title Yellowstone National Park. Northern Pacific Railway. Poole Bros., Chicago. Copyrighted, 1898, by Poole Bros., Chicago.
List No 4118.001
Note Relief shown by shading and spot heights. Shows completed and proposed railroads. David Rumsey Collection copy: A traveler has marked his route around the park in red ink.
Jefferys, Thomas
Thomas Jefferys Engraver... (trade card advertisement).
Author Jefferys, Thomas
Full Title Thomas Jefferys Engraver Geographer to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, at y Corner of St. Martins Lane near Charing Cross Sells great Variety of Prints English and Foreign by the most Celebrated Masters And all Sorts of Maps and Globes. Ant: Walker. Inv: del: et Sculpt. (trade card advertisement).
List No 4239A
Note A rare advertisement for Jefferys' publications and products. The date is estimated. It is interesting that this does not emphasize the maps as much as the prints, reflecting the fact that he had a large business at this time as a general engraver. Apparently, he published this trade card to "mark his arrival in the Strand" (Harley, Imago Mundi XX), and to announce the opening of his new premises there. Card uncolored.
Hall, E.S.; Lloyd, H.H. ; Waters & Son
Military Portraits.
Author [Hall, E.S., Lloyd, H.H., Waters & Son]
Full Title Military Portraits. Glossary Of War Terms, Maps, Arms, Etc. (Map of) Maryland, Virginia, Chesapeake Bay, Etc., Etc. Published by H.H. Lloyd & Co., 25 Howard Street, New York. Agents wanted to sell this and many other Charts for the times. Entered ... 1861, by H.H. Lloyd & Co.
List No 5395.000
Note A very decorative Civil War chart showing military uniforms and dress, 10 portraits of prominent Union Officers, and a map delineating battles around Washington.
Blaskowitz, Charles; Faden, William, 1750?-1836
Topographical Chart of the Bay of Narraganset.
[Case Map, Chart Map]
Author [Blaskowitz, Charles, Faden, William, 1750?-1836]
Full Title A Topographical Chart of the Bay of Narraganset in the Province of New England, with all the Isles contained therein, among which Rhode Island and Connonicut have been particularly Surveyed, Shewing the true position & bearings of the Banks, Shoals, Rocks &c. as likewise the Soundings: To which have been added the several Works & Batteries raised by the Americans. Taken by Order of the Principal Farmers on Rhode Island, By Charles Blaskowitz. Engraved & Printed for Wm. Faden, Charing Cross, as the Act directs, July 22d 1777. To the Right Honourable Hugh Earl Percy, Baron Percy, Lucy, Poinings, Fitz-Paine, Bryan & Latimer, Lieutenant General of His Majesty's Forces in Great Britain and America. This Plan is ... most humbly Inscribed, by ... Wm. Faden. (in manuscript) Hinck S.
List No 3951.001
Note The most important map of the area around Providence and Newport issued during the Revolution. With hand painted color. A separately issued copy dissected into 16 sections and mounted on linen. Folds into a marbled slip case 24x17 with a paper label with "Rhode Island" printed in manuscript.
Brockhaus, F.A.; Leeder, Ehrenfried; Leutemann, Heinrich
World Atlas
Author [Brockhaus, F.A., Leeder, Ehrenfried, Leutemann, Heinrich]
Full Title Afrika.
List No 6819.052
Note Lavishly illustrated around margins of map with high quality vignettes of animals, structures and people. Relief shown in hachures.
Loring, Josiah
Loring's Terrestrial Globe.
Author Loring, Josiah
Full Title Loring's Terrestrial Globe containing all the Late Discoveries and Geographical Improvements, also the Tracks of the most celebrated Circumnavigators. Compiled from Smith's new English Globe, with additions and improvements by Annin & Smith. Boston: Josiah Loring, 136 Washington St. 1833.
List No 2899.000
Note 1st terrestrial globe by Loring. Loring's first globe was the 12" celestial of 1832. Loring's address is 136 Washington Street, Boston. Accompanied by the 12" celestial globe of 1833. Both the terrestrial and celestial were copied (with credit given) from C. Smith's English globes. Annin & Smith of Boston did the engraving. Loring was succeeded in business by Gilman Joslin who continued to produce globes under Loring's name until the 1850's (Warner). These two globes were commended by the Judges at the 1833 fair of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association (Warner). Four legged table model with horizon ring. Total height from bottom of base to top of the meridian is 17.5 inches.
Mitchell, John ; Raynal, G.T.; Zatta, Antonio
Composite: Colonie Unite dell' America Settentrle.
Geography Book
Author [Mitchell, John, Raynal, G.T., Zatta, Antonio]
Full Title (Composite Map of) Le Colonie Unite dell' America Settentrle. di Nuova Projezione Ass. Ee. Li Signori Riformatori dello Studio di Padova. Venezia 1778, Presso Antonio Zatta, con Privilegio dell' Eccellentissimo Senato. (Fogl. I-XI and title page.)
List No 5007.016
Note Composite of maps Fogl. I-XI and the title page which includes the map of Bermuda.
Cassini, Giovanni Maria
Globo terrestre 1.
Globe gores
Author Cassini, Giovanni Maria
Full Title Globo terrestre delineato sulle ultime osservazioni con i viaggi e nuove scoperte del Cap. Cook, inglese. In Roma, Presso la Calcograf(i)a Cam(era)le, 1790. Gia. Ma. Cassini, C.R.S. inc. (1792)
List No 5749.001
Note Relief shown pictorially. First of 4 sheets of gores to make up a globe. Contains title and shows the Americas. The contemporary discoveries in the Pacific Ocean are shown in great detail with the courses of Cook's three voyages delineated. Cf: Library of Congress Geography and Map Division copy (G3201_B71_1790) on 5 sheets. Appeared in the author's Nuovo atlante geografico universale delineate suelle ultime osservazioni, Roma : Presso la Calcografia Camerale, 1792-1801.
Cook, James, 1728-1779; Webber, John, 1751-1793
Sandwich I. man masked.
Exploration Book
Author [Cook, James, 1728-1779, Webber, John, 1751-1793]
Full Title A man of the Sandwich Islands, in a mask. J. Webber del. T. Cook sculpt. (London, G. Nicol and T. Cadell, 1785)
List No 3405.076
Note Engraved illustration.
Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning
World At One View.
Author Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning
Full Title World At One View. Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning, Publishers, 156 William St., New York. Entered...1854, By Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning...New York.
List No 5087.000
Note This pictorial map gets larger with each issue: this 1854 edition is almost twice the size of the of the (1852) edition. More illustrations are added, including a large "Universal Dial Plate Or Times Of All Nations." A classic mid century graphic.
Lucas, Fielding Jr.
A Chart of the Chesapeake And Delaware Bays.
Chart Map
Author Lucas, Fielding Jr.
Full Title A Chart of the Chesapeake And Delaware Bays Compiled And Published By Fielding Lucas Junr. Baltimore Corrected_1840. Engraved by John and William Warr Philadelphia. Entered ... 1832 by Fielding Lucas Jr. ... Maryland.
List No 5436.000
Note Full color map mounted on linen with four views of the coast. Tide tables for both bays, soundings and red dots for lighthouses are noted. See our 6858.000 for the 1862 edition.
Tanner, Henry S.
Title Page: New American atlas.
World Atlas
Author Tanner, Henry S.
Full Title (Title Page to) A New American Atlas Containing Maps Of The Several States of the North American Union, Projected and drawn on a Uniform Scale from Documents found in the public Offices of the United States and State Governments, and other Original and Authentic Information, By Henry S. Tanner ... Philadelphia: Published By H.S. Tanner. 1825. (title page only) Writing Drawn and Engraved by Joseph Perkins. Barralet del. Humphrys sc.
List No 2755C
Note 2nd edition, maps and title page dated 1825, except S.A. 1823. Like P3669, except S.A. dated 1823 and N.A. dated 1825. Fine copy with extra large sheets bound in full tree calf edged in gilt - the most beautiful and elegant binding we have seen of an American Atlas, stamped "Davis, Binder - Philada." The spine is titled "American Atlas" on a red leather label in gilt. Memoir dated 1825, with slight changes from the 1823 memoir. The index sheet is numbered 1-22 in two columns, vs in one column in the 1823 edition and in two columns numbered 1-17 in the 1833 editions. The maps of the World and America have Arctic discoveries not shown in earlier editions, as does the N.A. map which also shows the Russian Alaska boundary of 1824. The state maps have various updates from the earlier issues (mostly adding counties) although three (Maine etc., Penn., N. & S. Carolina) have 1825 dates with no obvious changes from the earlier issues. See our table comparing all five editions map by map. According to Wolter (Mountains & Rivers article) the 1825 S.A. map has a more elaborate mountains and rivers diagram than any earlier issues. This issue of the atlas can be truly called an edition - all the maps have 1825 dates and the geography is current; the 1823 parts issue is also an edition. Later editions were compilations - some maps were updated, others were not or were taken from out of date issues. Full color.
Cook, James
A Map of the Province of South Carolina.
Separate Map
Author Cook, James
Full Title A Map of the Province of South Carolina with all the Rivers, Creeks, Bays, Inletts, Islands, Inland Navigation, Soundings, Time of High Water on the Sea Coast, Roads, Marshes, Ferrys, Bridges, Swamps, Parishes Churches, Towns, Townships; Country Parish District and Provincial Lines. Humbly inscribed to the Hon.ble Lawlins Lownds Esqr. Speaker & the rest of the Members of the Hon.ble the Commons House of Assembly of the Province by their most Obedt. & faithfull Servt Jams Cook. Thos. Bowen, sculpt. 1773. (with 6 inset maps).
List No 5174.000
Note The maker of this map, James Cook, surveyor of South Carolina and former marine surveyor, is not to be confused with the Pacific explorer, Captain James Cook. In 1770, James Cook was commissioned by the South Carolina provincial government to make a new survey of the entire province and publish a map, which he completed in 1773. Cummings refers to the map as "the most detailed and accurate printed map of South Carolina, especially for the interior, yet to appear" and further states that "very few copies of this fine map are extant." It provided much of the detail for the later maps by Henry Mouzon and John Stuart. Sellers and Van Ee call it "one of the most important maps in the cartography of the state until the early nineteenth century." It is excessively rare, with only five copies identified in United States institutions, and one in the British Museum. There are two states of this first and only issue, distinguished by the presence in the second state of an additional imprint "Publish'd according to Act of Parliament July 7th. 1773 and Sold by H. Parker in Cornhill" under the neat line. This copy is the first state, with two of the other six copies being first state as well. There are six inset maps: Beaufort, Camden, Georgetown, Port Royal, Charles Town, and Harbour of Charles Town. The main map is very detailed, showing land owners in profusion. Along the coast are many navigation notes, indicative of Cook's maritime background. This appears to have been Cook's only major map production; his other work is limited to three harbor charts published in 1766 (illustrated by Black): A Draught of Port Royal Harbour (similar to the Port Royal inset map on the South Carolina 1773), A Draught of the Harbour of Halifax, and A Draught of West Florida.
Ridgway, Robert; Wheeler, G.M.
XIII. Perisoreus canadensis.
Exploration Book
Author Ridgway, Robert
Full Title Perisoreus canadensis var. capitalis ad. R. Ridgway del. T. Sinclair & Son lith., Phila. (1875)
List No 2220.177
Note Color lithographed drawing of bird.
Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles, 1688-1766
Title Page: Atlas universel.
World Atlas
Author Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles, 1688-1766
Full Title (Title Page to) Atlas Universel, Par M. Robert Geographe ordinaire du Roy, et Par M. Robert De Vaugondy son fils Geographe ord. du Roy, et de S. M. Polonoise, Duc de Lorraine et de Bar, et Associe de L'Academie Royale des Sciences et belles Lettres de Nancy, Avec Privilege Du Roy, 1757. A Paris, Chez Les Auteurs ,Quay de l'Horloge du Palais, Boudet Libraire Imprimeur du Roi, rue St. Jacques. Grave par Ch. Baquoy. J. Oger Scripsit.
List No 3353B
Note 1st edition, with five postal maps added, as issued. With the list of subscribers and the extra postal maps of England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The French postal map is dated 1758. All five were added after the printed list of maps was printed, but are mentioned by Vaugondy in the preface, so they may have been an afterthought. An owner has added their titles to the printed list of maps, in ms. Engraved title page, Advertisement, and Geographical essay giving the sources of the maps. This atlas was reissued until 1799 (Phillips), with later issues having a map of the United States. In original half leather patterned paper covered boards with spine reading "Nouvel Atlas De Mrs. Robert." One of the first atlases based on scientific surveys, in the tradition of D'Anville and De L'Isle. Outline color.
Rand McNally and Company
Letter from Rand McNally & Co. to The Montana Mining Co. dated Fe…
Author Rand McNally and Company
Full Title Letter from Rand McNally & Co. to The Montana Mining Co. dated Feb 21, 1899, offering the 1899 edition of the Business Atlas & Shippers' Guide.
List No 3698A
Note Regarding the atlas, the letter states "we are confident you will find it a work that will give good satisfaction whenever consulted." Written across the top of the letter in hand by the recipient "ordered on Feb 25/99."
Cassini, Giovanni Maria
Globo Celeste 1.
[Celestial Atlas, Globe gores]
Author Cassini, Giovanni Maria
Full Title Globo Celeste calcolato peril corrente anno sulle osservazioni de Sigg. Flamsteed e de la Caille. Roma : Calc(ografi)a Cam(era)le, 1792. Inciso dal P. Gio. Ma. Cassini, C.R.S.
List No 5750.001
Note Relief shown pictorially. First of 4 sheets of gores to make up a globe. Features a particularly decorative projection of the heavens and is attractively colored, with the constellations shown in their classical forms. Appeared in the author's Nuovo atlante geografico universale delineate suelle ultime osservazioni, Roma : Presso la Calcografia Camerale, 1792-1801.
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