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Gannett, Henry, 1846-1914; U…
63. Proportion leading natio…
Statistical Atlas
Full Title Proportion of foreign born of each leading nationality, by states and territories: 1900. (Prepared under the supervision of Henry Gannett, Geographer of the Twelfth Census. United States Census Office, 1903). Julius Bien & Co., N.Y.
List No 2152.063
Note Color lithographed chart.
Geological Survey of Califor…
Map Of California And Nevada…
Case Map
Author [Craven, A., Hoffman, Hoffmann, C.F., Leicht, F., Geological Survey of California]
Full Title State Geological Survey Of California, J.D. Whitney, State Geologist. Map Of California And Nevada. Drawn By F.v. Leicht And A. Craven ... J. Bien, Lith. N.Y. 2nd edition Revised by Hoffmann and Craven and issued by authority of the Regents of the University of California given May 12th 1874.
List No 0115.000
Note 1st edition was 1873. Under the title is the following Note: "In the compilation of this map the following materials were used. For California: The work of the State Geological Survey and that of the U.S. Coast and Land Surveys. For Nevada: The work of the Fortieth Parallel Survey, under Clarence King, the U.S. Engineer Explorations under Williamson and Wheeler; the Central Pacific Railroad Survey under Butler Ives; and the work of the California Survey, by Wackenreuder, Craven, Wilson and Loehr from 1863 to 1872." Full printed color. Map is dissected into 54 sections and mounted on linen. Folds into a tan cloth folding case 19x13 with "California & Nevada California Geological Survey 1874" stamped in gold on the spine.
Ensigns & Thayer
Map of the Gold Regions of C…
Author Ensigns & Thayer
Full Title Map of the Gold Regions of California, Showing the Routes via Chagres and Panama, Cape Horn, &c.
List No 4683.000
Note This is the thin paper copy with smaller ornamental border and no publisher credit. Wheat believes it was folded into some copies of Farnham's "Life, Adventures, and Travels in California;" our copies of that book have the Haven map pasted in one (see our #3963) and this map pasted in the other (see our #5001). This copy shows signs of being folded. It was probably sold with the book and separately. The text is the same as the broadside issue but the title is in different type. Scarce.
Colton, J. H.
Box Cover: Colton's dissecte…
Author Colton, J. H.
Full Title (Box Cover to) J.H. Colton's Series of Dissected Maps. North America. South America. Europe. United States. Asia. Africa. In Two Sizes. (On the side of the box: United States). (Title of Map Puzzle: United States of America. Entered ... In the Year 1860 ...).
List No 4329A
Note Box cover includes list of the available dissected maps in the Colton series. The label for this specific map is on the side and is entitled "United States."
Delamarche, Charles Francois…
Title Page: Petit atlas mode…
School Atlas
Author [Delamarche, Charles Francois, Lattre, Jean]
Full Title (Title Page to) Petit atlas moderne ou collection de cartes elementaires dedie a la jeunesse. A Paris, chez Delamarche, Geogr., Rue du Jardinet No. 13, vis a vis celle de l'Eperon. (ca. 1800)
List No 0421B
Note Engraved illustrated title page showing cherub with globe, maps, surveying instruments, etc. Called "Frontispice" in table of contents.
Finley, Anthony; Vance, Davi…
New Map of the United States…
Author [Finley, Anthony, Vance, David H.]
Full Title New Map of the United States. Anthony Finley ... Proposes to publish, by subscription, A New and Elegant Map of the United States. Philadelphia, March 27th, 1824.
List No 3961B
Note Proposal for subscribers. The map was published in 1825 (see our copy, #3961001). This proposal also was published in the back of the 1824 General Atlas, first issue (see our copy, #2680). Pub. Note gives details about the map itself.
Spurr, Josiah Edward
Tourtelotte Park Mining Dist…
Geologic Atlas
Author Spurr, Josiah Edward
Full Title Tourtelotte Park Mining District Sheet. Sheet XXIII Sections. U. S. Geological Survey, Charles D. Walcott, Director. Monograph XXXI. Julius Bien & Co. Lith. N.Y. (1898)
List No 0942.020
Note Geologic cross-sections shown in color in 9 classes, and faults.
Levasseur, Victor.
Dept. De Corsica.
National Atlas
Author Levasseur, Victor.
Full Title Dept. De Corsica. Atlas National Illustre. Region du Sud. No. 19. Paris. Impie. Dupuich. 14. Cour St. Jean de Latran. A Paris, chez l'Editeur, Rue de la Parcheminerie, 15. (1856)
List No 0427.019
Note Margin illustrations lavish and of excellent quality showing local heros, products, landscapes, dress, and coat of arms. Forests shown by stippling. District boundaries, roads, towns and cities shown. Color along boundaries. Rivers shown. Text shows local statistics, map legend, and discusses land, curiosities, personages, products, and commerce. Steel engraving.
United States. Census Office…
Wealth distribution US.
Statistical Atlas
Author [United States. Census Office, Walker, Francis Amasa, 1840-1897]
Full Title Map showing the distribution of wealth. Compiled from the tables of "true valuation," ninth census of the United States, 1870. By Francis A. Walker. (Julius Bien, Lith., 1874)
List No 3566.030
Note Colored lithographed map.
Wheeler, G.M.
Mouth of the Lower Grand Can…
Exploration Book
Full Title Mouth of the Lower Grand Canon of the Colorado River. 1871. U.S. Geographical Surveys West of the 100th Meridian. (1889)
List No 2220.020
Note Color lithographed view. "Plate No. XX is an illuminated sketch made from a photograph taken in the Grand Canon near its mouth ... The sun breaking through upon the vari-colored sedimentary beds enlivens a contrast of colors that no artist can accurately copy."-- v. 1, p. 163.
Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theod…
(Portraits of) Citizens of C…
State Atlas
Author Andreas, A. T. (Alfred Theodore), 1839-1900
Full Title (Portraits of) Citizens of Cedar Rapids, Linn County, State of Iowa: George Greene, S.C. Bever, W.W. Walker, T.M. Sinclair, H.G. Higley, S.L. Dows, Gabriel Carpenter, E.S. Hill, C.C. Cook, D.W.C. Rowley, E.L. Mansfield, J.R. Kinney, Thos. Gainer, J.F. Ely, A.B. Hull, W.D. Watrous, Wm. Stewart, J.G. Graves, J.S. Cook, J.M. May. Chas. Shober & Co. props. Chicago Litho. Co. (Published by the Andreas Atlas Co., Lakeside Building, Chicago, Ills. Engraved & printed by Chas. Shober & Co., Props. of Chicago Lithographing Co.)
List No 0018.118
Note Twenty lithographed portraits with 4 views.
Arrowsmith, Aaron
South America
Wall Map
Author Arrowsmith, Aaron
Full Title Outlines Of The Physical And Political Divisions Of South America: Delineated By A. Arrowsmith Partly From Scarce And Original Documents, Published Before The Year 1806 But Principally From Manuscript Maps & Surveys Made Between The Years 1771 And 1806, Corrected From Accurate Astronomical Observations To 1810. London, Published 4th January 1811 by A. Arrowsmith No. 10 Soho Square, Hydrographer to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. Additions to 1814. Engraved by Edwd. Jones ... (inset map of the southern tip of South America).
List No 2099.000
Note Removed from Arrowsmith's Atlas to accompany Thompson's Alcedo. Comparing to the 1811 77(a) first issue, there are changes in the coast line between Buenos Aires and Rio, and on the northeast coast, Maranham. This map is enormous, on six large sheets, measuring over eight feet tall when joined together. Outline color by country. Without top and bottom rollers.
La Perouse, Jean-Francois de…
Japanese Boat.
Exploration Book
Author La Perouse, Jean-Francois de Galaup, comte de, 1741-1788
Full Title (Two views). Japanese Boat(s). Published as the Act directs Novr. 1st 1798, by G.G. & J. Robinson, Pater Noster Row, London. Blondela del. Heath sculpt. No. 59.
List No 0414.059
Note Engraved.
USGS (U.S. Geological Survey…
Panoramic View of the Mount …
Separate Map
Author [USGS (U.S. Geological Survey), John H. Renshawe]
Full Title Panoramic View of the Mount Rainier National Park, Washington.
List No 6925.000
Note Date estimated. Shaded relief without contours. Full color artistic rendering of the park. Part of a series for the national parks.
Everts & Co.; Haskell & Wood…
Title Page: Official state a…
State Atlas
Author [Everts & Co., Haskell & Wood, L.H. Everts & Co.]
Full Title (Title Page to) The official state atlas of Kansas compiled from government surveys, county records and personal investigations. Philadelphia. L.H. Everts & Co. 1887. (on verso:) Copyright, 1887, L.H. Everts & Co. (with view:) State Capitol, Topeka, Kan. Haskell & Wood, Arch's. F.F. Goist Sc.
List No 2818B
Note Huge atlas, many maps and views, scarce. With 340 numbered pages (plus many unnumbered pages) of maps and views this must be the largest State Atlas published (Andreas' Iowa has 250 pages of maps and views). The views show the remarkable development of the state over two decades after the Civil War. Many large folding maps of cities are included. Bound in new burgandy cloth covered boards with "The Official Atlas Of Kansas 1887" stamped in gilt. Maps hand painted in full color.
Arrowsmith, Aaron
Case Map
Author Arrowsmith, Aaron
Full Title Map of Scotland Constructed from Original Materials Obtained under The Authority of The Parliamentary Commissioners For making Roads and building Bridges In the Highlands of Scotland With whose permission it is now published By Their most obliged and obedient Servant A.Arrowsmith Hydrographer to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. London. Published June 25th. 1807 by A. Arrowsmith 10 Soho Square
List No 6702.000
Note Dissected and mounted on linen. Accompanied by a Memoir on the Map of Scotland (not present here). A fine map of Scotland with great amounts of detail on the road system and the topography.
Bligh, William, 1754-1817; C…
Part of Japan or Nipon.
Exploration Book
Author [Bligh, William, 1754-1817, Cook, James, 1728-1779, Webber, John, 1751-1793]
Full Title Part of Japan or Nipon. (with) View of the coast of Japan when we first saw it. (Engraved by) W. H(arrison after a missing survey possibly by Bligh and a view by Webber. London, G. Nicol and T. Cadell, 1785)
List No 3405.022
Note Engraved nautical chart with coastal view. Relief shown pictorially; depths by soundings. Shows coastal features and ship's track. "79."
Duflot de Mofras, Eugene
Tete De Chef Indien De La Co…
Exploration Book
Author Duflot de Mofras, Eugene
Full Title Tete De Chef Indien De La Cote Nord Ouest De L'Amerique. Armes et ustensiles des Indiens de la Nouvelle Californie. No. 25 de l'Atlas. Publie par Arthus Bertrand. Imp. par Lemercier. Lith. par Muller. Voyage de Mr. Duflot de Mofras.
List No 4119G
Note Uncolored drawing of an Indian from California along with his utensils, tools and attire.
Moll, Herman, d. 1732; Verde…
Caspian Sea, Terky, Derbent,…
World Atlas
Author [Moll, Herman, d. 1732, Verden, Carl van]
Full Title The Caspian Sea. Drawn by the Czar's Special Command by Carl van Verden in the year 1719, 1720 and 1721. This exact copy is done by H. Moll Geographer. (with view) The Castle, the City of Terky. (with) A view of the City of Derbent. (with) A view of the City of Astracan. (Printed and sold by T. Bowles next ye Chapter House in St. Pauls Church yard, & I. Bowles at ye Black Horse in Cornhill, 1736?)
List No 5580.031
Note Hand col. engraved map with 3 views. Relief shown pictorially. Includes geographical notes.
Smith, C.
Comparative View of the Heig…
[Separate Map, View]
Author Smith, C.
Full Title Comparative View of the Heights of the Principal Mountains &c. in the World. London, Published by C. Smith Mapseller, No.172 Strand, Augt. 1st. 1816. Gardner, Sculpt. (Third Edition)
List No 6933.000
Note Third edition. A colorful rendering of comparative mountain heights worldwide, although separated into the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. Other aspects of the illustration (with the exception of showing volcanoes) appear to be fanciful. Substantially more taller mountains than an earlier edition (see our although dates uncertain because the date of 1816 is the same. The peaks are listed, each with a unique number which can be matched up with the numbers at the top and bottom of the illustration. By making a line between the numbers, the corresponding peak is intersected. Latitudes, sources, and altitudes also listed.
Sotzmann, Daniel Friedrich
Rhode Island.
National Atlas
Author Sotzmann, Daniel Friedrich
Full Title Rhode Island entworfen von D.F. Sotzmann. No. V. Hamburg bey Carl Ernst Bohn 1797. ... gestochen von H. Kliewer. zu Ebelings Erdbeschreibung von Amerika.
List No 2746.004
Note This was the largest scale map of the series. Full color by county.
Colton, J. H.
Nebraska And Kansas.
Pocket Map
Author Colton, J. H.
Full Title Nebraska And Kansas. Published By J.H. Colton & Co. No. 172 William St. New York. Entered ... 1854 by J.H. Colton ... New York. (inset) Map Of The Territory acquired from Mexico by the Gadsden Treaty, 1854. (untitled inset of U.S., Mexico, Central America). Printed by D. Mc Lellan, 26 Spruce St. N.Y.
List No 3873.001
Note First edition, first state. First map to show the new Kansas and Nebraska; also shows the important Gadsden Purchase of the same year. This state precedes all other copies we have seen - it is an early pull from the late 1854, early 1855 Colton Map of the United States of America... wall map plate (see our #2834, indicating it appeared in middle or late 1854 - see our 1855 wall map copy #2278 for the corrected topography), with the title different from the second 1854 state, in that the letters of Nebraska and Kansas have stars in them and are open as opposed to the black letters of the second state. Also, this first state has numerous areas that are "cleaned up" in the second state: the trail that crosses the two forks of the Colorado in southern Utah near the map edge has the word "Route" on it - this is removed in the second state; the vine border is reversed from the first to the second state; Louisiana is written straight across in the first - it curves down in the second; Bucksport and San Augustine are shown in Texas along the map southern edge in the second state and not in the first; Sacket's Well and Laguna in California in the inset map are given dots for their location in the second state but not in the first. There are other changes. Streeter shows a second edition in 1855, Heaston a third edition in 1856, but both copyrighted 1855. These have various route changes and place names added when compared to the 1854. A fourth edition appeared in 1857 (see Karrow 12-0361.2 and Graff 836) with the inset of the U.S. changed to Eastern Nebraska and Kansas. Map is full color by state, folded into red cloth covers 15x9 with "Nebraska And Kansas" stamped in gilt, advertisement for Colton on inside front cover.
Johnstone, E. McD.
The Unique Map Of California…
Separate Map
Author Johnstone, E. McD.
Full Title The Unique Map Of California. Copyrighted. E. McD. Johnstone. Dickman-Jones Co. Lith. S.F. (with 3 inset maps, 1 profile).
List No 4349.000
Note The date is estimated from the county formation (San Benito and Del Norte). This is a remarkable map with twenty vignettes of California scenes and three inset maps showing soil, temperature, and areas. Another inset shows the heights of the Sierra Nevada mountains. All these elements combine to make a beautiful map. Little is know about the maker, Johnstone, except that he drew the Climatic Map of California as well (see our #941). Printed in full color.
Pick, Eug.
Tableau De L'Histoire Univer…
[Case Map, Historical Atlas,…
Author Pick, Eug.
Full Title Tableau De L'Histoire Universelle depuis la Creation jusqu'a ce jour. Paris, Eug. Pick, Libraire-Editeur, Rue du Pont de Lodi, 5. Frault aine, imprimeur, Paris, rue des Noyers, 67. 1858
List No 3246.001
Note Compare to Colton's Stream of Time, 1842. Has vignettes of people, buildings, historical scenes and important places in the history of the world. Full color. Dissected into 9 sections and edged in white cloth.
Brockhaus, F.A.; Leeder, Ehr…
World Atlas
Author [Brockhaus, F.A., Leeder, Ehrenfried, Leutemann, Heinrich]
Full Title Vorderindien.
List No 6819.051
Note Lavishly illustrated around margins of map with high quality vignettes of animals, structures and people. Relief shown in hachures.
USGS (U.S. Geological Survey…
Panoramic View of the Crater…
Separate Map
Author [USGS (U.S. Geological Survey), John H. Renshawe]
Full Title Panoramic View of the Crater Lake National Park.
List No 6087.000
Note Date estimated. Shaded relief without contours. Full color artistic rendering of the park. Part of a series for the national parks.
Rand McNally and Company
Rand - McNally Official Rail…
Case Map
Author Rand McNally and Company
Full Title Rand - McNally Official Railway Map Of The Pacific Coast States Including Territory East To Denver ... Copyright, 1902, by Rand, McNally & Co., Chicago. Copyright, 1893 ... 1898 ...
List No 4484.000
Note A big, wonderful, large scale map of the American west from central Colorado to the coast. Shows all railroads in operation, topographical features and public surveys. It is copyrighted in 1901 with the present title (indicating that it may be the first edition in this form) and in 1893 and 1898 as "Rand, McNally & Co.'s Standard Map of the United States" (suggesting that it may have been derived from a larger map of the entire U.S.). A pocket map version was also made of different parts of this map - see our 1888 Standard Map of California and Nevada, with the scale slightly enlarged. Outline color by state. Dissected into 42 sections. Folds into a new black cloth folding case 29x23 with "Pacific Coast States Rand McNally 1901" stamped in gilt along the spine.
Jouvet et Cie.
Carte Geologique de la Regio…
World Atlas
Author Jouvet et Cie.
Full Title Carte Geologique de la Region Francaise. Atlas St. Cyr. G. Hue. Furne, Jouvet et Cie. Editeurs. Imp. Lemercier et Cie. Paris. (1882)
List No 5785.008
Note Full color of geologic formations. Relief shown in hachures. Inset of Corsica.
Harnett, Richard V.
Attorney Street near Grand S…
[Broadside, Separate Map]
Author Harnett, Richard V.
Full Title Richard V. Harnett, auctioneer, office, 111 Broadway, N.Y. Executor's sale! Nos. 32 & 34 Attorney Street near Grand Street ... Martin B. Brown, book, job and diagram printer, 49 and 51 Park Place, N.Y.
List No 5737.000
Note Auction to be held on Feb. 27, 1883. By order of George G. Hallock, Esq., executor of the estate of Mathias Ludlow, deceased. Includes map showing the 2 lots and shows block bounded by Attorney, Broome, Ridge and Grand streets. Measurement is sheet size. David Rumsey Collection copy: has pencil notation on plan indicating price of $11,300 for one house and $11,450 for the other, and name Tobias Krakauer, 32 Hester St. Laid in: Atlas of the entire city of New York ... G.W. Bromley & Co., 1879 (our no. 2597)
Thomson, John
Composite: Roxburgh Shire.
National Atlas
Author Thomson, John
Full Title (Composite of) Northern part of Roxburgh Shire, Southern part of Roxburgh Shire. (with) View of Melrose Abbey, Church. (with) View of Jedburgh Abbey. Engd. by N.R. Hewitt, London. Published by John Thomson & Co., Edinburgh, 1822. (1832)
List No 5748.015
Note Digital composite of 2 hand colored engraved maps. Relief shown by hachures. Shows settlements, roads, etc.
Lloyd, H.H.
The National Political Chart…
Author Lloyd, H.H.
Full Title The National Political Chart. Lloyd's New Political Chart, 1861. With a Map of the United States, showing the Free States, Border Slave States, Cotton States, and Territories, in Different Colors. Published at H.H. Lloyd & Co.'s Agents' General Depot for Books, Maps, and Stationery Packages, 25 Howard Street, New York. Entered ... 1861, by H.H. Lloyd & Co. ... New York.
List No 5530.000
Note Map of the U.S. is in full color with a large red border delineating the Slave States. Numerous portraits, biographies, and statistics are included.
Melish, John
Map Of Illinois.
Separate Map
Author Melish, John
Full Title Map of Illinois Constructed from the Surveys in the General Land Office and other Documents By John Melish. Saml. Harrison, sct. Entered according to Act of Congress the 16th day of April 1818. Philadelphia. Published by John Melish. Improved to 1820.
List No 5537.000
Note Melish, in his first edition of "A Geographical Description of the United States," (1816) wrote of his plans to publish a series of sheet maps on a uniform scale that would form an atlas of the United States. He reiterated this plan in the 2nd and 3rd editions of the "Geographical Description" and expanded upon it in "A Geographical Description of the World" in 1818. According to Ristow, this plan to publish the maps at the same scale was "a new and revolutionary idea that facilitated size comparisons." Indiana was the first to be published in 1817. Tennessee was published in 1817. The Illinois map followed in 1818, with an "improved" edition in 1819. No mention is made in any sources of this map, "improved to 1820." Alabama was completed in 1818, Mississippi in 1819, and Louisiana in 1820. Only these six maps were completed before Melish died in 1822. A copy of the 1818 Illinois map is held at the Library of Congress. The 1819 map is held at the Newberry Library and the National Archives. No copy of the 1820 edition has been mentioned in the references. The map is in outline color by county with township and survey lines shown.
Hough, B.; Bourne, A.; Melis…
State of Ohio.
Wall Map
Author [Bourne, A., Hough, B., Melish, J.]
Full Title A Map of the State of Ohio from Actual Suy by B. Hough & A. Bourne. Eng'd. by H.S. Tanner Philada. Entered ... 27th day of June, 1814, by B. Hough and A. Bourne, of the State of Ohio. Chillicothe: Published 1st May 1815, by B. Hough & A. Bourne, and J. Melish, Philadelphia.
List No 5571.000
Note County boundaries tinted in color. Townships clearly shown. An extensive key is included detailing land ownership history and some land use. Northwest portion of state not surveyed but shows swamplands and plains. Meridian Washington.
Eddy, William M.
Official map of the State of…
Pocket Map
Author Eddy, William M.
Full Title Approved and declared to be the official map of the State of California by an act of the Legislature passed March 25th 1853. Compiled by W.M. Eddy State Surveyor General. Published for R.A. Eddy, Marysville, California by J.H. Colton, No. 86 Cedar St. New York 1854. Authorities --- (with inset:) San Francisco and Adjoining Bays. Engraved on stone by Schedler & Liebler, 129 William St. New York. Printed by D. McLellan, 26 Spruce St. N.Y. Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1853 by Wm. M. Eddy in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of California.
List No 5582.001
Note Lithograph, 49 3/4"x 38 1/2" plus floral border. Scale18 miles to an inch. Inset : 19 3/8"x 15 1/2", scale about 2 1/4 miles to an inch. Full color. Once folded, now flattened and backed with rice paper. Folder, 6 1/4"x 4 1/4" (15 x 12 cm.), rebacked, leather covered, blind stamped, title in gilt on front cover; verso front cover leaf of text advertising Colton's maps. In ink on leaf : Genl [name not decipherable] from Wm M Ed[dy ]. This matches signature on Eddy's Surveryor General's Report for 1852. According to Wheat, Eddy died in March, 1854. Wheat states that map was not yet ready in March 1854 but does not give reason. However, Eddy as Surveyor General states in his report dated Dec. 15, 1853 that he has received a few copies of the map and more were soon expected. My copy is signed by Eddy on verso of cover. Original in Warren Heckrotte Collection, which is the source of description and notes.
Bidwell, John, 1819-1900 ; L…
Map of the Valley of the Sac…
Case Map
Author [Bidwell, John, 1819-1900, Larkin, Thomas Oliver, 1802-1858]
Full Title Map of the Valley of the Sacramento including the Gold Region. This map is a correct tracing of the map of Bidwell, Land Surveyor, by Thos. O. Larkin Esq: late Consul of the U.S. for California; and by him stated to be the best reference in California. Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1848 by J.H. Bufford & Co. in the Clerks office for the District Court of Massachusetts. Table of Distances (distances by sea to California and points in between)
List No 5583.000
Note Escala de 15 Leguas Spanish (linear scale). Lithograph, 21 3/8"x 17 1/4", full color. Scale about ---. Folded in cloth case, 5"x 3 1/4", blind stamped, "Gold Region" in gilt on front cover; on verso of front cover, printed paper label, in gilt, reading, "A Correct Survey of the Gold Region California." The map shows Ranchos in the Central Valley and along the American river has "Gold Region" on both sides. Signature in ink on verso front cover, "Stickney & Thaxter". Contained in red leather drop case, gilt trim, title in gilt on spine. Original in Warren Heckrotte Collection, which is the source of description and notes.
Schweickhardt, Franz Xaver
Composite: Austria Sections …
Regional Atlas
Author Schweickhardt, Franz Xaver
Full Title (Composite of) Sections I - LXIII Archduchy Austria below the Enns
List No 6937.065
Note This image is a composite of Sections I to LXIII of the birdseye drawings of the Archduchy Austria below the Enns. (Perspectiv-Karte des Erzherzogthums Oesterreich unter der Ens.) These birdseye views when joined together (see our Composite) make probably the largest such view of any country that we have seen. Together they cover about 3,000 square miles at a large scale of two inches to one mile. They give a unified view of the landscape that is at a consistent scale (unlike other birdseyes that use diminishing perspective), and the level of detail of cultural information is extraordinary. <a href= target=_blank>View in Google Earth</a>
Honey Lake Valley Land and W…
Bird's eye view, Honey Lake …
Separate Map
Author Honey Lake Valley Land and Water Company
Full Title Bird's eye view of Honey Lake Valley. Lassen County California. Honey Lake Valley Land & Water Co. Room 6 Flood Building. San Francisco. (1891?)
List No 5641.000
Note Uncolored lithographed cadastral map showing sections, drainage, canals, etc. Located on the California/Nevada border. David Rumsey Collection copy in capsule with: Plate No.4 showing reservoir, canals and ditches ... (1891?)
Sanborn Map Company
Insurance maps of Frankfort,…
City Atlas
Author Sanborn Map Company
Full Title Insurance maps of Frankfort, Franklin Co., Kentucky (sheet 1, index). Sanborn Map Company, 11 Broadway, New York. Sep't. 1907. Copyright 1907, by the Sanborn Map Co. (title on cover and verso of each sheet:) Sanborn map of Frankfort, Ky. For the exclusive use of E.H. Elliott & Co., Agents. This map is not transferable and must not be copied, -- as it is -- copyright by and property of Sanborn Map Company ...
List No 5381.001
Note Hand col. lithographed map. Graphic index map and street and "specials" index. Includes legend and general information relating to Frankfort fire hazards and protection.
Tanner, Henry S.
Title Page: New American atl…
World Atlas
Author Tanner, Henry S.
Full Title (Title Page to) A New American Atlas Containing Maps Of The Several States of the North American Union, Projected and drawn on a Uniform Scale from Documents found in the public Offices of the United States and State Governments, and other Original and Authentic Information, By Henry S. Tanner ... Philadelphia: Published By H.S. Tanner. 1823. (title page only) Writing Drawn and Engraved by Joseph Perkins. Barralet del. Humphrys sc.
List No 5388C
Note The first edition with the earliest states of all the maps. Many believe this to be the finest atlas published in the United States in the 19th century. The text essay (included here) is a wonderful compilation of information on the contemporary maps that Tanner used as sources. Tanner updated the maps frequently over the next two decades, and issued several editions or compilations of the atlas with the title pages dated 1823 or 1825, but with some of the maps dated as late as 1833. The collation of our six issues shows that no two copies are alike and that the maps were being constantly updated; however the choice of maps for each edition reveals a somewhat haphazard approach with some of the earliest states of a particular map appearing the one of the later atlas editions. A completely revised edition was issued in 1839, with the title page and most of the maps dated 1839 (see P1382). Hand painted in outline color with a full color wash. Atlas is bound in half leather marbled paper covered boards with "Tanner's American Atlas" stamped in gilt on a front leather label.
Coelho, Joao
Mappa geral dos Estados Unid…
Case Map
Author Coelho, Joao
Full Title Mappa geral dos Estados Unidos do Brazil segundo os mais recentes trabalhos do Engenheiro Joao Coelho e edictado pela Livraria Allema de Ernst Nolte, Buenos Aires, 1891. Lit. e imp. Jose Ruland, Cuyo 361, Bs. As. (with) Plano parcial do Rio Grande do Sul e Santa Catharina. (with) Rio de Janeiro e parte de Minas Geraes e Sao Paulo.
List No 5467.001
Note Map dissected into 35 sections and mounted on linen. In printed color by state. Dissected into 35 pieces and mounted on linen, it folds to 22x14 and is affixed in a brown leather case with "Mapa Geral Dos Estados Unidos Do Brazil" in gold on the cover.
Finley, Anthony
Table of the Comparative Hei…
[Classical Atlas, World Atla…
Author Finley, Anthony
Full Title Table of the Comparative Heights of the Principal Mountains &c. in the World ... Published by A. Finley Philada. Young & Delleker Sc.
List No 0285.062
Note Full color.
Southern Pacific Company
Cover: California, Texas, Me…
Timetable Map
Author Southern Pacific Company
Full Title (Covers to:) California, Texas, Mexico And Arizona Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset route" from New Orleans to the Pacific Coast ... January, 1892. American Bank Note Co., N.Y.
List No 3139A
Note Self wrapper cover in color, illustrated.
Ohio and Mississippi Railway
Cover: Ohio & Mississippi Ra…
Timetable Map
Author Ohio and Mississippi Railway
Full Title (Covers to) Ohio and Mississippi Railway. St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati. Direct route between the east and west ... Jan. 1st., 1883. American Bank Note Company, 142 Broadway, New York.
List No 4596A
Johnson, A.J.
Half Title: Johnson's New Il…
World Atlas
Author Johnson, A.J.
Full Title (Half Title Page to) Johnson's New Illustrated (Steel Plate) Family Atlas, With Descriptions, Geographical, Statistical, And Historical. Compiled, Drawn, and Engraved Under The Supervision Of J.H. Colton And A.J. Johnson. New York: Johnson And Browning, Formerly (Successors To J.H. Colton And Company,) No. 133 Nassau Street. 1860. Entered ... One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty, by Johnson & Browning ... Virginia.
List No 2905B
Note Title on page reads "American Atlas" and is accompanied by an illustration of Indian on a bluff overlooking a river, town and homestead.
Smith, J. Calvin ; Smith, Ro…
Naval And Military Map Of Th…
Wall Map
Author [Smith, J. Calvin, Smith, Robert P.]
Full Title The New Naval And Military Map Of The United States. By J. Calvin Smith, Author Of Harper's Gazetteer, Colton's County Map Of The U.S. Travellers' Guide &c. 1862. J. Baker & Co. Publishers. J.M. Atwood, Map Engraver 517 Minor St. Philadelphia, Pa. Entered ... 1862 by Robert P. Smith ... Pennsylvania. (with 5 inset maps and 3 profiles).
List No 2262.000
Note 1st ed. Stevenson identifies 3 issues. Very beautiful and elaborate map showing the hand of Robert Pearsal Smith (has similarities graphically to his N.Y. State Map of 1860). The map is drawn by J.M. Atwood, but is credited to J.C. Smith, "Author of Harper's Gazetteer, Colton's County Map of the U.S., Traveler's Guide, &c." R.P. Smith is obviously competing with J.H. Colton by using J.C. Smith's name. Also, the population statistics for the 1860 census are listed, "in advance of official publication" (see Colton letter dated 1861 on this subject). Many inset views relating to the civil war, portraits of Union Generals, and thematic map insets. The U.S. map bears a striking resemblance to Colton's U.S. map of the same period (We suspect intentional on Smith's part) but it is different. H.H. Lloyd did a similar map in 1866 (High Ridge #18-165), probably by obtaining Smith's map copyright for this map and the New York State Map in 1865 when Smith left the map publishing business (Ristow p 377). With black top and bottom rollers. Full color by county. Inset showing crops and animals of the U.S. Table of distances. Table of time differences. Profiles route of Lieut. A.W. Whipple's route for Pacific Railroad.
Lewis, Samuel
United States Of North Ameri…
Wall Map
Author Lewis, Samuel
Full Title A New and correct Map of The United States Of North America; Exhibiting The Counties, Towns, Roads &c. in each State. Carefully compiled from Surveys and the most Authentic Documents, By Samuel Lewis. W. & S. Harrison sculpt. Philadelphia, Published by Emmor Kimber 1816. Copy Right secured according to Law.
List No 5047.000
Note This is the first complete edition of this map, the largest wall map of the United States produced by Americans at that time (although Karrow 1-1418 lists an almost complete 1815 edition). Differences from the 1818 edition include Illinois and Indiana shown as Territories, a large Mississippi with no Alabama, and no Arkansas Territory. Also, there are far fewer roads shown, and fewer settlements laid down, especially in Canada. See our #432 for a proposal for publishing this map. With black top and bottom rollers and dark green linen edging. Outline color by state or territory.
Tardieu, P.F.
United States of Nth. Americ…
Case Map
Author Tardieu, P.F.
Full Title United States of Nth. America. Carte des Etats-Unis de L'Amerique Septentrionale Copiee et Gravee sur celle d'Arrowsmith Corigee...
List No 0987.000
Note First edition. This map is entirely a copy of Arrowsmith's Map of the United States (see our 1796 issue) except for certain parts (mentioned by Tardieu in his "Note" above the title) that Tardieu has altered and improved, based on other sources. A Plan of Washington, D.C. is also added. Later editions depart more radically from Arrowsmith and this actually becomes a better map in many respects (certainly more up to date regarding new States and Territories) than the Arrowsmith editions, although Arrowsmith remains better in the areas west of the Mississippi. G. Gibbs name on label- a famous scientist, see DAB. Map folds into a new brown cloth folding case 32x26 with "United States P.F. Tardieu 1802" stamped in gilt on the spine.
Holt, Warren ; Gibbes, C.D.
California and Nevada.
Case Map
Author [Gibbes, C.D., Holt, Warren]
Full Title Map of the States of California And Nevada. Carefully Compiled from the Latest Authentic Sources. California By Julius H. Von Schmidt, Arthur W. Keddie, And C.D. Gibbes, C.E.'s. Nevada By Chas. Drayton Gibbes C.E. Comprising Information obtained from the U.S. Coast And Land Surveys; State Geological Surveys, By Prof. J.D. Whitney; Railroad Surveys And The Results Of Explorations Made By Brevet Lieut. Col. R.S. Williamson, U.S.A., Henry DeGroot, C.D. Gibbes, And Others. Published by Warren Holt. No. 717 Montgomery St. San Francisco, Cal. 1881. Entered ... 1876 by Warren Holt ... Washington, D.C. S.B. Linton, Engr. & Lithogr. 148-1/2 S. 4th Street, Philadelphia ...
List No 4231.001
Note This edition is not in Vogdes (he lists editions of 1869, 1876, and 1888). The copyright date is 1876, so it is probably similar to that edition. There are many changes, as one would hope (or expect) between this and the 1869 edition, both in graphic composition and topography. The map has been completely reengraved by S.B.Linton (the original engraver) and shows much of the General Land Office surveys. It is so full of detail as to be difficult to read in many areas. Two views are added: the Capital-Nevada, and University-California. The 1888 edition is reengraved completely yet again (WH's copy). This copy belonged to Lewis M. Clement, Chief Engineer of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad. The inside of the case flap closure reads "Lewis M. Clement, Chief Engineer of the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad - Office: Safe Deposit Building Room 8 - San Francisco, Cal." in calligraphic manuscript. The map is slightly trimmed at the bottom (affecting only the decorative border) in order to fit into his custom brown cloth case 28x17. Map has outline color, is in two sheets (Northern and Southern halves), each undissected and mounted on linen.
Williams, G. Washington.
Map Of The United States, Ca…
Case Map
Author Williams, G. Washington.
Full Title Williams' Copper - Plate Map Of The United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, West Indies, &c. Published by John M. Atwood, 402 Locust Street, Philadelphia. Printed by F. Bourquin, 31 So. 6th Street, Phila. Copyright 1876 by G. Washington Williams.
List No 1213.000
Note Related to Williams' New Nat. Map for Mitchell. Compare to 1857 and 1860 Mitchell New National Map exhibiting the United States... We assume that this Williams is the son of Wellington Williams and that he took over his father's map and reissued it. It is interesting to see that John M. Atwood published this map - it appears that he not only published maps, but also drew them for others, i.e. Colton and Ensign & Thayer. Inset maps include: Island Of Newfoundland; Massachusetts, Rhode Island & Connecticut; The Atlantic Ocean Showing The Communications By Cable And Steam Between Europe And The United States; Is. Of Porto Rico; Virgin Is. And S. Cruz; Islands Of Japan ...; Map Of The Great Pacific Ocean With It's Shores And Islands; Alaska; and The Sandwich Islands Or Hawaiian Group. Full color by state. Map is dissected into 36 sections and folds into a new green cloth folding case 29x29 with "United States, Canada, Mexico &c. G.W. Williams 1876" stamped in gilt on the spine. Relief shown by hachures.
Dumont, Andre
Carte Geologique De L'Europe…
Case Map
Author Dumont, Andre
Full Title Carte Geologique De L'Europe Par Andre Dumont. E. Noblet, Editeur, Paris Et Liege. Lithographie en coulears a l'Impremere Imperiale.
List No 1558.001
Note Bookplate of Jules Marcou. Printed in full color. Map is dissected into 24 sections, edged in green cloth and mounted on linen. Folds into a new blue cloth folding case 33x26 with "Carte Geologique De L'Europe Andre Dumont 1875" stamped in gold on the spine.
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