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Dutton, Clarence E. (Clarence Edward), 1841-1912; Holmes, William…
Panorama from Point Sublime. [Part I. Looking East.]
Geologic Atlas
Author [Dutton, Clarence E. (Clarence Edward), 1841-1912, Holmes, William Henry, 1846-1933]
Full Title Panorama from Point Sublime. [Part I. Looking East.] W(illiam) H. H(olmes). Atlas Sheets XV. Julius Bien & Co. lith. U.S. Geological Survey, Geology of the Grand Canon District.
List No 4713.016
Note In full color. First of three sheets.
King, Clarence
Green River Basin. (Geological)
Geologic Atlas
Author King, Clarence
Full Title Green River Basin. Map II. (Geological)
List No 0408.003
Note Map in full color with the legends on either side of the maps. Map extends from Fortification Peak in Wyoming to Piedmont in Utah. Below the map are two geologic cross sections.
Wheeler, G.M.
Title Page: Geological atlas ... West of the 100th meridian of lo…
National Atlas
Author Wheeler, G.M.
Full Title (Title Page to) Geological Atlas Projected To Illustrate Geographical Explorations And Surveys West Of The 100th Meridian Of Longitude Prosecuted In Accordance With Acts Of Congress Under The Authority Of The Honorable The Secretary Of War, And The Direction Of Brig. Genl. A.A. Humphreys, Chief Of Engineers, U.S. Army. Embracing Results Of the Different Expeditions Under The Command Of 1st Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler, Corps Of Engineers. Julius Bien, lith.
List No 2738B
Note Signed by Ovando Hollister.
Wheeler, G.M.
Topographical Map Of The Yosemite Valley And Vicinity. Preliminar…
National Atlas
Author Wheeler, G.M.
Full Title Topographical Map Of The Yosemite Valley And Vicinity. Preliminary Edition. Part Of East Central California. Mountain Drawing by J.E. Weyss; Lettering by J. Franke. From Topographical Plat by Lt. Macomb, Nov. 30, 1883. Julius Bien & Co. Photo. lith. Expeditions Of 1878-79, Under the Command of Capt. Geo. M. Wheeler, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army. U.S. Geographical Surveys West Of The 100th Meridian.
List No 2738.110
Note Yosemite valley in hachures with light cream tint.
Beckwith, Lieut.; Schumann, C.
Valley of the Mud Lakes.
Exploration Book
Author [Beckwith, Lieut., Schumann, C.]
Full Title Valley of the Mud Lakes showing eighty two miles of the projected rail road line. June 14th at 9 A.M. from Mud Lake peak. C. Schumann from F.W. Egloffstein. Selmar Siebert's Engraving & Printing Establishment, Washington, D.C. U.S.P.R.R. Exp. & Surveys 41st Parallel. Expl. by Lieut. Beckwith. Vol. II.
List No 0693.013
Note Uncolored view including the eastern base of the Sierra Nevadas and the Oregon road entering the Sierra Nevada.
Hayden, F.V.
Economic Map of Colorado.
State Atlas
Author Hayden, F.V.
Full Title Economic Map of Colorado. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, F.V. Hayden, U.S. Geologist in Charge. Sheet III.
List No 4576.003
Note Map in full color showing agricultural, pasture, sage and "bad" lands. Pine forests, cedars and quaking aspen groves are shown. The gold and silver districts are noted.
Lisle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726
Hemisphere Occidentale.
World Atlas
Author Lisle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726
Full Title Hemisphere Occidentale. Dressee en 1720 pour l'usage particulier du Roy sur les observations astronomiques et geographiques raportees la meme annee dans l'Histoire et dans les memoires de l'Academie Rle. des Sciences. Par Guillaume De l'Isle premier Geographe de sa Majeste de la meme Academie. A Paris, chez l'Auteur le Sieur Del'Isle sur le Quay de l'Horloge, sous le Privilege de l'Academie royale des Sciences le 15. Septembre 1724. De la Haye sculp.
List No 4764.004
Note Engraved map in outline color. Relief shown pictorially. Shows routes of Tasman, Gaetan, Madna, Halley, le Maire and others through 1710.
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