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Union Atlas Co.; Warner & Be…
Map of St. Clair County, Leb…
State Atlas
Author [Union Atlas Co., Warner & Beers]
Full Title Map of St. Clair County. (with) Lebanon. (with) Carlyle. (Union Atlas Co., Warner & Beers, Proprietors. Lakeside Building Cor: of Clark & Adams Sts. Chicago. 1876. Entered ... 1876 by Warner & Beers ... Washington D.C.)
List No 1159.117
Note Col. lithographed map with 2 city insets. Shows townships and sections, landowners, acreages, railroads, schools, churches, farm houses, timbered areas, etc. Lebanon map shows block numbers.
Wheeler, G.M.
1876. Progress Map Of The U.…
National Atlas
Author Wheeler, G.M.
Full Title 1876. Progress Map Of The U.S. Geographical Surveys West Of The 100th Meridian. To accompany the annual report of 1st Lieut. George M. Wheeler Corps Of Engineers, U.S. Army. West Of The One Hundredth Meridian. Seasons of 1869, 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874 & 1875. 1st. Lieut. Geo. M. Wheeler. Corps Of Engineers, U.S. Army, in Charge. U.S. Geographical Surveys.
List No 2738.006
Note Index areas to atlas maps in blue, routes and astronomical stations in red. Survey expeditions by year marked in brown scale.
Warner & Beers; Lloyd, H.H.
Atlas of Illinois, Counties …
[National Atlas, State Atlas…
Author [Lloyd, H.H., Warner & Beers]
Full Title Atlas of Illinois, Counties of St.Clair, Monroe, Randolph, Perry & Washington. Warner & Beers, Publishers.
List No 2585.064
Cram, George Franklin
Township & Rail Road Map Of …
Pocket Map
Author Cram, George Franklin
Full Title Cram's Township & Rail Road Map Of The North Western States. Geo. F. Cram & Co. ... Proprietors Of The Western Map Depot. 148 Lake Street, Chicago Ills. 1870.
List No 0201.002
Note 1st edition was in 1869, with vignettes. Shows Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri with parts of Kansas, Nebraska and Minnesota. The upper and lower left corners have census data from 1870 and 1865. This is probably the only regional Cram pocket map. Full color. Folded into black cloth covers 14x9 with "New Rail-Road & Township Map Of North Western States Published By Geo. F. Cram & Co." in gilt.
Cram Atlas Company
National Atlas
Author Cram, George Franklin
Full Title Cram's Rail Road & Township Map of Illinois. Published by Geo. F. Cram. Proprietor of the Western Map Depot. 66, Lake St. Chicago Ills. 1875.
List No 5370.015
Note Map in full color by county. The railroad lines are clearly marked.
Holmes, J.W.
Saint Clair County, Illinois…
Case Map
Author Holmes, J.W.
Full Title Map Of Saint Clair County, Illinois. Published by J.W. Holmes, Civil Engineer & Map Publisher, 1863. Field Surveys Conducted by R.S. Hodgen, C.E. & Surveyor. Manufactured by R. Pearsall Smith, 517, 519, 521 Minor St. Phila, Pa. Entered ... 1863 by Joseph W. Holmes ... Illinois. (with 15 inset maps).
List No 3751.001
Note County map in case map form - fairly rare, in that most county maps were mounted on rollers. The map was published by Robert Pearsall Smith (the two copies listed in Phillips were published by Sage and by Holmes, in Buffalo) in Philadelphia. St. Clair county is opposite St. Louis, giving it special importance. Full color with 15 inset maps and 13 views, and one advertisement.
Campbell, R.A.; Walling, H. …
Madison, St. Clair, Monroe c…
[State Atlas, World Atlas]
Author Campbell, R.A.
Full Title Campbell's topographical & sectional map of Madison, St. Clair, and Monroe counties. (Drawn by R.A. Campbell and H.F. Walling). Entered ... 1869 by R.A. Campbell ... Pennsylvania. (1870)
List No 2483.082
Note Hand colored map. Shows townships, public land townships and sections, settlements, railroads, etc.
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