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Carey, Mathew
State of New York.
World Atlas
Author Carey, Mathew
Full Title The State of New York. S. Lewis del. J.G. Warnicke Sc.
List No 4577.012
Note Outline color by county.
Ellicott, Joseph & B.
Map of Morris's Purchase or West Geneseo In the State of New York…
Separate Map
Author Ellicott, Joseph & B.
Full Title Map of Morris's Purchase or West Geneseo In the State of New York. Exhibiting Part of the Lakes Erie and Ontario, the Straights of Niagara, Chautauque Lake and all the principal Waters, the Boundary lines of the several Tracts of Land purchase by the Holland Land Company, William and John Willink and others ... by Joseph & B. Ellicott 1800. To The Holland Land company their General Agents Theophilus Cazenove & Paul Bush Esquires, This Map Is respectfully inscribed by the Authors. 1804.
List No 3712.000
Note 1st edition was 1800. Vail says this was the "Most important map of the Holland Land Company, published for the promotion of sale of their Western New York lands." Nestler calls it "Probably the most important map of western NY when Buffalo was still known as New Amsterdam, and when land companies were luring settlers to this new frontier." The map is highly detailed, showing every tributary of every tributary of every stream. All the township and range lines are laid down, every town located, all reservations shown and all roads indicated. One has the impression that the ground was expertly surveyed with care and diligence. The Holland land holding comprised well over three million acres, not a modest subdivision! Ellicott was the company's agent at Batavia for many years. Map is without color.
DeWitt, Simeon
A Map of the State Of New York.
Case Map
Author DeWitt, Simeon
Full Title A Map of the State Of New York. By Simeon DeWitt, Surveyor General Contracted from his large Map of the State 1804. Entered ... 19th day March 1804 by Simeon DeWitt ... New York. G. Fairman del. & Sculp. ...
List No 2489.001
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