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Lucas, Fielding Jr.
World Atlas
Author Lucas, Fielding Jr.
Full Title Florida. B. Welch Sc. Drawn & Published by F. Lucas Jr. Baltimore.
List No 4584.072
Note Areas in full color with numerous Banks shown (including Great Bahama, Little Bahama, and Salt Key).
Bachmann, John
Florida And Part Of Georgia …
Author Bachmann, John
Full Title Panorama of the Seat of War. Birds Eye View Of Florida And Part Of Georgia And Alabama. John Bachmann, Publisher, 115 & 117 Nassau St., New York. Entered ... 1861 by John Bachmann ... New York. Drawn from Nature and Lith. by John Bachmann.
List No 2665.001
Note Shows entire Florida Peninsula. See Stephenson page 15 for a general discussion of Bachmann's civil war views. In addition to the six panoramas of the seat of war, Bachmann did a view of Richmond (Stephenson 621, illustrated p271), and of the junction of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers (Stephenson 1.5) - which may be similar to the Kentucky - Tennessee Seat of War view, at least in terms of vantage point. Full color. Bound in black leather covers 38x30 with "Florida & Part Of Georgia & Alabama. G.G.W." stamped in gold.
Townsend, Dennis
Townsend's Patent Folding Gl…
Author Townsend, Dennis
Full Title Townsend's Patent Folding Globe. Patented by Dennis Townsend Feb. 16, 1869. (expanded globe).
List No 3891.002
Note Globe shown after expansion - 6 inches in diameter. Globe in full color with numbered counties and features. Globe has rings on both ends which allow it to be easily expanded and to be hung. Instructions are also given for mounting the globe on a stand.
Betts, John
Betts's New Portable Terrest…
Author Betts, John
Full Title By The Queens Royal Letters Patent. Betts's New Portable Terrestrial Globe. Compiled from The Latest and Best Authorities. London, John Betts, 115 Strand.
List No 4362.000
Note The first edition of Betts' collapsible 15-inch "umbrella" type globe. The date is estimated from the U.S. geography. Later editions continued to the end of the century. In the original wooden box with advertisements for Betts' geographical products. It is interesting that the color is printed onto the gores - thus being a fairly early example of color lithography.
Melish, John
Southern Section of the Unit…
National Atlas
Author Melish, John
Full Title Southern Section of the United States including Florida &c. by John Melish. 1816. Entered ... by John Melish ... 1 March 1813. Improved nth. June 1816.
List No 2788.005
Note Large fold-out map in outline color. A small inset map of the Bermudas Isles is included. A statistical chart is included showing population and state area.
Popple, Henry
Composite: British Empire in…
National Atlas
Author Popple, Henry
Full Title (Composite Map of) A Map of the British Empire in America with the French and Spanish Settlements adjacent thereto. by Henry Popple. C. Lempriere inv. & del. B Baron Sculp. To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty This Map is most humbly Inscribed by Your Majesty's most Dutiful, most Obedient, and most Humble Servant Henry Popple. London Engrav'd by Willm. Henry Toms & R.W. Seale, 1733.
List No 2874.002
Note A composite of all twenty sheets of the Popple Atlas. Sheets without color.
Clemens, Rev E.J.
United States of America.
Author Clemens, Rev E.J.
Full Title Clemens' United States of America. Published by Rev. E.J. Clemens, Clayville, New York. (on reverse) Advertisement for Sherwin-Williams Paint with a picture of the factory in Cleveland, Ohio.
List No 1672.001
Note Map of the United States in full color by state or territory. Two profiles of the United States at different latitudes sit below the map. Advertisement on the reverse of map for Sherwin-Williams paint. Photographs of the plant and offices in black and white. Text discusses their product line.
Global Map Company
Cover: Global map.
Author Global Map Company
Full Title (Covers to) The Global Map. Pat. No. D136173, Other Patents Pending. The Global Map Co. Minneapolis, Minn. Copyright By The H.M. Gousha Company, Chicago, Ill. Lithographed In U.S.A.
List No 3868A
Note Cover shows planes and encourages the user to "See the world as flying men see it..."
Andriveau-Goujon, E.
Cover: Carte generale des et…
Pocket Map
Author Andriveau-Goujon, E.
Full Title (Covers to) Carte Generale Des Etats - Unis Et Du Mexique Comprenant L'Amerique Centrale Et Les Antilles. E. Andriveau-Goujon, Editeur. Paris, Rue Du Bac, 21. 1865 ... (with four inset maps).
List No 2100A
Berghaus, Heinrich
Geographische Verbreitung de…
World Atlas
Author Berghaus, Heinrich
Full Title Geographische Verbreitung der Menschen-Rassen. Ubersicht der Nahrungsweise und der Volksdichtigkeit in den Ackerbaulandern; auch Manches zur Physik des Menschen. 7te Abtheilung: Anthropographie No 1. Gezeichnet u. gestochen in der geogr. Kunstschule zu Potsdam. Gotha, J. Perthes, 1848.
List No 2515.063
Note Geographical spread of the human race. Map in outline color. The map is surrounded by drawings of the different races in full color, statistical graphs show average height, birth and death rates.
Blum, George W.
Cover: California cyclers' g…
Guide Book
Author Blum, George W.
Full Title (Covers to) The Cyclers' Guide and Road Book of California Containing Map of California in relief with principal Roads, Seven Sectional Maps showing all available Roads for Cyclers from Chico to San Diego, and a Map of Golden Gate Park. 1896. Price, One Dollar. Compiled and Published by Geo. W. Blum, 330 Pine St., S.F. Edward Denny & Co., Agents. (on verso) Copyrighted 1895 By Geo. W. Blum, San Francisco, Cal.
List No 1592A
Bradley, Milton Company
Dissected Outline Map of the…
Author Bradley, Milton Company
Full Title Dissected Outline Map of the United States of America.
List No 3300.001
Note The map has 69 pieces. On the verso are industrial scenes.
Rand McNally and Company
Cover: California, Nevada ju…
Pocket Map
Author Rand McNally and Company
Full Title (Covers to) Rand McNally Junior Road Map California and Nevada. Copyright By Rand McNally & Co. Chicago Ill. Made In U.S.A. ... (1926)
List No 1596A
Smith, Charles, fl. 1800-182…
Comparative View Of The Heig…
Wall Map
Author Smith, Charles, fl. 1800-1822
Full Title Comparative View Of The Heights Of The Principal Mountains &c. In The World. Western Hemisphere. Eastern Hemisphere. London, Published by C. Smith, Mapseller No. 172 Strand, Augt. 1st 1816. Gardner Sculpt.
List No 0909.000
Note Shows the comparative heights of mountains in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, as well as the comparative heights of important places. A list of Authorities is given to the left of the title, and an Explanation shows how the system of numbering mountains and places works. A former owner has added "6225....White Mountains, N.H." to the table. This chart may be one of the earliest of its genre; it is not listed in Wolter's "Heights of Mountains..." (he lists the Thomson 1817 similar chart as the first of this type). The British Museum lists this Smith as the first chart of this kind. Interestingly, Smith's chart does not show the Himalayan Mountains; Thomson adds the Himalayan Mountains to his chart with a note about the recent publication of data on their heights. With black top and bottom sticks, and green silk edging. Full hand painted color.
Transcontinental Air Transpo…
Air Route from Los Angeles t…
Pocket Map
Author Transcontinental Air Transport, Inc.
Full Title (Map of the United States showing the air route from Los Angeles, California to Columbus, Ohio). Copyright, Rand McNally & Company.
List No 3704.001
Note Map shows the air route from Los Angeles to Columbus in full color. From Clovis, New Mexico to Waynoka, Oklahoma it was still necessary to travel that section by rail. The map also shows the TAT weather reporting stations begun specifically to service this air route. By teletype the observers were able to communicate with the pilots about weather conditions in the upcoming regions. The "Certificate of Flight" was completed by Mason Menefee. He departed Los Angeles on April 25, 1930 and went as far as St. Louis, Missouri.
Transcontinental Air Transpo…
Illustrated Map of the Route…
Pocket Map
Author Transcontinental Air Transport, Inc.
Full Title Illustrated Map of the Route of Transcontinental Air Transport, Inc. TAT. Copyright, Rand McNally & Company. 7134 - New York 6-29.
List No 3704.002
Note Map in full color with drawings of interesting features in the United States. Below the main map is an elevation profile with lines leading up to the point along the route noted below. The profile delineates the states, mileage and the height of the features on the profile. The route of the airplane is shown in blue and includes an airplane making the trip. Surround the map and profile are drawings of natural features and cities throughout the United States.
Bradford, Thomas G.
Title Page: Illustrated atla…
National Atlas
Author Bradford, Thomas G.
Full Title (Title Page One to) An Illustrated Atlas, Geographical, Statistical, And Historical, Of The United States And The Adjacent Countries. By T.G. Bradford. Boston: Weeks, Jordan, And Company. New York: Wiley And Putnam. (on verso) Entered ... 1838, by Thomas G. Bradford ... Massachusetts. Cambridge: Stereotyped And Printed By Folsom, Wells, And Thurston, Printers To The University.
List No 0089B
Note Beautifully illustrated full color title page.
Bowen, Emanuel
The Solar System, with the o…
Geography Book
Author Bowen, Emanuel
Full Title The Solar System, with the orbits of 5 remarkable comets. (By Emanuel Bowen. London: Printed for William Innys, Richard Ware, Aaron Ward, J. and P. Knapton, John Clarke, T. Longman and T. Shewell, Thomas Osborne, Henry Whitridge ... M.DCC.XLVII)
List No 3733.001
Note Engraved map. Includes three figures: Oblique sphere -- Right sphere -- Parallel sphere.
Lange, Henry, 1821-1893.
Alabama, Georgia, Sud Caroli…
National Atlas
Author Lange, Henry, 1821-1893.
Full Title Alabama, Georgia, Sud Carolina und Florida. H. Lange's Atlas v. Nord Amerika Blatt V. Braunschweig: Verlag v. George Westermann. Lith. Anst. von L. Kraatz in Berlin.
List No 2743.005
Note Engraved map. Borders hand col. Shows roads, railroads, swamps, etc. Relief shown by hachures.
Rand McNally and Company
Cotton production.
World Atlas
Author Rand McNally and Company
Full Title Crop and per capita production, 1891, of the principal wheat-growing countries of the world. The cotton crop of the United States, season 1891-1893, by states. The cotton crop of the United States, 1882-3 to 1891-2. Rand, McNally & Co., Engravers, Chicago. (1897)
List No 3565.027
Note Three statistical charts. Running title in margin: Rand McNally & Company's.
Garnier, F. A., 1803-1863
Uranogaphie moderne.
World Atlas
Author Garnier, F. A., 1803-1863
Full Title Tableau d'uranogaphie moderne ou systeme spheroidal celeste, presentant sur un plan vertical l'aspect des principales constellations par rapport a la Terre; donnant la position exacte d'un astre par sa declinaison et son ascension droite, sa hauteur meridienne, et l'heure siderale de son lever et de son coucher sur l'horizon de Paris. Atlas spheroidal & universel de geographie dresse par F.A. Garnier, geographe. Paris, Ve. Jules Renouard, Editeur, R. de Tournon, no. 6, Paris, 1860. Imp. Sarazin, Rue Git-le-Coeur, 8. Paris.
List No 5023.002
Note Double hemisphere map. Full col. Includes text. Contents: Hemisphere de l'autorne et de l'hiver d'apres la marche apparente du soleil -- Hemisphere du printemps et de l'ete d'apres la marche apparente du soleil. Insets: Le pole boreal -- Systeme planetaire, d'apres Copernic -- Le pole austral.
Garnier, F. A., 1803-1863
Amerique du Sud spheroidale.
World Atlas
Author Garnier, F. A., 1803-1863
Full Title Amerique du Sud spheroidale. Atlas spheroidal & universel de geographie dresse par F.A. Garnier, geographe. Paris, Vve. Jules Renouard, Editeur, Rue de Tournon, no. 6, Fg. St. Gin. 1860. Imp. Sarazin, r. Git-le-Coeur, 8.
List No 5023.019
Note Full col. Relief shown hachures. Prime meridian: Paris. On globe in cartouche: Sphericite de la terre.
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