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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Johnson, A.J.
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Principal Mountains, Plateaus, & Plains of The World.
A.J. Johnson.
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New York
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Four engraved color maps and one diagram illustrating the relative heights of mountains and lengths of rivers worldwide.
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Johnson's Physical Map Showing the Principal Mountains, Plateaus, & Plains of The World by Prof. A. Guyot. Published by A. J. Johnson, New York. 7. 8. (Following maps at scale 1: 85,000,000): Johnson's World Showing the Lines of Equal Magnetic Declination, Epoch 1856, By Prof. A. Guyot. Johnson's World Showing the Course of the Tidal Wave in the Three Great Oceans, and the Distribution of Volcanoes. By Prof. A. Guyot. Johnson's World, Showing the Distribution of the Principal Races of Man. By Prof. A. Guyot. Entered according to the Act of Congress, in the year 1870, by A.J. Johnson in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.
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Guyot, A.
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Knowles Hare, J.
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Loven, C.E.
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Walter, T.U.
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Johnson, A.J.
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Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas Of The World, Was Awarded The First Prize Medal At The Universal Exposition Of 1867, In Paris, With A Treatise On Physical Geography, By A. Guyot, LL.D., With Descriptions, Geographical, Statistical, And Historical ... A Dictionary Of Religious Denominations, Sects, Parties, And Associations, Compiled By Professor Roswell D. Hitchcock, D.D. ... New York: A.J. Johnson, Publisher, 11 Great Jones Street (Near Broadway). MDCCCLXXIV. Entered ... One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy, by A.J. Johnson ... New York.
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Not in Phillips.
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The last year of continuous publication that started in 1860. For some reason, Johnson seems to not have published atlases in 1875, 1876, and 1878 - or they were published in such small numbers that we have yet to see them. Full color. Bound in half leather dark green cloth covered boards stamped with "Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas Of The World With A Treatise On Physical Geography By Professor A. Guyot, LL.D." and "Johnson's Family Atlas. Johnson New-York" on the spine in gilt. Back cover is blind stamped same as front.
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World Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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Copyright 2009

Principal Mountains, Plateaus, & Plains of The World.