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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Bouchette, Joseph
Faden, William, 1750?-1836
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Composite: Upper, Lower Canada; United States &c.
William Faden
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Atlas Map
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Engraved map on 2 sheets. Includes 3 views, and ornamental cartouche with 2 views. Boundaries in outline color by hand. Relief shown by hachures. "To his Royal Highness George Augustus Frederick, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall &c. &c. &c. ... This map is, with His Royal Highness's special permission, most gratefully dedicated, by ... Joseph Bouchette, His Majesty's Surveyor General of the Province of Lower Canada, and Lieut. Colonel C.M."
Winearls 50; Farrell, p. 157-158; cf Sabin 6849; Holmden 581 and 2934; TMC 36, p.15; Thomson , Men and Meridians, p. 264-269; Not in Phillips.
United States
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(Composite of) Map of the Provinces of Upper & Lower Canada with the adjacent parts of the United States of America &c. Compiled from the latest surveys and adjusted from the most recent and approved astronomical observations by Joseph Bouchette. Engraved by J. Walker. Published, as the act directs. Augst. 12th. 1815, by W. Faden, Geographer to His Majesty & to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent, Charing Cross, London.
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Walker, J.
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Bouchette, Joseph
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Faden, William, 1750?-1836
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(Description Topographique du Bas Canada) (with) To His Royal Highness George Augustus Frederick ... This Topographical Map of the Province of Lower Canada, Shewing its division into Districts, Counties, Seigniories, & Townships ... Is ... Most Gratefully Dedicated ... Joseph Bouchette, His Majesty's Surveyor General of the Province & Lieutt. Colonel C.M. ... Published by W. Faden, Charing Cross, Augst. 12th 1815. Engraved by J. Walker & Sons, 47 Bernard Street, Russell Square, London. (with) Map of the Provinces of Upper & Lower Canada with the Adjacent Parts of the United States Of America &c. Compiled from the latest Surveys and Adjusted from the most recent and Approved Astronomical Observations by Joseph Bouchette ... Augst 12th, 1815, by W. Faden ... (with) Plan of the District of Gaspe ... Augst 12th, 1815 ...
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Edition Elysee (Facsimile of Lower Canada map), introduction p1-8; Winearls 50 (Map of Upper and Lower Canada); Farrell, p157-158; cf Sabin 6849; Holmden 581 and 2934; TMC 36, p15; Thomson , Men and Meridians, p 264-269; Not in Phillips.
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This is an atlas of three maps on 13 sheets: the large map of Lower Canada on ten sheets (scale 1:174,240, size 133x307); the map of Upper and Lower Canada on two sheets (scale 1:2,200,000, size 76x123); and the single sheet map of Gaspe (scale 1:506,880, size 40x48). These maps were intended to accompany Bouchette's Topographical Description of Lower Canada (see our copy). The first two maps have outline color. Atlas is bound into half leather marbled paper covered boards. The title on the atlas spine "Description Topograph du Bas Canada" may indicate that this atlas was issued to accompany the 1815 French edition of the book published in London (Sabin 6850). The large ten sheet map is extraordinary - it is over ten feet long when joined and almost five feet tall. It has five views and three large inset maps of Montreal, Quebec, and Three Rivers. The detail and graphic elegance of the large map is the equal (or perhaps the superior) of any of the contemporary maps that we have seen (and none of which are on such a large scale - the only potential candidate would be Eddy's Map of the Country Thirty Miles Round the City of New York). Of course the engraving was done by the Walker firm in London, whose resources were up to the New York and Philadelphia engravers, or better, so a comparison with American produced maps is not entirely fair. Bouchette's work as Surveyor General must have instilled in him an obsession with the accuracy and fineness of detail that one sees in these maps.
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National Atlas
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Composite: Upper, Lower Canada; United States &c.