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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Lisle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726
Verden, Carl van
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Mer Caspiene, carte marine, coste de Perse
Guillaume DeLisle, Quai de l'Horloge
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Engraved map. Relief shown pictorially; soundings in "pieds d'Hollande." Includes inset maps of the estuaries of the Astare, Sebdouri and Krudosel rivers, and the gulfs of Sinsilenskoi and Astrabatskie. Accompanied by map covering northern part of the Sea.
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Caspian Sea
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(Carte marine de la Mer Caspiene). Coste de Perse sur la Mer Caspiene et partie de celles de Tartarie. (Levee suivant les ordres de S.M. Czariene, Par Mr. Carl Vanverden en 1719, 1720 et 1721. Et reduite au meridien de Paris par Guillaume Delisle, Premier Geographe du Roy, de l'Academie Royale des Sciences. A Paris, Chez le Sr. Delisle, Quay de l'horloge, avec Privilege du Roy, (1721?))
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Lisle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726
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(Atlas de Geographie)
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cf P533, 535; Tooley, Mapping of America p.1-28.; Martin & Martin, 14 & 19; Wheat 99; Cumming 170.
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DeLisle is important as the first "scientific" cartographer who incorporated the most current information on exploration and topography into his maps. His maps of America contain many innovations: discarding the fallacy of California as an island, first naming of Texas, first correct delineation of the Mississippi Valley, and first correct longitudes of America. Lloyd Brown states that DeLisle "undertook a complete reform of a system of geography that had been in force since the second century, and by the time he was twenty five he had very nearly accomplished his purpose." This copy is without title page, as issued. This is a relatively early edition of DeLisle's untitled atlas, published in Paris, with most of the maps having the "Quai de l'Horloge" imprint. All of the important maps of the Americas are present: Hemisphere Occidental, 1st issue 1724; Carte d'Amerique, 1st issue, 2nd state 1722; L'Amerique Septentrionale, 2nd issue 1700-1708 ; L'Amerique Meridionale, 3rd issue 1700-1708; Carte du Canada, 2nd issue 1703-1708; Carte de la Louisiane, 1st issue, 2nd state with New Orleans 1718; Carte du Mexique et de la Floride, 2nd issue 1703-1708; Carte de l'Isle de Saint Dominque, 1st issue 1725; Carte des Antilles, 1st issue 1717; Carte de la Terre Ferme du Peru, du Brazil, 2nd issue 1703-1708; and Carte du Paraguay du Chili, 2nd issue 1703-1708. Only two of the ninety four maps were issued after De l'Isle's death in 1826: "Carte du... Senegal... Ouvrage Posthume... Par... La Veuve Delisle 1826" and "Alexandri Magni Imperium...Opus Posthumum...1731." Early Paris editions (ie before Buache became publisher in 1732) of DeLisle's atlas with the full 94 maps are scarce - the LOC has none.
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World Atlas
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Mer Caspiene, carte marine, coste de Perse