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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Confederate States of America. Army of Northern Virginia
Confederate States of America. Army
Hotchkiss, Jed.
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Milford, Brock's Gap, Moorefield, New Creek, etc.
U.S. Government Printing Office
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Eleven col. maps and 25 ancillary maps. Relief shown by hachures. "Title to maps nos. 12 to 36 incl." Sketches 12-36: No. 39. Martinsburg, July 3d 1864 -- No. 10. Silver Sp., July 4th 1864 -- No. 41. Imboden's Brigade, July 4th 1864 -- No. 42. Attack, July 5th 1864 (Sir. John's Run) -- No. 43. July 6th 1864 (Maryland Heights) -- No. 44. Silver Spring, position in front of Washington, D.C., July 11th and 12th 1864 -- No. 45. Position of Wharton's div. near Washington, D.C., July 12th 1864 -- No. 46. Whartons Div., July 16th, 1864 (Purceville) -- No. 47. Engagement at Castleman's Ferry, July 18th 1864 -- No. 48. Kernstown, July 24th, 1864 -- No. 48.2. Fed. cav. attack on McCausland, Aug. 7th 1864 (Moorefield) -- No. 49. Skirmish on Berryville road, P.M. of Aug. 10th 1864 -- No. 50. Repulse of attack near Winchester, P.M. of Aug. 11th 1864 -- No. 51. P.M. August 11th, 1864 (Newtown) -- No. 52. Hupp's Hill, A.M. Aug. 12th 1864 -- No. 53. Action near Cedar Creek, Aug. 12th. 1864 -- No. 54. Line of Fisher's Hill, Va., Aug. 13th 1864 -- No. 55. Fisher's Hill, Aug. 13th, 1864 -- No. 56. Attack on Fed. outpost, Aug. 15th 1864 (Hupp's Hill) -- No. 57. Attack on Fed. outpost near Kernstown, A.M. of Aug. 17th 1864 -- No. 58. Attack on Winchester, Va., Aug. 17th 1864 -- No. 59. Attack Aug. 17th 1864 (Kernstown) -- No. 60. Action at Spout Spring, Aug. 19th 1864 -- No. 61. Attack on Fed. picket, Aug. 20th 1864 -- No. 62. Charlestown: attack on Charlestown Aug. 23rd 1864.
West Virginia
Moorefield (W. Va.)
Overall (Va.)
Beverly Region (W. Va.)
Brocks Gap (Va.)
U.S. Civil War
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No. 25. Sketch of the cavalry engagement at Milford, Va., of Fitz Lee's division, Wednesday Sept. 21st, 1864, to accompany report of Jed. Hotchkiss ... No. 28. Cavalry action of Gen. Rosser near Brock's Gap, Va., Oct. 6th 1864. No. 30. Sketch of action of Gen. Rosser's cavalry near Moorefield, Va., Sunday Nov. 27th 1864. No. 31. Map of New Creek and vicinity showing position of Fort Kelley and the Federal camp captured by ... Rosser's Cav. Div., A.N.V., Monday Nov. 28th 1864. No. 36. Capture of Beverly, Randolph Co., Va. by Gen. Rosser, Jan. 11th 1865. No. 32. Map of Gen. Rosser's night attack on Custer's division at Lacey Spring, Va., Wednesday Dec. 21st 1864. No. 33. Sketch of cavalry action at Liberty Mills, Va., Friday Dec. 23d 1864. No. 34. Sketch of cavalry engagement of Gen. Lomax near Gordonsville, Va., Dec. 24th 1864. No. 37. Map showing positions of the camps and pickets of the Army of the Valley District, January 31st 1865. No. 35. Map showing routes of Rosser's division to Beverly, Va. and back, Jan. 7th to Jan. 18th 1865. No. 38. Sketch of Gen. Rosser's attack on Federal cavalry guarding prisoners at Rude's Hill, Va., Tuesday March 7th 1865. (with) Sketches accompanying journal of Capt. Jed. Hotchkiss, C.S. Army. (most) by Jed. Hotchkiss, Top. Eng. ... Julius Bien & Co., Lith., N.Y. (1891-1895)
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Julius Bien & Co.
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Cowles, Calvin D.
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Davis, George B.
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Kirkley, JAW.
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Perry, Leslie J.
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United States. War Department
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Atlas to accompany the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. Published under the direction of the Hons. Redfield Proctor, Stephen B. Elkins and Daniel S. Lamont, secretaries of war, by Maj. George B. Davis, U.S. Army, Mr. Leslie J. Perry, civilian expert, Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley, civilian expert, Board of Publication. Compiled by Capt. Calvin D. Cowles, 23d U.S. Infantry. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1891-1895.
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LC Civil War maps (2nd ed.), 99; Civil War maps in the National Archives, 8; Phillips, 1353; LeGear. Atlases of the United States, 266.
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See note field above.
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Military Atlas
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Rumsey Collection
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Milford, Brock's Gap, Moorefield, New Creek, etc.