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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Carey, Mathew
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Russian Empire, in Europe and Asia.
M. Carey
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Walsh p. 136; cf P1222 (American Atlas, 1809), P3535 (1802 General Atlas), P6021 (1804 General Atlas).
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The Russian Empire, in Europe and Asia. W. Barker sculp. Engraved for Carey's American Edition of Guthrie's Geography improved.
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Barker, William
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Carey, Mathew
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Carey's General Atlas ... Philadelphia: Published By M. Carey. April, 1811. (Price Ten Dollars Plain - Twelve Dollars Coloured.) N.B. The maps marked with a star, are not in any London Atlas.
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Walsh p. 136; cf P1222 (American Atlas, 1809), P3535 (1802 General Atlas), P6021 (1804 General Atlas).
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This edition not in Phillips. This is the last edition of Carey's General Atlas that uses the maps from the 1795 American Atlas and 1795 General Atlas For Guthrie's Geography essentially unchanged, except for imprint date on some of them. Carey produced editions of the General atlas in 1800 (Yale), 1802 and 1804; those editions have maps with the same imprint dates (1794 and 1795) as the first editions, and add four maps: the Plat of the Seven Ranges, Map of Part of the N:W: Territory, St. Domingue, and Countries in which the Apostles traveled. In 1809 Carey reissued the American Atlas with the same set of American maps as the 1802 and 1804 General Atlas, and added a small map of Louisiana from Carey's Pocket Atlas of 1805. Several of the maps (British Possessions, United States, New York, and Virginia) bear 1809 imprints, although it is not obvious that any changes to the geography were made on any of the maps. This group of American maps from the 1809 American Atlas, along with the non American maps from the 1804 General Atlas, make up the 1811 General Atlas. The maps are bound on edge, large folio style, with the title pasted to the inside front cover (the Yale copy is the same). The Plat of the Seven Ranges is the scarce second issue (Wheat/Brun 677, with Carey's Imprint and Barker as engraver) and the large Map of Part of the N:W: Territory (Wheat/Brun 678) is the first (1796) and only issue. The Louisiana map is unusual in having extremely large blank borders. This 1811 General Atlas appears to be the scarcest of the pre 1814 editions of the General Atlas. In 1814 Carey did a major revision of the maps for "Carey's General Atlas, Improved and Enlarged" by making 32 "all new" maps and having the other 26 maps "retouched, and, where necessary, corrected." This atlas is bound in half leather, marbled paper covered boards.
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World Atlas
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Russian Empire, in Europe and Asia.