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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Greenleaf, Moses, 1777-1834
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Maine vertical sections.
Shirley & Hyde
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Atlas Map
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Ten engraved sections on sheet. Hand col. Horizontal scale 10 miles to an in.; vertical scale 2000 ft. in an in. Contents: no. 1. Northern boundary along the highlands dividing the waters of the St. Lawrence from those of the Atlantic -- no. 2. From the great northern ridge to Mars Hill, dividing the waters of Penobscot & St. John -- no. 3. Comparative inclination of St. Johns, Penobscot & Kennebeck Rivers -- no. 4. Inclination of the Aroostook for 110 miles from its mouth. Odells survey -- no. 5. Eastern boundary. Bouchette's survey 100 miles and Odell & Johnsons continuation -- no. 6. From the sea near Harpwell due north to the northwestern boundary -- no. 7. From Thomaston north to the northern boundary -- no. 8. From Frenchman's Bay, north -- no. 9. Road from Hallowell to Quebec. Capt. Partridge's survey -- no. 10. From the northwest boundary nearly east to the sources of the St. Croix.
Mountains; Rivers
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Vertical sections, exhibiting the comparative altitudes of the principal highlands and rivers of the State of Maine. By Moses Greenleaf 1828. Engraved by W. Chapin for Greenleaf's Survey of Maine. Published by Shirley & Hyde, Portland, 1829.
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pl. IV
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Chapin, William, 1802-1888
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Greenleaf, Moses, 1777-1834
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Atlas accompanying Greenleaf's map and statistical survey of Maine ... Portland -- Shirley & Hyde Publishers, (1829)
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Phillips, 1772; Phillips. Maps of America, p. 384-385; Ristow, W.W. American maps and mapmakers, p. 96; Smith, E.C. Moses Greenleaf, p. 71-77; LeGear. Atlases of the United States, L1499; Schwartz, S.I. and R.E. Ehrenberg, The mapping of America, p. 251; Howes, W. U.S.Iana, 393.
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The third U.S. state atlas, after Mill's North Carolina and Burr's New York State. Contains six maps, one of which is a sheet of Geologic sections, and a sheet of Meteorological Diagrams. The maps are engraved by William Chapin of New York. The atlas accompanied Greenleaf's Survey of the State of Maine and his Map of Maine, all published together in 1829. The first four maps relate to the Northeastern Boundary dispute and are the only maps published in Maine that dealt with the boundary question. The fifth and sixth maps relate to grants, patterns of settlement, population, etc. The final plate gives Meteorological diagrams with information derived from Greenleaf's own observations of climate. In original half leather, marbled paper covered boards with printed title and index label. This copy has notes from Portland Bookseller Francis O'Brien written in 1954 and stating that "This copy is from the noted Maine collection of Janus G. Elder of Lewiston, Maine ... See tribute to him in the preface to Williamson's Bibliography of Maine."
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State Atlas
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Maine vertical sections.