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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Conder, C.R. (Claude Reignier)
Kitchener, H.R. (Horatio Herbert)
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(Sheet 5). Western Palestine Illustrating The New Testament, also The Talmud and Josephus.
Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund
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Atlas Map
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Yolande Hodson, former Senior Research Assistant in the Map Library of the British Library, ´Mapping It Out´, Eretz, May-June 1997: "By far the most accurate map of Palestine produced before the Mandatory period, the [Palestine Exploration Fund] map of 1880 is today the primary source for the study of 19th century Palestine."
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(Sheet 5). Map of Western Palestine from Surveys Conducted for The Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund ... Special Edition Illustrating The New Testament, also The Talmud and Josephus ... by Trelawney Saunders. Scale 3/8 inch to one mile of 1:168,960.
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Stanford's Geographical Establishment
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Ordnance Survey Office
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Conder, C.R. (Claude Reignier)
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Kitchener, H.R. (Horatio Herbert)
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Saunders, Trelawney
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Map of Western Palestine in 26 Sheets from surveys conducted for the Committee of the Palestine Exploration Fund by Lieutenants C.R. Conder and H.H. Kitchener, R.E. During the Years 1872 - 1877. [Bound with] Map of West Palestine... Special Edition Illustrating The Old Testament, the Apocropha and Josephus... by Trelawney Saunders. [Bound with] Map of West Palestine... Special Edition Illustrating the New Testament also the Talmud and Josephus(after the Birth of Jesus)... [Bound with] Map of West Palestine... Reduced from the One Inch Map. [Bound with] Map of West Palestine... Special Edition Illustrating the Divisions of the Natural Drainage and the Mountain Ranges... by Trelawney Saunders. (Five works bound in in one.)
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Yolande Hodson,´Mapping It Out´, Eretz, May-June 1997.
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The "Survey of Western Palestine" covered 6000 square miles and includes the set of these 26 highly detailed maps, and 50 plates supplemented by nine volumes of extensive writings on all aspects of Palestine: Memoirs on the topography, orography, hydrography and archaeology of Galilee, Samaria and Judea (one volume each); Special Papers on topography, archaeology, manners and customs; Jerusalem; Fauna and Flora; Geology; also Arabic and English Name Lists and a complete General Index. The Survey was intended to include at a later date Eastern, Southern and Northern Palestine. In fact only one volume on Eastern Palestine was published, and has been included in a 1997 printing of the survey volumes. This copy is special for several reasons: it is likely the 3rd issue of the 26 sheet map and was printed by Edward Stanford instead of the Ordnance Survey which produced the first two issues earlier in 1880 (information from the reports of the Palestine Exploration Fund found online) and it appears that Stanford used a slightly different printing method, the background color being black instead of the brown tone found in the first two issues. And, bound with this copy are four additional maps of Palestine made by Stanford and based on the 26 sheet survey (two of the additional maps are dated 1881 and 1882 respectively, indicating that this bound volume was issued in 1882). One of the two authors of the survey, Lord Kitchener, later to be the Secretary of State for War and the highest-ranking British officer to be killed in the First World War, spent his early years in the army as a surveyor. He produced two monumental maps: this one of Palestine, on 26 sheets, and a 15-sheet map of Cyprus, published in 1885. Kitchener's Palestine survey was important: not only because it was so accurate that it is are still consulted by archaeologists and geographers, but also because the northern limit of the survey is now the border between Israel and Lebanon.
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National Atlas
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(Sheet 5). Western Palestine Illustrating The New Testament, also The Talmud and Josephus.