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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Tanner, Henry S.
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Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island.
Henry Tanner
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Atlas Map
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In full color.
cf P4463/P4462; DAB (David Paul Brown).
U.S. North East
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Map Of The States Of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island By H.S. Tanner. (with) North Part of Maine. Engraved & Published by H.S. Tanner, Philadelphia. Entered ... 14th day of Novr. 1820 by H.S. Tanner ... Pennsylvania. American Atlas.
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Tanner, Henry S.
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A New American Atlas Containing Maps Of The Several States of the North American Union, Projected and drawn on a Uniform Scale from Documents found in the public Offices of the United States and State Governments, and other Original and Authentic Information, By Henry S. Tanner ... Philadelphia: Published By H.S. Tanner. 1823. (title page only) Writing Drawn and Engraved by Joseph Perkins. Barralet del. Humphrys sc.
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cf P4463/P4462; DAB (David Paul Brown).
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This edition does not collate to any of the Phillips editions. The title page is dated 1823, as is the memoir. Nine of the maps are first issues (the same as the 1823 atlas), seven are intermediate states between the 1823 and 1825 atlas editions, and two are the same as the 1825 edition maps. Of the seven intermediate state maps, four are unique to this issue ("Kentucky, Tennessee and Part of Illinois" - the only issue with "Part of Illinois" added to the title (although see our 5388 for similar) , New York - treaty line is in Lake Ontario but not in Lake Erie, America and World maps both show New Georgian Island discoveries in the Arctic but not "Hearn's Archipelago"). 1824 is our best guess on the date of atlas publication - the Ohio and Illinois map is dated 1825, but probably prospectively; the large number of intermediate state maps places this between the 1823 and 1825 edition. The name of David Paul Brown is stamped on the front cover and his signature is on the title page presenting this copy to Rev. Samuel Clason. Brown (1795-1872) was a prominent and wealthy Philadelphia lawyer, poet and playwright who "lived on a most lavish scale in accord with his father's theory that a prosperous man should spend his income freely to avoid the evils of indolence" (DAB). Certainly the binding of this atlas reflects that attitude - it is in full red morocco, stamped in gold on all edges and "American Atlas. Tanner" on the spine, and probably made by Davis of Philadelphia who produced the most elegant of the Tanner atlas bindings (see our 1825 edition). Maps are hand painted in full color.
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World Atlas
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Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island.