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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Bartholomew, John
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Book Cover: The Times Atlas of the World, The Americas Vol. V
Houghton Mifflin Co.
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John Bartholomew & Son LTD.
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Paper dust jacket. Three volumes (III,IV, and V) have now appeared in the series of five volumes which will form the Mid-Century Edition of the Times Atlas... Volume V - The Americas ... will be the most up-to-date and authentic atlas of the new world for years to come. The United States, Central and East Canada is completely covered by maps at a scale of 1:2,500,000 (approximately 40 mile to the inch) in full layer coloring to indicate ocean depths and heights above sea level. The maps include newest federal and interstate highway systems,insets of major cities, hundreds of reservoirs, national parks and monuments, new bridges, rivers and lakes ... Each atlas covering a section of the world, each indexed individually ... Volume III is the first to publish, covers Northern Europe; in 1956, will follow Volume IV, Southern Europe and Africa; in 1957, Volume V, the Americas; in 1958 Volume I, World, Australia, East Asia; 1959, Volume II, India, Middle East, Russia. There are 120 plates, and two frontispieces, uniformly bound, mounted on a red linen cover, lettered in real gold on front and spine. On verso: Order of appearance and publishing year of five volumes, including the index to each volume.
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(Book Cover to) The Mid Century Edition of the Times Atlas of the World, Edited by John Bartholomew, M.C. Volume V, The Americas.
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William Clowes & Son Ltd.
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Bartholomew, John
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The Times Atlas of the World. Mid-Century Edition, Edited by John Bartholomew, M.C., LL.D. Cartographer by Royal Appointment of the late King George V, Gold Medalist of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. Volume II, South-West Asia & Russia, containing Afghanistan, Arabia, Arctic Ocean, Ceylon, Greenland, India, Indian Ocean, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, etc. With an Index-Gazetteer. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, The Riverside Press Cambridge, 1959.
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Published in 5 volumes, 1955-1959, with 122 colored double page map sheets, and a comprehensive index of over 200,000 names. Because of the long production times involved in the work of compiling the detailed maps. The volumes were arranged in continental groupings with volume III, North Europe, coming out first, followed by another volume each year. V.1. The World, Australasia & East Asia --V.2. South-West Asia & Russia --V.3. Northern Europe --V.4. Southern Europe & Africa --V.5. The Americas. with an Index-Gazetteer. Bound in red linen, with label stamped in real gold reading "The Times Atlas of the World, Mid-Century Edition."
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World Atlas
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Book Cover: The Times Atlas of the World, The Americas Vol. V