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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Carey, Mathew
Warner, Benjamin
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The Northwestern Territories of the United States
M. Carey and B. Warner
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Prime meridians are from London and Philadelphia. Relief shown by hachures.
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United States
U.S. Mid West
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The Northwestern Territories of the United States. Philadelphia: Published By M. Carey, And B. Warner. 1816.
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Ralph, W.
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Kneass, Wm.
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Barker, W.
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Bower, J.
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Doolittle, A.
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Carey, Mathew
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Warner, Benjamin
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A General Atlas, Being A Collection Of Maps Of The World And Quarters, Their Principal Empires, Kingdoms, &c. Containing Fifty Eight Maps And Charts. Philadelphia: Published By M. Carey, And B. Warner. 1816.
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None found.
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Notwithstanding the title, the index calls for 52 maps and only 52 are included. An earlier edition was published in 1814 (Yale) by Carey with Johnson and Warner, with the same title page as this 1816 edition and with 58 maps (according to Yale's catalog - not seen by us). An 1818 edition was published with 52 maps in the title and index. Yale's copy of the 1816 edition lists 52 maps in the title and index. So this title may be an uncorrected state. The maps in this atlas result from a collaboration between Carey and Warner, using maps from their prior publications, unchanged: maps 1-4, 30-49, and 52 are from the 1809 edition of Guthrie's Geographical Grammar, Philadelphia, by Johnson and Warner (our 0316.000); maps 5-8 are from the 1812 (late) edition of Brooke's Gazetteer, Philadelphia, Johnson and Warner (our 3807.000); maps 9-29 are from the 1814 edition of Carey's American Pocket Atlas, Philadelphia, Mathew Carey (our 2276.000); maps 50 and 51 (Turkey in Asia and Islands of the East Indies) are from an unknown American source and are copies of Wilkinson maps. Carey's maps are of separate states of the United States while Warner's maps cover the general American maps (including 5-8, which are relatively scarce general maps of Eastern States, Middle and Western States, Southern States, and North Western Territories) and maps of the rest of the World. In 1802 and 1810 Carey published Carey's Minor American Atlas (P11022, 11023) which was about the same size as this atlas, with only 19 and 20, respectively, American maps - essentially the American Pocket Atlas with maps bound unfolded and without text. He took this format and enlarged it to a world atlas by using Warner's maps. This was probably published in a small edition and was an attempt to serve the market with a cheaper and smaller version of the folio General Atlas. This atlas is not listed in any of the references; we am aware of only four copies (Baskes, Yale (2), and this one) although there may
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World Atlas
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The Northwestern Territories of the United States