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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Bayer, Herbert
Container Corporation of America
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West Indies. South America.
Container Corporation of America
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Atlas Map
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Map and graphics showing principal resources, population, occupations, manufacturing, mineral production, agriculture, and land use. Includes brief history and description of West Indies and South America. Relief depicted by hachures and hypsometric tints.
Phillips 7549
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South America
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West Indies. South America. Physical. (insets) Bahama Islands. Galapagos Islands.
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Rand McNally and Company
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Instituto Geografico di Agostini
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Bayer, Herbert
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Container Corporation of America
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World Geo-graphic Atlas, A Composite of Man's Environment. Geography, Geology, Demography, Astronomy, Climatology, Economics. Privately printed for Container Corporation of America, 1953, edited and designed by herbert bayer.
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Phillips 7549
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From the Preface: "This book is called "WORLD GEO-GRAPHIC ATLAS" because it includes, in addition to GEO-graphic maps, many GRAPHIC illustrations of subjects closely related to modern geography." From the Foreward: "We, in Container Corporation, believe that a company may occasionally step outside of its recognized field of operations in an effort to contribute modestly to the realms of education and good taste. Relatively few people, other than the purchasing agents of manufacturing companies, have occasion to purchase the products of Container Corporation. Most people have occasion to use and study an atlas. It is our hope that this one, quite different from any other atlas we know about, will give information and enjoyment not only to many of our customers, but also to that large number of people with whom Container Corporation unfortunately is in less close association." The atlas demonstrated the post-World War II geopolitical and economic situation. Followed by a German language edition: GOLDMANNS GROSSER WELTATLAS. Munich: Wilhelm Goldmann Verlag, 1955. The international maps of this English language atlas are from the Instituto Geografico di Agostini. Maps of the U.S. are by Rand McNally and Company. Relief shown as combined hachures, shaded relief, and hypsometric tints; bathymetry also tinted. In full color. Lavishly illustrated with drawings and graphics. Editor and designer Herbert Bayer (1900-1985) was prominent in the Bauhaus movement and personally did considerable map research for the atlas. This clear and concise volume relies upon an attractive juxtaposition of physical and political maps, text, thematic maps, illustrations, cross-sections, graphs, and diagrams. Many of the graphics are truly original yet demonstrative of important concepts. Many insets of the vicinities of urban areas.
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World Atlas
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West Indies. South America.