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David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Duflot de Mofras, Eugene
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Port De San Francisco Dans La Haute Californie.
Arthus Bertrand
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Atlas Map
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Map of the San Francisco Bay region. Highly detailed.
P1457; Wheat 474; Harlow 28, 29; Verner 43; Howes D542 ("c"); Streeter 3323; Graff 1169; Sabin 21144.
San Francisco (Calif.)
San Francisco Bay (Calif.)
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Port De San Francisco Dans La Haute Californie. No. 16. (with) Entree Du Port De San Francisco et des mouillages del Sausalito et de la Yerba Buena. Publie Par Arthus Bertrand. Grave par S. Jacobs. Voyage de Mr. Duflot de Mofras.
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Jacobs, S.
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Duflot de Mofras, Eugene
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Exploration Du Territoire De L'Oregon, Des Californies Et De La Mer Vermeille, Executee Pendant Les Annees 1840, 1841 Et 1842, Par M. Duflot De Mofras, Attache A La Legation De France A Mexico. Ouvrage Publie Par Ordre Du Roi, Sous Les Auspices De M. Le Marechal Soult, Duc De Dalmatie, President du Conseil, Et De M. Le Ministre Des Affaires Etrangeres. Tome Premier. Paris, Arthus Bertrand, Editeur, Libraire De La Societe De Geographie, Rue Hautefeuille, No. 23. 1844. Paris. - Typographie de Firmin Didot Freres, rue Jacob, 56 ... Tome Second ... Atlas (with map) Carte De La Cote De L'Amerique Sur L'Ocean Pacifique Septentrional comprenant Le Territoire De L'Oregon, Les Californies, La Mer Vermeille ...
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P1457; Wheat 474; Harlow 28, 29; Verner 43; Howes D542 ("c"); Streeter 3323; Graff 1169; Sabin 21144.
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Considered to be the best book on California prior to the American occupation. Wheat calls the large map "a landmark...It made these western regions known in European official circles...his highly original map has much to commend it." Wheat neglects to mention the similarities between this map and the John Arrowsmith Map of British North America, 1837 edition. While not a copy of the Arrowsmith, it clearly followed the Arrowsmith map in most areas. The atlas volume contains, in addition to the large map, plans of ports from Acapulco to the Aleutians, including San Diego, Santa Barbara, Monterey, San Francisco, and the mouth of the Columbia. The chart of San Francisco Bay is based on Beechey's chart of 1833, improved by de Mofras' own explorations, particularly in the north bay. This copy belonged to the Prince of Coburg, with a presentation inscription from the author. The large map is hand painted in outline color, all others are without color. Covers of the volumes are half leather dark green cloth covered boards with a crown embossed on the front in gilt. The title "De Mofras. Mexique. Californie. Oregon. 1" is stamped in gilt on the spine of volume one, "... 2" on volume two, and "...Atlas" on the atlas. Rare.
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Exploration Book
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Port De San Francisco Dans La Haute Californie.