Why do you have two ways to view the online image collection?
Viewing the collection with the LUNA Browser is the quickest and easiest way to start seeing the online maps - no download is required, just click on the LUNA Browser link on the home page. You can also install the older viewer which requires a download and install and is called the Insight Java Client(back to top)

How do I enlarge the images and zoom in when using the Insight viewers?
Double click on any thumbnail and a new window will open with tools for zooming and panning the images. When you single click a thumbnail, you can display the data (catalog description) for that image by then clicking on "Data" on the left side of the screen. (back to top)

How can I print images from the online collection?
In both the Browser and Java Client you can use the Print button to print out images and data low resolution - these will print out the entire image. To print out just that portion of the image you are zoomed into, you can use screen capture to copy the image into an image viewer like photoshop. For high resolution printing of part of or an entire image, you need to download and install the Java Client, and go to File/Export selected after clicking once on the image you want in the thumbnail window. You can then choose a resolution and download the image as a jpeg file, then open it in a viewer and print. Please read and observe the Copyright restrictions. back to top)

What is the difference between the Group Window (thumbnail window) and the Image Workspace (window for enlarging images) and how do I move between them?
The Group Window displays results of your searches as thumbnails and allows you to browse the collection page by page; the Image Workspace is where you enlarge, zoom, and compare images. To move between the two you click on the curved arrow symbol at the bottom of the tool bar in the Image Workspace, or click on "return" from the Group (thumbnail) Window. (back to top)

What are the names of the tools in the Image Workspace?
As you mouse over each tool, a small label will show with the name of the tool. (back to top)

How do I make Groups (favorites) in the LUNA Browser? In the Java Client?
First go to group/new group, put a name for the group in the text window and click on create group. Then select an image by clicking once on it, go to group/save image into group and click on the name of the group you just created from the list of groups. Scroll up and click on save. Repeat this for the next image, and other images you want to add to the group. In the Java Client, the process is easier - go to file/new group and a new group window will open, then click on as many images in the main collection window that you want to save into the group and drag them over to the new group window. Then go to file/save group. (back to top)

What are the methods to search the collection?
Simple search is searching by the terms first listed when you click on search - or by keyword. Advance search is accessed by clicking on "by data fields," then a new list will open with many terms to search on, with the use of full Boolean operators like "and," "or," "greater than," "contains," and others. After a search, to return to the full collection, click on "show all" under the search button. (back to top)

Can I sort the collection by date or other terms instead of the sort by author that the collection opens with?
Yes, you can do this in the Java Client or the LUNA Browser by clicking on group/sort by. (back to top)

Can I create my own slideshows with the map images?
Yes, you can, using the Java Client. It is called making a presentation It creates a powerful visual sequence of images. (back to top)

Using the Java Client, I get the message that I am unable to connect to the Insight Server - what is going on?
The most likely reason is a firewall problem - some older firewalls do not allow java to pass through. Update your firewall, or use the Insight Browser. (back to top)

I am on a modem connection and the LUNA Browser does not seem to be loading - what is happening?
The LUNA Browser will take about 1 minute to completely load with a modem at 28K, faster for a modem at 45K. The Java Client will take about the same time. When you zoom into images, be patient. But once you have accessed with a modem, when you access the next time, it will be about twice as fast since Insight stores some of the data in your Browser cache. The best way to get the benefit of the high resolution images we offer is to get some kind of broadband Internet access - cable or dsl. (back to top)


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